Top Things You Never Knew You Could Claim On Tax

May 10, 2024 – 5 min read

We all want to maximise our tax returns. And while you might be well aware that you can claim things like home office expenses or charity donations at tax time, these aren’t all you could be getting a tidy return on at the end of the financial year (EOFY). There’s a range of little-known deductions claimed by Australians every year – and some of them might apply to you. Finance expert Katie Cunningham goes over some possible tax claims you might be eligible for, like a new mobile phone or tech products, as well as some unusual tax claims you need to know about.

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Top Things You Could Claim During EOFY

EOFY is the best time to get a great deal (and possibly claim some money back into your pocket) - here are some things to look out for if you're looking for handy work-related essentials. Keep reading below to find out some less known things you might be able to claim during tax time! 

Don’t forget, make sure you discuss any potential purchases and tax claims with a qualified accountant or financial professional to find out if the purchase is right for you.

Vacuum Cleaners

If you work as a cleaner, or run a home business like a hair salon that you need to keep tidy, tools such as vacuum cleaners could be claimed on tax. As with any deduction, if you’re using your Dyson both at home and at work, for example, you can only claim a portion of the cost.

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“If you work as a cleaner, or run a home business like a hair salon that you need to keep tidy, tools like vacuum cleaners could be claimed on tax.”

EOFY Tech Must-Haves

If you are self-employed, work from home or study in a field related to your employment, you could claim the cost of your computer at tax time. Tabletsprinters, and accessories such as keyboards and mice could also be eligible too!

Again, to be eligible, you must use your computer for work – and if you also use it for private purposes, you may only be able to claim a percentage of its cost.

Best Ways To Maximise Your Tax Back Under $1000

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Best Ways To Maximise Your Tax Back Over $1000

If you’re expecting a bigger tax return, there’s a lot of great ways to spend your refund:

Mobile Phone

If you use your mobile phone for work and your employer isn’t already reimbursing you, you might be able to claim some of the cost of the handset. To be able to include the cost of a new phone on your next tax return, be sure to buy it on or before June 30 and hold onto your receipt. Just remember to chat to your tax agent before making any purchase, to make sure you are eligible for this tax claim.

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Top Things You Never Knew Your Could Claim On Tax

Of course, there must be a legitimate business reason for any tax claim. But with the right documentation, you might be eligible to claim some very interesting expenses. Don’t forget, make sure you discuss any potential tax claims with a qualified accountant or financial professional to confirm if you are eligible. 

So, what are the most surprising tax deductions out there?

Work Bags

If you’re using a handbag or a briefcase, satchel or laptop bag – to carry your computer to work, then you could be able to claim it on tax. This deduction applies to a range of industries. To be eligible, you just have to be able to demonstrate that the bag is legitimately used specifically for work. 

Media Subscriptions

In this digital media world, many media publications are now subscription-based and can be deductible if they relate to your trade or profession. Subscriptions to newspapers, professional magazines, TV journals and podcasts could be claimed if they can be proven to link to your profession. 

Gym Equipment

Do you own a business? If you’ve been thinking of improving workplace health and wellbeing, you might be able to claim on selected items at tax time. However, before you start running off to buy the latest treadmill for the office, check with your tax advisor on what can be potentially claimed for your line of business. These items are often effective at helping keep workers happy and engaged in better productivity.


If you need a dog for work – then the ongoing expenses related to its care could be a legitimate business expense. The government won’t reimburse you for the initial cost of the dog, but you can claim the money you spend on its food, veterinarian bills and registration. The Good Guys sells clever pet tech such as smart pet feeders to help you look after your four-legged employee.


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