How the Right Kitchen Appliances will make your Life Easier

July 20, 2021 - 4 min read

Kitchen appliances have never been smarter, thanks to ever-advancing technology and clever design. Whether you have a big family to feed, love to entertain or you’re just always on the go, the new features and clever functions of kitchen appliances are bound to make your life a whole lot easier.

Light marble kitchen bench top with fruit and veggies spilling out from a shopping bag. There is a blur of a person walking through the kitchen past a big freestanding cooker and matching stainless steel range hood.

For the family

The more mouths you have to feed, the harder your kitchen appliances need to work for you. Make the most of multitasking products and features that take the hard work out of cooking and cleaning in the heart of your home.

Cooking in the family kitchen

Modern ovens take multitasking to a new level, which means you can get a crispy-based pizza on pizza night from the same appliance that will give you a precision-cooked roast on Sunday. The Technika TGO614ABK 60cm Electric Oven is packed with more than 15 different functions, including air-fryer mode (perfect for crisping up veggies and sneaking them onto the kids’ plates as fries).

Cleaning in the family kitchen

The bigger your family, the bigger you’ll want your dishwasher to be, so there’s nothing left to wash by hand when it’s full. The Bosch SMI6HCS01A Series 6 60cm Semi Integrated Dishwasher can handle a large load, but the best part is how much water it saves at the same time, using just 11 litres per wash when set to ECO wash.

Love to get the kids involved in cooking but wary of the mess it creates? You’ll want to invest in the new Dyson Omni-Glide Cordless Vacuum – it’s omnidirectional soft-roller cleaning head makes it perfect for hard floors and small mess-makers.

Refrigeration in the family kitchen

If you’ve noticed that milk seems to disappear twice as fast when children are around, you’re not alone. Luckily, with a fridge as smart as the Samsung 616L Family Hub Refrigerator, you’ll be able to double-check your milk levels from the dairy aisle at the supermarket via your smartphone. Popping a favourite TV show on the touchscreen display is also the perfect way to distract a hungry toddler while you’re throwing dinner together.

Make the most of multitasking products and features that take the hard work out of cooking and cleaning in the heart of your home.

For the entertainer

The designated dinner-party host in any circle of friends or family needs a kitchen that can handle the heat, and appliances that can carry the load.

Cooking in the entertainer’s kitchen

Sleek and sexy appliances will impress your guests, but not as much as a perfectly cooked meal. That’s exactly why the Miele 60cm Pyrolytic Oven - Obsidian Black should be on the wishlist of every keen cook. The pyrolytic function will save you the morning-after oven clean, while a built-in food probe means you’ll nail the dish every time.

Cleaning in the entertainer’s kitchen

It’s not long before glassware becomes sparse when you’re entertaining a crowd. Investing in a double-drawer dishwasher such as the Omega 60cm Double Drawer Dishwasher means you can run the tumblers through a speed cycle using just one drawer, so you don’t have to restack the whole thing after. There is also an intensive setting for the roasting pans and grubby plates that need a little work.

Refrigeration in the entertainer’s kitchen

A French door fridge is non-negotiable in an entertainer’s kitchen. How else are you going to fit in the charcuterie board? The Samsung 648L French Door Refrigerator is chic in design and innovative in inclusions, with a built-in beverage centre that autofills the water jug just in case you forget. It’s also got big bottle door bins, so there’s plenty of room for the bubbles. For the ultimate convenience, the LG 508L InstaView Refrigerator gives you easy access to drinks and condiments through a door-in-door compartment, and if you knock twice you’ll be able to see inside before opening it up.

For the rarely-home

Whether it’s long hours at work or a thriving social life keeping you out and about, there are still a few kitchen essentials that can serve you well.

Cooking for the rarely-home

Simple, stylish and easy to operate is what you’ll want in an oven. The Chef 60cm Pyrolytic Oven Black ticks all those boxes, while also featuring a quick cook setting that will have your pre-prepared dinner hot in a flash. It’s also easy to keep clean with a pyrolytic setting, so all you’ll have to do is give it a wipe down every once in a while.

Cleaning for the rarely-home

Chances are that when you do have dishes to do, you won't have time. Enter the Bosch 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher, which lets you start, stop or change the settings with its Wi-Fi connectivity from your phone, even after you’ve walked out the door. It also means you’ll be able to keep a close eye on the energy usage – but with a 4 Star Energy Rating, there’s not too much to worry about.

Refrigeration for the rarely-home

You won’t want to be splashing out on energy bills if you’re rarely at home, so opt for a fridge with a solid energy efficiency rating, such as the LG 420L Bottom Mount Refrigerator. It’s one of the first bottom-mount fridges in Australia to get a 4.5 Star Energy Rating, thanks to the same technology that also makes it quiet to run.

So there you have it – there’s so many ways your appliances can help make life easier. Visit us instore or online to find out more about the products in this article – and if you’re renovating your home and need some more inspiration, check out our home renovation ideas and information on Kitchen Design.

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