Winter Wellness Trends You Need To Know About Now

May 26, 2022 - 5 min read

What are your health goals this winter? Whether it’s boosting your fitness, losing a few unwanted pounds or just maintaining your already healthy lifestyle, following the latest health advice and staying active will have a positive impact.

There are many ways to improve both your physical and mental health, and when it comes to wellness, taking a holistic approach is best to achieve results. From diet to exercise, to taking care of your mental health, here are some of the best ways to stay well this winter.

Athletic man using a smartwatch during her fitness workout on a city street.
"Weather not playing ball? Take your workout indoors with BH Fitness"

Trend #1: Exercising In The Great Outdoors

After years of adapting to life without a gym, more and more people are choosing to exercise outside and are reaping the benefits of breathing in fresh air, while working up a sweat. Whether you’re going for a run, walking, or doing PT or free weights in your backyard or a local park, experiencing your daily workout outside can do wonders for both your physical and mental health. And don’t forget to track your progress on the Garmin Vivomove 3S Watch. Weather not playing ball? Take your workout indoors with the BH Fitness I. Pixel Program Bike, or step it out on the BH Fitness RunLab Treadmill.

Athletic woman using a smartwatch during her fitness workout on a city street.

Trend #2: Powering Up With Prebiotics And Probiotics

Prebiotics are great for gut health as they’re a food source for the healthy bacteria in your gut, helping the good bacteria grow and boosting your body’s digestive system. Flaxseeds and chia seeds are great sources of prebiotics and make excellent additions to any smoothie. Just load it all into the Russell Hobbs Mix & Go Classic blender for a healthy way to start your day.
Probiotics, meanwhile, boost your immune system by fighting off bad bacteria, reducing inflammation and some allergy symptoms. Tempeh is a great non-meat (soy) source of probiotics, and delicious when marinated in a teriyaki, peanut or spicy sauce and cooked in a stir-fry using the Sunbeam 7.5 Litre Diamond Force Wok.

“Our gut comprises trillions of different bacteria, and in order to have a healthy gut microbiome, we need to have a diverse range of beneficial bacteria. That’s why including pre and probiotics can be beneficial for improving mood, reducing digestive symptoms such as bloating, skin health and general wellbeing,” says clinical nutritionist Georgia Betts.

Athletic woman putting away healthy groceries.

Trend #3: Practising Mindfulness

Exercising is great for our physical health, but what are you doing to look after your mental health? That’s where mindfulness, which is essentially a workout for your mind, comes in. More and more people are seeing the benefits, both in improving their mental health and reducing stress and anxiety. Meditation is a great example of how to practise mindfulness – throw on your noise-cancelling Beats Studio Buds, so you’ll be in the zone when you do a guided meditation on the Headspace or Smiling Mind apps.

If meditation isn’t for you, there are other ways to reap the benefits. You could incorporate a gratitude practice, which involves writing down 3–5 things you’re grateful for (such as family, a roof over your head, air to breathe and friends), into your morning routine to help put you in a positive frame of mind to approach the day.

Trend #4: Recover, Recover, Recover

As any workout warrior will tell you, you need to allow recovery time after exercise – whether that’s a gym visit or a park run on a frosty morning. Post-workout, massage can help you to avoid or reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), while also improving mobility and flexibility so you can perform at your peak during your next gym, PT or home fitness session. The Homedics Pro Massage Gun can be used all over your body, including calves, hip flexors, shoulders, quads and neck to loosen up tight muscles and help with DOMS.

Woman sips coffee on the couch whilst practising mindfulness on her laptop.

#Trend 5: Stretching For Mind And Body

Another hot trend is stretching – the ultimate mind and body booster. Stretching morning and night may offer these benefits: relieve aches and pains; boost blood circulation; improve mood by helping to reduce or manage stress and anxiety; improve posture; enhance relaxation before bed; improve flexibility to make performing daily tasks easier; and decrease muscle stiffness and soreness, such as lower back pain. The ultimate stretch aid, the Homedics Stretch + Back Stretching Mat moves your body through a series of yoga-inspired stretches and twists to help you unwind, recover and release tension.

Ready to prioritise your physical and mental wellbeing this winter? Visit The Good Guys in-store and online to load up on all the essentials to help keep you happy and healthy.

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