The 9 Best Gifts for Binge Watchers

8 November, 2021 – 3 min read

Most of us have spent the last couple of years on the couch binge-watching TV, which means we’re all really good at it now and are ready to take our viewing game to the next level. Here are nine of our favourite gifts for the binge-watcher in your life.

A happy family watching television on the sofa at home.

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

There’s nothing worse than being interrupted at a dramatic moment in a movie or TV show. These noise cancelling headphones from Sony are the absolute best under $500 and are perfect for binge-watching on a plane, a train or in your room in the middle of the night.

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Apple TV 4K

The latest Apple TV 4K comes with the updated Siri remote, which is the star of the show. Ever missed something someone said in a movie and had to ask your partner what just happened? Instead, press the Siri button on the side of the remote and ask, “What did they just say?” The Apple TV will rewind back 10 seconds and temporarily turn on subtitles, so you’ll never miss anything again.

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One For All TV Zapper Plus Universal Remote

Not all TV remotes are user-friendly, and not all users are remote friendly. If you have a friend whose kid “experimented” with the remote, or an older relative who is struggling with the complexity of their set-up, this simple remote could be the answer. It’ll control everything including TV, cable box, DVD player, soundbar and even air conditioning.

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Telstra Data Plan

If you or your loved one is always going over their allotted mobile data plan, maybe the best gift is to up the data allowance. Telstra’s plans have generous data allowances and the best coverage in the country, so you can watch longer in more places. Plus, The Good Guys offer exclusive deals with Telstra plans, so you’ll get great reception, a bargain and a bonus gift!

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“If you or your loved one is always going over their allotted mobile data plan, maybe the best gift is to up the data allowance.”

iPad Air

To really take advantage of that new data plan, you'll need the right device, and you should look no further than the iPad Air. It has the power of a laptop, the portability of a tablet, and the creative freedom of a professional drawing tablet, when combined with an Apple Pencil. What’s more, it has a big, beautiful screen that begs you to keep watching.

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Sennheiser RS175-U Home Theatre Wireless Headphones

Whether they want to enjoy the majesty of surround sound without placing speakers, they need to watch TV quietly so they don’t wake up others in the house, or their hearing just isn’t what it used to be, these headphones are the answer. They’re easy to connect to any TV, the headphones themselves are wireless so there’s nothing to trip over, and the sound quality is incredible.

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Samsung 75" QN700A 8K Neo QLED Smart TV

Remember two years ago when 8K TVs were only for the ultra-rich? Well, thanks to rapid technological progress, you can now get an excellent 8K TV for under $4000. This Samsung TV is loaded with advanced technology that upscales even the oldest content into the best quality possible. Yes, it’s a splurge, but aren’t they (or maybe you) worth it?

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Microsoft Surface Book 3

This is, hands down, the most versatile laptop on the market. It has enough power to run most of the latest games and be a productivity machine, it’s light enough to take anywhere, and the screen detaches to become a tablet when you just want to curl up in bed with a good TV show. If you’re looking for a Windows laptop, this is the convertible Ferrari you’ve been looking for.

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Sonos Beam Gen 2

If you’re buying a surround sound system as a gift, you want something that’s versatile, uses the latest technology and can blend into any living room. The Sonos Beam fits all of that: it has powerful sound that outmatches its size, it’s Dolby Atmos capable, and Sonos products are supported for many, many years post-release. You can also add rears, a subwoofer and even multi-room audio to the set-up, so you’ll have plenty of ideas for future gift-worthy celebrations. It’s the gift they can enjoy for a long, long time.

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No matter what binge-worthy gifts you’re after for your loved ones (or even just yourself) this year, we have them at The Good Guys. Come in-store or visit us online today to get a great deal.

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