Top 11 Tips & Tools For Spring Cleaning 2020

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It’s great to throw open those windows and air out the house after a long chilly winter, but no one wants to spend weeks and weeks Spring Cleaning.

These 11 handy Spring Cleaning hacks and tools will help you whiz through your 2020 Spring Cleaning chores in no time. Goodbye grime! So long scum! Spring is here!

2020 Spring Cleaning Tools

1. Clever cord-free cleaning

Vacuuming doesn't need to be a chore! LG CordZero stick vacuums offer cord free cleaning convenience and are great for powerfully cleaning carpets, rugs, hard floors - even upholstery. Your LG CordZero even converts to a handheld vacuum so you can easily clean those hard to reach nooks and crannies.

2. Dust up a storm – but breathe in clean air

While you are Spring Cleaning be sure to use a Purifying fan like the Dyson HP04 Pure Hot Cool Purifying Fan Heater. This gem will purify the air while you work ensuring that all the dust you raise (and fumes from chemicals you may be using) are trapped in the filters– so much better than you breathing them in!

“Cleaning hacks and tools that will help you whiz through your 2020 Spring Cleaning chores in no time. Goodbye grime! So long scum! Spring is here!”

3. Your Dishwasher is for more than dishes

Empty the dishwasher and fill the top with all those items that need a once-every-so-often clean, such as glass light fixtures, bathroom amenities (soap dishes, toothbrush holders etc.), shower heads, microwave trays, drip pans, certain vacuum cleaner attachments, fridge shelves and much more. Be sure to give each item a quick rinse first and select a suitable setting for delicate glassware. Need to update your dishwasher? LG’s Quadwash Dishwasher washes with a boost of TrueSteam. Grunge begone!

4. Eliminate spots with a carpet cleaner

Remember that time you let the kids drink Fanta in their bedroom … and now a cheapy rug covers the orangey-stain. Ugh! Carpet stains be-gone with the help of Bissell’s Spot Clean Refresh Carpet Cleaner. This handy Spring Cleaning tool will quickly remove most spots and stains making your carpets look new again.

5. Sparkling windows be mine

Here comes the sun! Remove a winter’s worth of dirt and grime from your windows with this easy to use Karcher Window Vacuum Cleaner – perfect for streak-free windows without watermarks or residue.

6. Zero effort Spring Cleaning? Yes please!

Admire your clean floors from the couch while Vacuum does all the work for you. Not only is it designed to fit into those narrow nooks and crannies, this robot vac has Dirt Detect Technology which uses sensors to identify and pay extra attention to high-traffic areas in your home. Need something tidied up fast? Call out for your robot vac through your Alexa or Google Home and it will be on its way and cleaning in no time.

7. Don’t let the chore be a bore!

Power through those boring Spring Cleaning house chores by playing your favourite music, radio and podcasts with the Lenovo Smart Clock with Google assistant. Listen to the news by simply saying ‘good morning’ or turn on your compatible smart home lights and more! You can even use your Lenovo Smart Clock to set an alarm and challenge yourself to a Spring Cleaning Sprint!

8. Charge through your Spring Cleaning (without having to recharge so often!)

After (or maybe during!) all that decluttering, will need a much-needed caffeine hit. With a super-fast heat-up time and a compact design to keep the kitchen bench neat, the Nespresso DeLonghi Inissia Capsule Coffee Machine is the perfect coffee machine to keep you charged up during your Spring Cleaning.

9. Get Serious About Steam

This is the year you want to get serious about Spring Cleaning (and by serious we mean more than just pushing the vacuum head under the couch!) then you’ll need this Vax Steam Fresh Combi Steam Cleaner in your life. This steam cleaner combines the power of steam and detergent to eliminate 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria, leaving your floors sparkling clean. It’s twin tank technology mixes steam and detergent inside the mop, cutting through grease and grime to hygienically and efficiently steam clean your seal hard floors and refresh your carpet.

10. Don’t forget to clean your smartphone and accessories

The Ultra-C UVC LED Steriliser Wand is perfect for disinfecting smart phones and accessories with minimal effort. Once exposed to the UV-C LED technology from this sterilising wand, it takes just 10 or so seconds for 99.9%* of germs to be destroyed that live on our most-used technology and household items. Keep you and your loved ones safe this spring and have peace of mind knowing your phone, tv remote, door handles, keyboards and more have been disinfected.

11. Washers and Dryers need a Spring Clean too!

While you’re Spring Cleaning don’t forget to add your Washer and Dryer to your cleaning checklist. Maintaining your Washer and Dryer will ensure your products safe use and can extend their life. Check out our top tips for Washer Care and Dryer Care, because giving that lint filter a good deep clean will be icky – but worth it in the long run!

Disclaimer: *Tested and certified to kill Escheria Coli, Staphylcoccus Aureus and Candida Albicans to a sterilising rate of 99.9%.

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