How To Upgrade To Your Dream Kitchen In Time For Christmas!

October 20, 2023 - 4 min read 

Whether you approach the festive season with unbridled joy or a slight panic, updating your kitchen in advance can take the heat off and make entertaining easy-as. From speedy induction cooktops and energy-efficient dish drawers to the latest fridges and coffee machines, the new must-have appliances will have your kitchen looking beautiful and feeling battle-ready.

To get you prepped, we’ve pulled together the ultimate checklist of the best kitchen upgrades to make before Christmas, so when it comes to the big day, you’re free to eat, drink and be merry!

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Induction Cooktops – The Coolest Way To Heat Things Up

Inductions cooktops are the newest kid on the cooking block. But what is an induction cooktop, how do induction cooktops work, and can adding one to your kitchen really make your Christmas cooking easier? Turns out the answer’s yes – because induction cooking is a superquick and cost-efficient way to whip up meals.

“Instead of using heat, induction cooktops sense where the pan is and activate only that area – producing an electromagnetic field that warms the cookware,” says Tania Grillinzoni, The Good Guys Buyer – Cooking and Dishwasher.

Induction cooking is extremely fast and adjusts temperatures instantly. What’s more, clever functionality means the cooktops never get hot to the touch, making them a safer choice for homes with kids.

Shop Induction Cooktops

Smeg 80cm Linea Integrated Induction Cooktop

Omega 60cm Induction Cooktop

Electrolux 60cm Induction Cooktop

Product image of the Electrolux 60cm Induction Cooktop

Why A French Door Fridge Is Your Secret Weapon

If you’ve got the hordes descending this Christmas, you’ll want to prep food ahead of time – and then you’ll need the space to store it. Offering extra-wide storage for those hefty Christmas platters, French door fridges often come with bonuses, including in-door ice dispensers and Wi-Fi connectivity – letting you adjust your settings remotely, so your fridge-freezer can be ready for the incoming festive shop.

Another game-changing feature of French door fridges is flexible cooling technology, which allows you to quickly convert fridge space to freezer, and vice versa – perfect for making all those Christmas canapés ahead of time. LG's superchic MoodUp Range also lets you customise the look of your French door fridge, so even your fridge can be looking its best for the party season!

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product image of the Westinghouse 541L French Door Refrigerator

If Size Matters, Go Freestanding For The Festive Season!

If you need even more space to whip up the Chrissie cooking, have you considered upgrading to a fancy new freestanding oven? “Available as hybrid gas-and-electric models, freestanding ranges are often bigger and wider than wall ovens and come in a range of colours that really deliver the ‘wow' factor,” says Tania Grillinzoni.

From show-stopping colour choices to large-capacity, extra-wide models, your freestanding oven can be your dream kitchen’s statement piece – sparking conversation all year round. 

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Smeg Portofino 120cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker

Technika 90cm 8 Function Dual Fuel Cooker

InAlto 90cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker

Product image of the InAlto 90cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker
“Available as hybrid gas-and-electric models, freestanding ranges are often bigger and wider than wall ovens and come in a range of colours that really deliver the ‘wow’ factor.”

Minimise The Washing-Up Time, Maximise The Fun

With every festive feast comes a volume of washing-up that could theoretically keep you in the kitchen ‘til the following December. But fear not! An essential element of creating your dream kitchen is getting your dishwasher ducks in a row – upgrading to an energy-efficient dishwasher (or a space-saving dish drawer) that saves both time and money.

As one of your kitchen’s most valuable players when the silly season rolls round, dishwashers now come with a host of features that are positively perfect for entertaining, including self-cleaning technology, Wi-Fi connectivity (hello, hitting “go” from the sofa), and even sensors that know how dirty your dishes are and adjust the wash accordingly. Intensive and heavy modes are great for those post-roast oven dishes – using extra water and high temperatures to tackle those baked-on juices.

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Ditch The Grind And Upgrade Your Coffee Machine

If you find yourself facing an after-dinner coffee order that would make a pro-barista turn pale, you need the best coffee machine for the job. From no-effort coffee pod machines to automated appliances that grind out the perfect cup of Joe, the newest machines can be pre-set to deliver brews at the touch of a button, and use the latest self-cleaning technology to tidy up after themselves.

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Get Your Dream Kitchen Sorted At The Good Guys

Want to upgrade to your dream kitchen for Christmas? At The Good Guys, you’ll Pay Less Every day. Plus, you could earn StoreCash on bigger purchases (cue a new fridge or oven!), which you can then spend on future purchases for that finishing touch (hello, stand mixer!). To start updating your kitchen, visit us online or in-store for expert advice, the best brands and great savings.

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