6 Ways Miele Kitchen & Laundry Appliances Can Help Save You Time, Money & Effort

March 26, 2024 - 3 mins read

They’re the hardest-working rooms in your house, so your kitchen and laundry deserve stylish appliances packed with tech that saves you time, money and effort. Enter Miele, with its premium home appliances brimming with high energy ratings, supreme water savings and technology designed for durability and quality results. All so you can buy once, and buy better.

“More than ever, Australian families want their main appliances to look great and offer outstanding functionality while also having a positive effect on their energy and water consumption at home,” says Tania Grillinzoni, The Good Guys Buyer – Cooking and Dishwashers. 

“We confidently point shoppers who want to shrink their environmental footprint towards Miele – a leading brand with sustainability, durability and efficiency at its core.”

From chemical-free, self-cleaning Miele ovens to Miele washing machines and dryers that treat clothes with consummate care, discover how these best-in-class, German-engineered appliances can help you and the planet live better. 

A sleek dark kitchen with Miele kitchen appliances.

#1 Better For The Planet

Miele’s tagline, “Immer Besser” (that’s German for Forever Better), defines its commitment to boost sustainability at home through smarter appliances. In fact, more than 50 per cent of the brand’s Research and Development budget goes into developing more sustainable appliances and services. 

With a focus on sustainability at every step of an appliance’s lifespan, the brand even tests most of its appliances to the equivalent of 20 years’ use to make sure they last longer and can be repaired if necessary. Even when an appliance’s work is done, Miele aims to reuse and recycle parts and materials to avoid waste.(1)

#2 Better For Your Health 

Embrace the latest trend taking over Miele kitchens and add variety to your dishes with steam. Miele steam ovens use steam to boost food’s natural flavours while locking in precious vitamins and minerals. From crispy sourdough breads with a moist, soft centre to perfectly juicy and tender roast beef, the culinary possibilities are boundless. As for cleaning up, Miele’s self-cleaning pyrolytic ovens take care of that, without a chemical in sight. 

Shop Miele Ovens

Miele PF DG2840 Steam Oven Obsidian Black

Miele H 7264 BP VitroLine Obsidian Black

Miele PF DG2840 Steam Oven Obsidian Black

“We confidently point shoppers who want to shrink their environmental footprint towards Miele – a leading brand with sustainability, durability and efficiency at its core.” - Tania Grillinzoni, The Good Guys Buyer – Cooking and Dishwashers

#3 Better Use Of Time

If you’re looking for ways to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the results, a Miele induction cooktop should be top of your kitchen reno list. Not only are they energy efficient, but they’re also packed with cutting-edge tech for lightning fast heat-up times (TwinBooster), big-batch cooking (Bridge Zone) and precise temperature control for perfect results every time. Cleaning is a cinch too, with frameless design for flush installation.

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Miele 93.6cm Zoned Induction Cooktop

Miele 62cm Induction Cooktop

#4 Better Water Efficiency

Just when you thought you couldn’t love dishwashers more, Miele changed the game. Want to save on your water bills? Upgrade to a Miele dishwasher with a 6-star WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards) rating. All Miele dishwashers can also be connected to a hot water supply with a temperature of up to 60°C. This reduces electricity consumption and running times. What’s more, smart sensors know the wash time, cycle, water temperature and amount of detergent needed to get the job done well without any wastage.

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Miele 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher Clean Steel

Miele 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher Clean Steel

Miele Pro Forma Freestanding Dishwasher

A woman uses her Miele washing machine in a light and airy laundry.

#5 Better Energy Efficiency

Miele laundry appliances are masters of efficiency and a fashion-lover’s dream. They’re packed with essential tech to care for your most coveted garments so they stay looking like new, wear after wear – a win for your style, your wallet, and sustainable fashion. 

Smart sensors take the lead in Miele washing machines, measuring the  weight and cleanliness of each load, and even identifying fabrics types to ensure optimum water levels and temperature for a perfect wash and ultimate garment care. Automatic detergent dispensing with TwinDos also ensures maximum cleaning power while saving up to 30 per cent on detergent use.

Miele heat pump dryers are arguably the stars of Miele’s laundry cast. Their use of low temperatures and recycled heat scores them a 9 and 10-star energy rating. Both Miele washers and dryers are also fitted with ProfiEco motors. These use powerful, economical and quiet inverter technology to ensure many years of efficient and convenient laundry care. Love that.

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Miele 9kg Front Load Washer

Miele 9kg Heat Pump Dryer

Miele 8kg Front Load Washer

Miele 8kg Heat Pump Dryer

Miele 9kg Front Load Washer

#6 Better Together

With just your smart device, the free Miele app and a Wi-Fi-connected Miele appliance, you can lighten your load in the kitchen and laundry. Start the dishwasher from the comfort of the couch, link your washer and Miele dryer to harmonise their programs, and trust your rangehood to react to your cooktop’s setting. There’s even a camera inside premium Miele ovens that sends snaps to your phone so you don’t have to peek through the oven door to check if food’s ready. Relax and let your networked Miele appliances think for you!

Let our team of experts help you select the perfect team of Miele appliances to fit your lifestyle, so you can start living your best, most sustainable life today. Visit The Good Guys in-store or online.



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