Spring-Clean With Nothing But Steam

May 25, 2022 - 4 min read

A top-to-bottom house clean with no vigorous scrubbing and nary a chemical in sight. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. That’s the power of steam. “Plain water is undeniably nature’s best cleaning agent, especially when you add heat, and the latest appliances have gone full steam ahead to make the most of it,” says Nick Trajkovski, The Good Guy Buyer – Floorcare. Want to get in on the budget-friendly, non-toxic, green cleaning action in your kitchen, living room, laundry and beyond? Here’s how.

Someone using a steam mop on their carpet

The Power Of Steam

So how does steam clean so effectively? Because it’s hot, hot, hot! “Steam-based small appliances heat water past boiling point then force out pressurised vapour through a nozzle, brush or other attachment. This vapour – made up of miniscule water particles – gets deep into porous surfaces to loosen dirt, dust and allergens, and kills dust mites, mould and bacteria,” says Nick Trajkovski.

Just avoid unsealed tiles and flooring, soft plastics, surfaces with water-based paint and delicate fabrics, which can all be damaged by steam. Check your appliance’s user manual for guidance.

“Plain water is undeniably nature’s best cleaning agent, especially when you add heat, and the latest appliances have gone full steam ahead to make the most of it.” Nick Trajkovski, The Good Guys Buyer – Floorcare

In The Kitchen

Next-gen kitchens are steamy in all the right places. Take the oven – simply by upgrading to a steam oven you’ve got yourself healthier and mess-free cooking. There are no grease or oil splatters (you don’t need fats for cooking) and food residue simply can’t get a grip on steamy surfaces.

The latest dishwashers are steaming it up too with steam cycles replacing pre-rinses to save water and blitz caked-on stains. And steam mops are coming in hot for sanitised, sparkling floors without a sloppy mop bucket in sight!    

Top 3 Steam Sensations

Smeg 60cm Classic Compact Combi-Steam Oven

Offers the best of both worlds with steaming and baking powers, plus the magic of steam in a Vapour Clean function.

LG QuadWash Platinum Steel TrueSteam Dishwasher

TrueSteam technology breaks down stuck-on food scraps and improves drying for spotless dishes. Thanks, steam!

Shark Steam Mop

Perfect for an everyday clean and inevitable kitchen spills, this lightweight mop heats up in only 30 seconds. Washable Dirt Grip cleaning pads give a streak-free finish.

someone steam mopping their hard floors

In The Living Room

A regular dust and vacuum is great, but add a little steam with a steam cleaner and you can deep clean and deodorise your carpets, couches, cushions and curtains.

And did you know that some diffusers work their magic using essential oil-infused steam? Use one of these to add a luxe touch to your spring-clean and transform your living room into a heavenly scented oasis. Is there anything steam can’t do?

Top 3 Steam Sensations

Euroflex Vapour-M4S Hybrid Steam Cleaner

Use this powerful steam cleaner in every room, but you’ll love its attachments for freshening up carpets and rugs, deodorising upholstery, and cleaning windows in the living room.

Karcher Handheld Steam Cleaner Premium SC1 1200W

It’s lightweight, portable and perfect for spring-cleaning the often forgotten germ collectors – think light switches and ceiling fans.

Ellia Gather Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Add a few drops of citronella oil, well known for its antimicrobial properties, and you’ll be breathing easy.

A lady steaming her clothes

In The Laundry

It’s here where steam arguably does some of its best, time-saving work. Anyone who’s discovered the portability and versatility of a garment steamer will tell you so.

Then there’s the energy-efficient ways the latest washers and heat pump dryers use steam to prolong the life of your clothes and save you money at bill time. You know that pile of lightly worn clothes that could use a refresh, but not necessarily a wash? Steam Refresh cycles in next-gen washers and dryers will do exactly that, without the need for abrasive detergents. The high-pressure steam alone kills odour-causing bacteria plus eases out wrinkles for good-as-new outfits.

Top 3 Steam Sensations

Haier 9kg Heat Pump Dryer

This heavy hitter has enough space for your king size doona. Hit it with a steam refresh for a spring-clean of your bedroom.

Fisher & Paykel 11kg Front Load Washer

On top of its speedy 20-minute Steam Refresh cycle, it has Allergy and Sanitise options with higher wash temperatures and an extra rinse cycle, perfect for sensitive skin and sniffly noses.

Tefal IXEO Plus All In One Solution

Silks, cottons, polyesters and wools – consider them wrinkle-free, deodorised and sanitised. Plus, the removable base on this versatile model lets you steam anywhere, anytime. Try it on benchtops, kids’ toys and your bedroom mattresses.

Ready for things to get steamy at your place? Visit us in store or online for the biggest and best range of appliances for your spring-clean.

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