Superhero Appliances To Save You Hours In The Kitchen

July 1, 2022 - 3 min read

Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and the millions of snacks in between got you feeling like a slave to the kitchen? Beko appliances, assemble! With everything from multitasking cookers to dishwashers that deliver squeaky-clean plates in a flash, the latest superhero appliances from Beko pack an almighty punch with time-saving powers to help you steal back precious hours in your busy day.

If you are new to Beko appliances, you might have a few questions. Like, where are Beko products made? In Europe, by the way. Or, are Beko appliances any good? The answer is yes! These are the Beko kitchen heroes you’ve been waiting for.

Family having breakfast together in the kitchen surrounded by Beko appliances

Superhero #1: 60cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker Stainless Steel

This Beko freestanding oven is coming in hot with a huge 82L capacity – just the ticket when catering a Sunday roast with all the trimmings for the extended family. Convenient and stylish, the all-in-one design is beefed up by a Beko gas cooktop. The four high-efficiency burners use less gas (hooray, bill-time savings!) to cook quickly, taking family feasts from cooktop to table fast.

Extra muscle: “A Beko freestanding oven is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to make a style statement in the kitchen. With flexible cooking options, it’ll bake, roast and grill – and the gas cooktop is a chef’s favourite,” The Good Guys Cooking & Dishwasher Buyer says. “A five- year manufacturer's warranty is the cherry on top!”

For top tips on how to use a Beko oven, visit us online here.

Superhero #2: 85L Multifunction Aeroperfect™ 60cm Built-in Oven

A kitchen appliance that cooks and cleans? This Beko oven can! First, get acquainted with its SteamAdd™ function for at-home pastries and breads that are crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Aeroperfect technology provides evenly distributed hot air, which means no burnt edges or soggy centres. As for how to clean a Beko oven – spills and splatters are no match for the pyrolytic self-cleaning function. It turns food and grease residue to ash, ready for an effortless wipe. Time and effort saved!

Extra muscle: The Beko oven’s greatest superpower is undoubtedly sustainability. It’s part of the brand’s RecycledNet range, designed with features made from recycled fishnets and industrial thread waste. Beko repurposed 71 tonnes of waste in 2019 and 2020 in its quest for healthier living for a healthier planet.

For more tips on how to operate a Beko oven or how to use a Beko oven for baking, visit us online here.

“A Beko freestanding oven is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to make a style statement in the kitchen."

Superhero #3: 60cm Induction 4 Zone Cooktop including Indyflex™ Zone

Saving time is a Beko cooktop specialty, and this model does it with a booster function that swiftly takes the cooking zone from zero to maximum heat. After a quick start, the Beko induction cooktop ups the ante again with IndyFlex technology, adding flexibility to your menu. Need to use the four cooking zones separately? Go for it. Got a bigger pan that covers two zones? Just combine them to create one large cook zone and a cooktop that can accommodate any meal.

Extra muscle:Induction cooktops like the Beko 4 Zone Cooktop are the future of cooking,” says The Good Guys Cooking & Dishwasher Buyer. “Their smooth, glass surface only produces heat in contact with magnetic-based cookware, which makes them energy-efficient, safe for young families and simple to clean.” 

Beko induction cooktop showing how you can combine zones to create a larger one with a large dish situated on the cooktop.

Superhero #4: 90cm Stainless Steel Telescopic Rangehood  

A Beko rangehood is the ultimate sidekick to any Beko electric cooktop, upright cooker or induction cooktop. And like any good helper, this stainless-steel stunner knows how to make your life easier. How? With dishwasher-safe filters. Just pop them out and into the dishwasher on a normal cycle. Easy!

Extra muscle: LED lights mean you can keep an eye on exactly what’s going on in your pots and pans. And when the kitchen gets all steamy, three power levels let you nail the right level of extraction.

Superhero #5: 16 Place Setting Freestanding Dishwasher Stainless Steel

When it’s time for a clean-up, the quicker, the better – especially when you’re entertaining a crowd. The Fast+ function on this Beko dishwasher gets the job done three times faster than a regular cycle, without compromising on a quality wash. And with an extra-large capacity of 16 place settings, you’ve got room for more than a sinkful! The clever, slide-away cutlery basket means you’ll fit those bulky pots and pans in, too.

Extra muscle: AquaIntense. No, it’s not a new superhero. It’s the dishwasher function that tackles tough-to-clean dishes, creating a powerful cleaning zone with intense water pressure.

Looking for tips on how to use a Beko dishwasher? Or how to clean a Beko dishwasher? Check out our top tips.

Beko stainless steel dishwasher in a modern kitchen with white cabinetry.


Are you wondering how to install a Beko dishwasher? Or how to install any Beko appliances? The Good Guys can help. Our Home Services team will take care of installing your new kitchen hero and we’ll remove your old unit while we’re at it. We’ll even give you a quick run-through of how to operate your new Beko Australia product. Simple!

Wondering where to buy Beko appliances? At The Good Guys of course! Visit us online to shop all the best Beko appliances.

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