5 Steps To A Better Night’s Sleep: The Tech And Tips You Need

April 8, 2022 – 5 min read

Tossing and turning? You’re not alone. More than half of Aussies are not getting enough sleep, according to the Philips 2020 Global Sleep Survey. Thankfully, there are simple lifestyle tweaks you can make to have you sleeping like a baby, plus top tech to help you get your longed-for 40 winks. The latest wearables track your slumber for an informative snooze snapshot, while smartphones can be loaded up with relaxation apps to send you off to the land of nod. Here’s everything you need for a better night’s sleep.

Couple in bed checks sleep pattern statistics on smart watch.

Step 1: Track Your Sleep

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Or waking at 2am but can’t get back to sleep? More than one-third of Australians typically wake up at least three times a night, so you have company. Diagnosing your particular sleep issue is the best way to plot a way out of your sleep funk. The latest smart watches can help you do it. By tracking your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, the time you spend awake or restless and your sleep stages (light, deep and REM sleep), you can see how your sleep schedule stacks up.

Shop Smart Watches

  • Fitbit Sense helps you build better bedtime habits by assigning a Sleep Score, then giving you helpful tips to improve it.
  • Garmin Venu 2 Plus tracks your sleep and gives a simple, daily analysis of your stress levels, activity and rest.
  • Withings ScanWatch 38mm has a smart Respiratory Scan feature to monitor blood oxygen levels, heart rate and breathing frequency that can alert you to potentially serious conditions like sleep apnoea.

Step 2: Subscribe To A Relaxation App

Establishing a solid wind-down ritual is crucial if you’re striving for a good night’s sleep. Swear by a book and bed routine for the kids? It could work for you, too. Go digital with any of the myriad relaxation, meditation and sleep training apps available for download on your smartphone.’s library of Sleep Stories really brings the stars out – superstars that is, like Matthew McConaughey and Laura Dern telling bedtime stories for adults.

Shop Smart Devices For A Better Night’s Sleep

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 128GB is fitted with quality Dolby Atmos stereo speakers and 5G connectivity, so you’ll hear Matthew McConaughey loud and clear.
  • Lenovo Smart Clock Essential No phones in the bedroom? Link up with this voice-activated smart clock, nightlight and speaker in one. “Hey, Google. Play us a bedtime story.”
  • Sony True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds Bed buddy not keen on your night-time routine? Pop in these petite, ergonomically designed, cordless earbuds for a solo serenade.
Hand with smartwatch showing heartbeat rate.

Step 3: Get Your Steps Up!

Exercise boosts the body's production of natural sleep hormones like melatonin. Timing is critical though. A recent Harvard Medical School sleep study found morning workouts in bright sunlight were best for a deep, restful sleep. Having the right home gym equipment means you can tick exercise off the to-do list before work. A fitness tracker will log your progress.

Shop Fitness

  • BH Fitness SB2.6 Spin Bike A sturdy, reinforced structure makes for a smooth, quiet ride – perfect for getting your kilometres in before the rest of the household is up.
  • Altius Multisport Smart Watch with GPS If your workout routine is a bit of a fitness fruit salad – walk, cycle, treadmill, climb – this is the fitness tracker for you. Clever multisport tracking will log them all!
  • BH Fitness S1RW Program Rower Row in the living room one day and on the back deck the next. A handy folding rail and wheels make it easy to switch it up between indoor and outdoor workouts.

“Exercise boosts the body's production of natural sleep hormones like melatonin. Timing is critical though. A recent Harvard Medical School sleep study found morning workouts in bright sunlight were best for a deep, restful sleep.”

Step 4: Get Cosy

Forget counting sheep! Keeping your bedroom at the perfect temperature is the best way to get to sleep and stay asleep. Studies show around 18 degrees celsius is the sweet spot to match the body’s resting core temperature at night. The right heating and cooling appliances will help warm you up and cool you down, and have you sleeping like a log.

Step 5: Scent Your Space

Diffusing essential oils like lavender can help soothe an overstimulated nervous system to restore calm and send you drifting on a scented cloud to sleep. Add an essential oil diffuser to your sleep kit to turn your bedroom into a zen zone.

Ready for bed? Visit us in store or online to find everything you need for a better night’s sleep.

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