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Uni Essentials

Family taking a selfie and celebrating their daughters graduation.

Study Smart

10 reasons why a Chromebook is the must-have computer for students.

Female sitting at a desk with a desktop computer.

Is It Time For A New Monitor?

A whole new world of screen quality and eye comfort.

Female relaxing on a couch with over ear headphones on.

Over-Ear vs On-Ear

Check out the latest affordable mobile phones and plans for students.

Close up of a person holding a mobile phone in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

Time For A New Phone?

Here are some key questions to help you narrow your Mobile search.

Moving Out? Helpful Advice For Your First Move

Person relaxing reading a book on the couch with their coffee machine to the right hand side of the image.

The Best Coffee Machines

Enjoy your favourite brew just the way you like it without leaving the house!

Female placing clothes into her washing machine.

My First Laundry

Moving out? We have your laundry starter kit sorted and all the latest appliances.

Person pouring a cup of coffee.

Appliances For Home Leavers

Check out our must-have appliances to get your kitchen equipped in style.

Male cooking in the kitchen using an air fryer

Best Air Fryers

Discover which air fryer would suit you - plus how they could help you!

Lady closing the washing machine door whilst looking at her phone.

The Best Washing Machines

The latest washer trends and tech including autodosing to make wash day easier.

Person holding up a shirt in one hand and a garment steamer in the other.

Garment Steamer Vs Iron

Read on to discover which of these laundry legends is right for your needs.

Lady on her laptop with a ladder and half painted grey wall in the background.

Styling Your First Home

Why appliances are important for styling your home.

Buying Guides

Person relaxing reading a book on the couch with their coffee machine to the right hand side of the image.

Laptop Buying Guide

Read about the different manufacturers, models and tech on the market.

Washing Machine Buying Guide

Washer Buying Guide

Moving or updating to a newer model? Discover what model you should buy.

Person pouring a cup of coffee.

Tablet Buying Guide

Get the knowledge you need to have confidence in your next purchase.

Fridge Buying Guide

Fridge Buying Guide

From French doors to bar fridges, learn more in our guide & shop the line-up.

Mobile Phones Buying Guide

Mobile Phones Buying Guide

Your ultimate guide to buying a new phone is right around the corner.

Printer Buying Guide

Printer Buying Guide

An office or home environment? See what printer options are available.

Television Buying Guide

Television Buying Guide

Learn how to choose the best television for your home with our guide.

Wireless Network Buying Guide

Networking Buying Guide

Learn how to access the internet from wherever you are with this guide.

 Microwave Buying Guide

Microwave Buying Guide

Conventional or convection microwave? This buying guide will help you decide.

Computer Buying Guide

Computer Buying Guide

Learn what should you consider when deciding how to choose a desktop.