How To Future-Proof Your Washing Machine

June 24, 2022 - 4 min read

Sure, we call it laundry ‘day’, but popping on a load of washing is hardly an all-day task. It used to be! In fact, it wasn’t so long ago that dressing the family in clean clothes meant a labour-intensive, two-day ordeal of soaking, scrubbing, rinsing, draining and spinning. And that’s if you were lucky enough to own a twin tub! Fast forward to today and advancements in technology and design mean you merely need to tell your washing machine to wash… and voila! The latest models are jam-packed with features that’ll save you time, energy and money, and help lighten your load on laundry day for years to come. 

This year marks 70 years of The Good Guys. We've been there for all the exciting advances in home appliances. That’s why you can trust our team of experts to advise you when it comes to choosing the best washing machine for your household.

Here’s your essential checklist for future-proofing your next washing machine:

Stylish laundry room interior with modern washing machine.


Gym gear, jeans, towels, silks and socks. An auto-sensing machine is a washday wizard ready to work its magic on whatever you throw in. These clever washers automatically weigh the load and assess fabric softness before determining the optimum cycle and water level. Some can even tell how dirty the clothes are to turn up the scum-busting power. A load-perfect wash (minus the guesswork!) means longer-lasting, cleaner clothes, making this cutting-edge tech your wardrobe’s new best accessory.

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Bosch 8kg Front Load Washer

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Fisher & Paykel 10kg Front Load Washer


How much detergent do you need for a half-load of lightly soiled laundry? Who knows?! An auto-dosing machine does and it will automatically dispense the perfect amount for any load. Just fill the reservoir and let it do the maths. Auto-sensors play a role here too, helping to calculate the weight, fabric type and how dirty a load is, allowing the auto-dosing system to optimise the amount of detergent and water needed.

“Auto-dosing is ultimately a win for convenience, and the popularity of these machines is a clear indication that’s what people are looking for in the laundry,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Laundry.

“Plus, with auto-dosing technology, you can save up to 7,000 litres of water every year, making the other huge winners the environment and your household budget.”

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Miele 8kg Front Load Washer

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“Auto-dosing is a win for convenience, and the popularity of these machines is a clear indication that’s what people are looking for in the laundry.” Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Laundry

Water-Free Washing

Future-focused washing machines are getting steamy in the laundry, and your clothes (and bills) are loving it! Perfect for lightly worn clothes or those musty-smelling jumpers just out of storage, a steam cycle reduces odours and de-wrinkles without the need for a full wash cycle. Steam is also nature’s bacteria-buster and eliminates common allergens, making this feature a dream for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin.

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Fisher & Paykel 10kg Front Load Washer

Samsung 7.5kg Front Load Washer

Whisper-Quiet Washing

Gone are the days of washers that sound like a construction site. Thanks to inverter technology available in front and top loader washing machines, you can now pop on a load day or night without disturbing the household – ideal for small apartments or for anyone who works from home.

“Inverter technology uses strong magnets to quietly and smoothly rotate the wash drum during wash and spin cycles,” explains Peter Simic. “It’s a smart investment when upgrading, since fewer moving parts mean more durability and big savings on electricity.”

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Woman controls her Wi-Fi connected washing machine using a smartphone.

Add Items Mid-Wash

Never again will the forgotten sock go unwashed! Nor the last-minute school uniform… Hooray for that! This genius feature lets you pause your front loader washing machine mid-wash to add extra items, either via the main door or a separate door-in-door. It’s a load-saver, too – to remove those rogue red undies that ended up with your whites just pause the cycle, open and remove. Phew!

Shop The Latest Washing Machines With Pause & Add

Westinghouse 7.5kg Front Load Washer

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Wi-Fi Connectivity

It’s a whole new world of washing when Wi-Fi gets involved. Smart machines let you remotely start your wash or monitor its progress at home or on the go through an app downloaded to your smart device. You can even integrate your washer into your smart home ecosystem and use voice demands to get things moving! Plus, save on costly repair call-outs with digital troubleshooting, and on costly outfit replacements by downloading new wash cycles for unique loads like sneakers and soft toys.

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With 70 years of experience, The Good Guys know everything there is to know about washing machines. Come see us in store or online for expert advice, the biggest range and the best prices.

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