Kitchen Essentials: 6 Handy Home Cooking Appliances For Winter

May 13, 2021 - 3 min read

With the temperature dropping outside, we’re spending more time inside and especially getting into some winter cooking. When it comes to winter and food, it’s all about comfort and feeling cosy and nourished. What better time to discover your inner ‘Masterchef’ and impress your friends and family with something hearty and delicious!

Kitchen Essentials

What makes winter cooking so unique?

As the seasons change, so do the fruit and vegetables available to eat. In summer, berries and leafy green lettuces are everywhere, yet as the weather cools off, the hardier root vegetables – think pumpkin, potato and turnip – come into season to take their place.

When winter comes around, it’s natural to crave hot food. Your body needs to generate more heat to get warm, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by eating. Meals like porridge on a frosty morning, or a Thai green curry for lunch, or even a vegetable stew can be so nourishing (especially on those grey wintry days stuck in the office).

What are the basic winter essentials for a kitchen?

Like any good chef, you’ve got to have the right equipment. To whip up a roast, simmer a stew or cook up a curry, your kitchen essentials might be in need of a winter makeover. So, let’s start with the basics.

If you’re new to home cooking (or diving back in after months of take away), grab yourself a set of measuring spoons and cups. They’re great for accuracy and making sure you don’t overdo it with any flavour. Next, get some good quality utensils – like wooden spoons for mixing, a sharp knife, whisks and spatulas – and don’t forget a decent sized chopping board.

To save yourself time and energy, consider investing in some affordable and essential small kitchen appliances. You may not have the time (or space) to prepare feasts from scratch like Jamie Oliver, but you can create healthy and nutritious meals without stress with a little help.

“To whip up a roast, simmer a stew or cook up a curry, your kitchen essentials might be in need of a winter makeover”

6 essential kitchen appliances for the at-home ‘Masterchef’

1. Air Fryers

If you love fried food but want a healthier alternative, Air Fryers might be the answer. Using a convection mechanism, these somewhat magical appliances circulate hot air all around food. You don’t have to add oil because the combination of air speed and temperature add a crispy outer layer to food, similar to deep frying.

Love french fries? The Philips XXL Digital Airfryer is a great place to start. Its digital controls and electrical thermostat will help you master your frying technique in no time, and its sleek minimal design can add a touch of class to any kitchen. What makes an air fryer a great kitchen essential is how quick your food cooks; if you’re short on time but still want something tasty, this gadget will become your go-to.

2. Slow Cookers and Pressure Cookers

Slow cookers and pressure cookers were all the rage in the 1970s and 80s, and for good reason. You can add all your ingredients in before you head off to work, set the timer and temperature... and come home to the smell of dinner, ready to go!

As far as home cooking appliances go, these ones are as versatile as they come. As the name suggests, a slow cooker works at a lower temperature over a longer period of time to cook your food. A pressure cooker, however, is the opposite: it’s airtight and uses steam pressure to cook food quickly.

For the uni student who’s just moved out of home, the Crock Pot Traditional Slow Cooker 3.5L is a great appliance to test the waters.

However, for a family-sized meal, the Russell Hobbs 6L Stainless Steel Slow Cooker is a better option. With a 6L capacity and easy to clean stainless steel finish, you can come home from a long day at work to dinner, already done.

Find yourself struggling for time or inspiration in the kitchen? Let the Tefal Cook4Me Connect take over – with built-in connectivity, you can sync this 1450W power cooker to an app on your phone and work magic. This is the ultimate kitchen essential for tech-lovers to sear, saute and pressure cook meals and experiment with food. Need some ideas? Take a look at our Winter Pressure Cooker Recipes.

3. Rice Cookers and Steamers

Out of all the must have kitchen essentials, rice cookers and steamers are near the top of the list. Rice is the perfect winter accompaniment to many dishes, such as stews and curries, but it’s also one of the hardest to get right.

Don’t waste time watching the pot, when the Panasonic Deluxe 5 Cup Rice Cooker will take care of it for you. It has a timer, so you don’t have to worry about burning or undercooking your rice. Pop some water and desired amount of rice in, turn it on and you’re ready to roll.

A rice cooker is one of those home cooking appliances every household needs to have. If you’ve got a few more mouths to feed than just yourself, the Kambrook 10 Cup Rice Cooker can take some of the load.

4. Sandwich Presses

Who doesn’t love a good, oozing cheese toastie? Sandwich presses have come a long way since the humble jaffle maker and quickly made their way into our hearts (and stomachs) by allowing us to perfectly toast our sangas.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, the Sunbeam Big Fill Toasties for 4 is like a walk down memory lane, but bigger! It can toast four sandwiches at once and its non-stick coating means no mess is left behind (burnt cheese will wipe right off). Store it vertically in your kitchen to save space and fill your toasties with anything you like.

If you like your toasted sandwiches big and bold, the Breville Toast & Melt Sandwich Press will accommodate your giant creations. Perfect to feed you and a friend, you can also grill paninis, steak and burger patties (it’s super versatile).

5. Breadmakers

If COVID-19 taught the world anything, it’s that given enough time at home, anyone can become an amateur baker. There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh bread, but it certainly takes a lot of energy (and patience) to get it going.

Take the stress out of baking and give yourself a helping hand by investing in a breadmaker. The Bread Maker by Breville has 12 automatic settings which allow you to bake sweet and savoury loaves and cakes at the touch of a button. The dough function takes the hard work out of kneading so you can feed a hungry crowd with delicious homemade pizzas.

6. Pie Makers

An Aussie staple, the meat pie is perhaps the ultimate winter food. One of the best things about pies in general is that they can be filled with so many different ingredients. Pumpkin, apple, corn, chicken...the options are endless! Making pies from scratch, however, can be tricky and time consuming.

One of the best essential small kitchen appliances – especially for apartment living – is a Sunbeam pie maker. Whip up four deep dish pies for friends and family (or keep them to yourself) in this space-saving pie maker that cleans easily and cooks fast.

Having a pie maker around footy grand final time might make you extra popular with the crew, or using the family’s mince pie recipe at Christmas might score you extra brownie points with mum and dad. Either way, there’s a tasty treat (or four) to be had.

Kitchen essentials for every season

Whether you’re staying in on a rainy Sunday to make a batch of pumpkin soup, or meal prepping for the week ahead, we’ve got hundreds of essential small kitchen appliances to choose from. Order online and pick up in store, or take advantage of our contactless home delivery and we’ll come to you.

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