Top 10 Ideas On How To Renovate Your Kitchen

March, 15 2023 - 5 mins read


If you’re considering taking on a kitchen reno, The Good Guys have the renovation ideas and advice to help you do it in style. Check out our top 10 ideas on how to make sure your kitchen renovation will give you joy for years to come.

A light and airy pink kitchen with black appliances.

Looking To Redesign Your Kitchen Layout?

Before you begin a kitchen renovation think about how you want your kitchen to function. Are you feeding a hungry family and need extra bench space, or are you looking to create a showpiece kitchen with all the latest mods and cons?

Some of the more popular layouts for a kitchen upgrade are:

  • A galley kitchen: Perfect for small spaces, it features a long, narrow walkway between two solid walls. It’s great for concealing storage, and you can even hide appliances in the cabinetry for a clean look.
  • A straight-line kitchen: Apartment living is ideal for a straight-line kitchen. Low profile appliances will help to make benches look bigger, whilst slim width appliances like dishwashers and fridges will help make the most of the limited space.
  • Kitchen island: If you like the idea of a social kitchen, where friends and family can share a meal, a kitchen island is perfect. For extra storage add cabinets within the island to maximise your space.

Wanting To Upgrade Your Appliances For Your New Kitchen?

A new kitchen renovation is a great time to think about upgrading your appliances. At The Good Guys there are literally thousands of appliances to choose from, but if you really want to give your kitchen an upgrade check out these must have products for every home cook.

Deck out your benchtop with the latest air fryersslow cookers and specialty appliances. Save the early morning dash to your barista and make your coffee at home with the latest coffee machines.
And if you’ve still got space left over check out our huge range of blenders, mixers, grills, toasters, kettles and more.

Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Ideas For Your Home

1. Choosing The Right Colour Scheme

If you’re looking to breathe new life into your kitchen, you can’t beat a new colour to freshen things up. The walls, cabinetry, ceiling and even floors can be repainted. Then you can find complimentary kitchen appliances to finish off the look. A good tip to make a small kitchen appear bigger is to go for an all-white palette which makes the kitchen seem brighter and lighter. However, if you’re after something more daring, embrace the dark side and create a sleek black, modern kitchen with matching appliances.

2. Kitchen Lighting For The Right Atmosphere

Creating the perfect atmosphere for your kitchen is all about lighting. These days there a three main lighting options to choose from: tracklights provide a great way to brighten bench space without overpowering the room, pendant lights are perfect for making a grand statement, while downlights provide a balanced ambience for the entire kitchen.

A modern white and timber kitchen.

3. Using The Right Materials

When considering what materials to use for your kitchen home improvement, it’s important to decide what style of kitchen you are trying to create. Love the Scandi look? Then it’s all about timber textures, metal accents and white surfaces. The latest industrial kitchen look blends rough textures with smooth surfaces. Think subway tiles, forged iron highlights and as many exposed elements as possible.

A black kitchen balanced by light coloured timber.

4. The Look Of The Cabinetry

If a full-blown kitchen renovation isn’t for you, you’d be surprised at the difference you can make by changing up the cabinetry. You can easily replace cabinet doors for a more modern, sleek look. Another simply kitchen renovation idea is to repaint your cabinetry it’s a great way to give your kitchen a new lease on life. Or for a really quick hack, simply change the door and cabinet handles.

A bright white kitchen with silver appliances.

5. Deciding On The Right Oven Design And Style

The oven is the heart and soul of your kitchen and getting the right one (or four), can make a huge difference to your kitchen renovation.

When taking on a kitchen upgrade, the first thing to consider is where your oven is going to be located. Then you can choose between a freestanding oven, a built-in oven, or a combination of both. Next, think about the utilities in your kitchen. The location of gas and electrical lines is important for your cooktop and oven. It can be very expensive to move these when renovating.

Finally, you’ll need to consider how what and who you are cooking for. Is a simple, small electric oven going to be enough? Or are you ready to upgrade to the full suite with a steam oven and all the extras to wow friends and family with your culinary skills?

A modern black and timber kitchen in the countryside.

6. Knowing How Much Kitchen Space You Need

The kitchen you create depends on the space you have available. For a modern kitchen renovation, you might need to knock down walls to create a larger space that can fit an island bench, or are you staying within the existing space? You’d be amazed how you can transform small spaces into a cooking haven with some early planning. Consider a galley or a straight layout for small spaces like apartments.

“Keep in mind the ‘Golden Triangle’, where the three areas you spend the most time in the kitchen should make up an evenly spaced triangle; the fridge, sink and stove.”
A glossy white and black kitchen with a mirrored splashback.

7. Add In A Mirrored Splashback

One of our top kitchen renovation ideas is to add a touch of glamour to your kitchen with a mirrored splashback. You’ll love how it reflects more light around your kitchen, even giving your it an open-plan feeling. Made from safety glass, a mirrored splashback is a hard-wearing surface so you’ll love its durability, but it requires a bit of cleaning to keep it looking good.

A navy and black kitchen with a dark grey concrete splashback.

8. Measure Everything

When taking on a kitchen renovation, the number one rule is measure twice, cut once. You’ll need to know the width, depth and height of different cavity spaces and bench lengths. Get it right and you’ll be a step closer to the kitchen of your dreams. Remember, every millimetre counts, so make sure you use a tape measure and write your measurements down.

Kitchen utensils on a white benchtop and grey cabinets.

9. Sort Out Your Kitchenware

After creating your dream kitchen, it’s time to deck it out with the latest and greatest kitchenwarecookware and cooking essentials. You’ll be cooking like a Michelin star chef with the latest smart technology in your pantry and cupboards.

A contemporary blue and white kitchen.

10. Set Up A Temporary Kitchen While Your New One Is Being Renovated

A typical kitchen renovation can take anywhere from one to three months. But don’t stress! There are a few must-have kitchen appliances that can make the transition go smoothly while you wait.
Start by choosing a low-traffic space in your house, such as a laundry, garage or spare bedroom. Then deck it out with a range of small appliances such as a microwave, air fryer, pressure cooker, rice cooker, kettle, coffee machine, toaster and sandwich press. Finally, make sure you don’t pack away all your kitchenware, a few sharp knives and some microwavable containers will save your family from living on 2-minute noodles.

Need Help Installing Kitchen Appliances?

Now that you’re ready to start your kitchen renovation, The Good Guys are here to help. The Good Guys Home Services can arrange installation for your new appliances and get them up and running in no time. Their work is certified and guaranteed so you can put away your tools and enjoy an easy, stress-free process. Whether it’s a new dishwasher, oven or even the kitchen sink! You can rest assured you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Shop With The Good Guys Today And Build A Stylish New Kitchen

With a huge range of appliances, smart kitchen technology plus installation services, The Good Guys have your kitchen renovation covered. If you need a little extra advice, visit us in-store and our friendly team will be happy to help.

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