Top 4 Reasons To Upgrade Your Fridge

November 3, 2022- 4 min read

It is no secret that your fridge is one of the most used appliances in your home. While we can expect our fridge to last at least a good few years, you might be thinking it is time for an upgrade of your current appliance. If you’re unsure if you should upgrade, you’ve come to the right place! Here are the top reasons why you should upgrade your refrigerator.

Family in modern kitchen cooking food with their Haier Black fridge

Hello Organisation!

Your fridge should adjust to you and your needs, not the other way around. And, if keeping your groceries organised and allocated in the correct position matters to you then Haier’s SwitchZoneTM Tech might just be your match made in heaven.

In Haier’s 623L Quad Door Refrigerator the bottom right compartment can be whatever you need it to be. When you need that extra space, SwitchZoneTM lets you change the compartment to fridge or freezer at just the touch of a button. So, whether you have batches of meals that need to be frozen or need extra storage for fresh produce for your upcoming dinner party – Haier has got you covered! That’s not all – this compartment also has adjustable temperatures, anywhere from -18 °C to +5°C, so you can store whatever you need at the ideal temperature, perfect for any host or at-home masterchef!

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Peace Of Mind

Some extra protection never hurts, and now it is made easy with Haier’s Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT) featured in their 508L Slimline Quad Door Refrigerator. The ABT filter can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria* in the air so you can rest easy that the food you and your family are eating is fresh, hygienic – and bacteria free!

The ultimate way to store your food has been realised!

*Independently tested to remove greater than 99.99% of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella aertrycke, Shigella sonnet and Yersinia enterocolitica.

Great Tech That Keep It Fresh

Refrigerator technology has made leaps and bounds over the last decade. Brands like Haier create stylish and innovative appliances that are built for everyday living, it’s just one of the reasons they are an award-winning appliance brand, known around the world. When it comes to your perfect fridge, some may think the bare minimum is sufficient, however, Haier Australia knows a fridge with the right features can really change the way you live. If you’re wondering if Haier fridges are any good, their latest tech is sure to impress.

There’s nothing quite like snapping a leafy green or crunching on a carrot when its fresh from the supermarket but keeping those veggies crisp once you arrive home can be a challenge. The ‘HumidityZone™’ in Haier’s 623L Quad Door Refrigerator is perfect for fresh fruits and vegetables, helping them look and taste just as good as when you first brought them.

The ‘DryZone™’ reduces moisture, keeping your meats, cheese, pasta and nuts at optimal condition. What does this all mean? Less waste and more nutritious food that the whole family can enjoy!

New Haier Fridge

No Plumbing? No Worries!

When upgrading a refrigerator, one of the things people consider is ‘should we get a fridge with a water dispenser?’ Most of the time, this is followed up with ‘but we don’t have the capacity to plumb it in’. With Haier, this no longer has to be the case. The Haier 492L French Door Refrigerator ensures that everyone has access to cold clean drinking water with a non-plumbed water dispenser, yeah you heard us right, filling up kids drink bottles or topping up your drinking glass is as simple as that. Conveniently located on the door exterior, it is easy to use and gives you flexibility with your kitchen layout/design as there is no plumbing required (and less setup cost) win-win!

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Keep Your Cool

How satisfying is it to open your fridge and have all your groceries organised and allocated to the right spots? For some it’s the dream, but Haier help make it a reality. Haier’s MyZone™ adjustable temperature drawer is a feature that allows you to store temperature sensitive food at optimal temperature to ensure your food retains nutritional value.

You can set up the temperature range in MyZone™ drawer from -3°C to +5°C (the function is available in the French door 492L and Bottom mount 419L). The recommended temperature examples include Beverages 2-4˚C, Meat & Poultry 0˚C and Seafood -1˚C.

Love a cool refreshing drink after a long day at work? Get the chilled beverage from Haier Fridges. Call yourself a serious entertainer? Haier refrigeration will provide you with optimal storage mode for your favourite seafood or steak. Of course, we can’t forget the frozen foods. From your dinner leftovers to your frozen pizzas, Haier’s SuperFreeze™ function snap freezes your food to preserve freshness and flavour for the longer term.

Haier’s MyZone™, DryZone™, HumidityZone™ and SuperFreeze™ features make it easy to store your food in an organised and clean design, plus they preserve the nutrients in your foods, so you and your family can have delicious meals without losing any of the good stuff.

Which Fridge Should I Buy?

From sleek black exteriors, great tech and the Quad or French doors of your dreams, The Good Guys can help you find the best Haier fridge for you and your family. Visit us in store or online to discover more great features and shop for your new refrigerator.

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