Top 10 Finds To Kick-Start Your Inner Fitness Fanatic

November 10, 2023 - 3 min read

As tempting as binge-watching your favourite shows may be, advancements in health-focused technology have made it easier, and more entertaining, than ever to get our bodies moving. From blenders and juicers to fitness trackers, products designed to enhance active and healthy lifestyles are proving to be a guilt-free gift we can all treat ourselves to.

Woman stretching on a trail with a fitness tracker

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Smart Watches

Gone are the days when your watch just told you the time! Smartwatches are a window into your health and also provide a convenient means of communication. Arguably the most personal piece of technology you can buy, it is important to choose the right device for your needs and lifestyle.

Apple Watch

When it comes to smartwatches, the Apple Watch is widely considered to be the best smartwatch available, but is only compatible with Apple products. The Apple Watch helps to monitor your health and fitness goals, with a customisable watch face displaying everything from time, weather and UV levels to step count, heart rate and daily progress.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Android users can enjoy the perks of the Samsung Galaxy Watch range. Available in a variety of colours and designs, these smartwatches also include lots of fitness and health tracking features, including support monitoring for many different exercises. We love this gold version – ooh la la!

Fitness Trackers

Similar to smartwatches, fitness trackers help track all of your daily activities and have been proven to increase physical activity by an average of 2000 steps per day, making them a great gift for anyone who needs a little push.

“Gone are the days when your watch just told you the time! Smartwatches are a window into your health and also provide a convenient means of communication.”


With the latest from Fitbit - The Inspire 3 fitness tracker includes key health stats like activity, sleep and heart rate. Learn more on how to make the most out of your Fitbit by checking out our article on DIY Fitness.


Garmin is expert in GPS, so its fitness wearables are perfect for those who love hiking and tracking long runs. With a range starting with beginner step counters and leading up to smartwatches designed to help serious athletes, there’s something for everyone.

Check out our Fitness Tracker Buying Guide to explore and compare all the options currently available at The Good Guys.

Nintendo Switch

Keeping fit and healthy shouldn’t feel like a chore, with gaming consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, bringing the fun when it comes to fitness.

The Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure is where working out and play combine, with players setting out on a fitness-filled quest, where they must jog in place to traverse grass-swept plains, do overhead shoulder presses to attack enemies, and strike yoga poses to refill their health meter. And the kids will love it, too.

Young couple checking their smart watches after a workout and discussing the results

SodaStream And Breville Juice Fountain

Prioritising your fitness is one thing, but ensuring your body is being adequately nourished is another. With summer just around the corner, opt for an ice-cold homemade beverage, such as a fresh juice or soda water and lime, rather than a preservative-filled, store-bought option. SodaStream's Art Sparkling Water Maker turns water into sparkling water in seconds, while products like the Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus allow you to share your creations with the whole family, featuring a two-litre capacity so you can produce multiple servings of vitamin-rich nectar.


With a range of blenders and juicers that work to extract maximum nutrients from your favourite fruits and veggies for a healthier lifestyle, the extensive NutriBullet range just keeps getting bigger and better. Treat yourself to a breakfast smoothie made from frozen banana, a handful of spinach and a splash of coconut water, or quickly puree your child’s favourite steamed fruits and vegetables into a delicious consistency that your little one will love. Keeping healthy has never been easier.

Ellia Relax Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

After a hard day of working and working out, relax and unwind in a calming home environment by treating yourself to a diffuser. Add a little luxury into your everyday life with scents of citronella, lavender and lemongrass, while different designs and finishes, including ceramic and cordless diffusers, allow you to find the perfect fit for your desired space.

The Ellia Relax Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser is a top seller with its simple design and neutral gray tones complementing any decor, with a mist delivery of up to six hours continuously or 12 hours intermittently.

Want to learn more about Essential Oil Diffusers? Check out our handy Buying Guide for everything you need to know.

Put your health and fitness first with one of these great gifts from The Good Guys. Visit us in-store or online to find out more about the products in this article.

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