6 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Wine Fridge

Sept 13, 2021 – 3 min read

With the festive season fast approaching, there’s no better time to invest in a wine fridge of your own, to keep your favourite beverages tasting their best. Whether you like red wine or white wine, fine wine or aged wine, a climate-controlled wine cellar will ensure the wine is well looked after and ready to serve when it’s time to celebrate. But the cellar itself needs a little love and care to keep it running smoothly, so here’s your guide to getting the most out of your wine fridge.

Wine Fridge with glass door filled with neatly stacked wine bottles.

Tip 1: Count Your Bottles

Before you even make your wine fridge purchase, you’ll need a stocktake of your current wine haul to work out the required capacity. Will your new wine fridge be used to store all of your wines or will it act as more of a middle ground between storing and drinking? For most of Australia (at least, anywhere temperatures regularly exceed 20 degrees), wines should be stored in a climate-controlled setting, so your location may be a contributing factor to how big your fridge needs to be. The type of wine you’re storing may also come into play. “Most wine fridge manufacturers base their capacity on a standard style bottle,” says Peter Simic, National Category Manager – Refrigeration at The Good Guys. This means that not all bottles will fit neatly beside each other, so the capacity may vary. “The size of residential wine fridges varies from as small as 30 bottles all the way up to 170 bottles,” says Peter Simic.

Tip 2: Know Where To Put It

Location is vital – and we’re not just talking about the Champagne region. First things first, when your brand new wine fridge arrives, avoid turning it on for 24 hours so the refrigerant gases have a chance to settle post-transportation. You’ll need to find a place with a flat, even and stable surface out of direct sunlight. If your wine fridge is a new addition to your outdoor alfresco area, be sure it’s somewhere very well sheltered and not within reach of moisture, rain or wind – they’re not made to be exposed to the elements. Steer clear of heat sources (such as ovens and barbecues) and confined spaces, as they need plenty of room to breathe. “Once you’ve found the perfect place, you’ll want to fill the fridge with wine before you turn it on,” says Peter Simic. For best results, space the bottles out evenly.

Tip 3: Consider Your Drink Of Choice

You’ll want to do your research, as the optimum temperature settings are different for each variety of wine. For most whites, the serving temperature can vary between six to eight degrees for varieties such as sauvignon blanc and Pinot Gris, up to 13 degrees for Chardonnay; cellaring wine settings for any variety should sit at around 12 to 14 degrees, and most red wines should be served at around 16 to 18 degrees. Don’t want to choose just one? Invest in a fridge that either has dual zones, such as the Vintec 50 Bottle Dual Zone Cabinet or a wine cellar with a gradient of temperature throughout the cabinet to ensure all wine styles are kept at their optimal drinking temperature, like the Vintec 170 Bottle Wine Cabinet.

“The bottles you want to put away to age a little, store at the back, keep your wines ripe for drinking at the front, and if you buy by the case, group your wines together so you know where to find it.”

Tip 4: Stack It Well

Keeping your wine fridge well-stacked will make life easier for you and help the fridge to maintain its optimum temperature without disturbance – the less time you have the door open, the better. “The bottles you want to put away to age a little, store at the back,” says Peter Simic. “Keep your wines ripe for drinking at the front, and if you buy by the case, group your wines together so you know where to find it.”

Tip 5: Go Double Duty

Is there a better pairing than wine and cheese? If you’re using your wine fridge more for serving than storing, invest in a double-duty fridge that can keep all of your favourite things cool in the one place. The LG 65 Bottle Signature Wine Cellar is an entertainer’s dream for exactly this reason. “In the top wine storage section, there are two temperature zones to suit both white and red wine,” says Peter Simic. “It’s also got the iconic LG Knock Twice technology, so you don’t even have to open the door to see inside, and then two drawers below for things like meats and cheese.” The knock-twice feature will allow you to check out the contents of the fridge by simply knocking twice on the window panel to illuminate the interior. There’s Wi-Fi connectivity, a touch-screen control panel and the drawers can also convert to freezers.

Tip 6: Handle With Care

To ensure it takes the very best care of your wine, you’ll need to take care of the fridge. This will prolong its lifespan and keep it running smoothly. Add an annual clean of the fridge interior to your spring cleaning chores. Empty all bottles, and check for any dust and debris that might block up drain holes and ventilation ducts. Use a cloth damp with warm water and vinegar to give it a wipe down and let it dry completely before you refill it. “It’s also important to keep a close eye on the seal around the doors. Making sure they stay clean and intact will allow them to do their job for longer,” says Peter Simic.

Woman opening her wine fridge in the kitchen to put away a bottle of wine.

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