Bring The Heat: How To Future-Proof Your Cooktop

June 24, 2022 - 4 min read

Ever since humans gathered around the fire to cook their woolly mammoth stew, the hearth has been the hub of the kitchen. The last century saw us pivot from gran’s wood stove, to gas and electric hobs with built-in extractor hoods. Fast forward to today and we have futuristic cooktops that ‘magically’ merge with countertops, and offer cutting-edge technology borrowed from pro-chef kitchens.

Blowing out 70 candles this year, The Good Guys have seen every major cooking and cooktop evolution. OK, we weren’t around for the first Paleo Diet craze, but we were totally there for the second! So you can trust us when we say that we’ve scouted the best-in-class modern cooktop features for today’s kitchen – and beyond.

A smiling woman seasons mushrooms in a frying pan she is holding above a sleek cooktop, set into the kitchen bench.

From The Fire To The Future

“Smart sensors, pan detection, bridge zones and enhanced cooking speeds… Today’s cooktops offer advanced cooking tech that would have been unfathomable 40 years ago and are almost like having a sous-chef in the kitchen,” says The Good Guys Buyer - Cooking & Kitchenware.

Say hello to the most up-to-the-minute meal prep with these future-proof features for every style of cooktop:

“Today’s cooktops offer advanced cooking tech that would’ve been unfathomable 40 years ago and are almost like having a sous-chef in the kitchen.” The Good Guys Buyer - Cooking & Kitchenware.

#1 Induction

Why go induction: Fast, precise, energy efficient, smart and safe, induction cooking is billed as the future of home cooking for good reason! Magnetic field-based heating technology means that where there’s no pan, there’s no heat. Get ready for quicker heat-up times, lower energy consumption (and smaller power bills!).

The must-have tech: Pan detection to activate only the zone under your compatible cookware (you’ll need cast iron or magnetic stainless steel). Boost mode to boil water in a flash. A Bridge feature to fast-track your catering by combining two smaller cooking zones into one. A smart rangehood to automatically connect to your cooktop for optimum extraction (so you can concentrate on cooking). A Stop & Go or Pause function to reduce heat when you need to step

Shop Induction Cooktops

Asko 90cm Bridge Induction Cooktop 

Miele 62cm Induction Cooktop

Westinghouse 60cm Induction Cooktop

#2 Gas

Why go gas: Often the cooktop of choice for pro-chefs, traditional gas cooktops hand you intuitive control over the strength of your flame (instead of relying on preset temperatures) and come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and finishes. Power gone out? No problem with a gas cooktop. You can also use any type of cookware on them. 

The must-have tech: Who says gas cookers can’t look modern? Choose from refined all-black appliances with easy-wipe ceramic glass finishes to chime with any kitchen of the future. Electronic ignition lets you get straight to it with instant heat. Precise Flame Select levels spell less guesswork for those Sunday morning pancakes, while a dedicated wok burner will add extra sizzle to stir fries!

Shop Gas Cooktops

Bosch 75cm Gas Cooktop

Fisher & Paykel 60cm LPG Gas on Glass Cooktop

Milano 60cm Black Gas on Glass Cooktop

#3 Hybrid

Why go hybrid: Love the speed and precision of induction cooking but also relish the hands-on experience of gas? Enjoy the best of both worlds with a modern hybrid cooktop that combines intuitive induction zones with a powerful gas burner to upscale your culinary repertoire. 

The must-have tech: Boasting all the latest hybrid cooker tech, you’ll become a multitasking legend with the Electrolux 90cm Hybrid Induction Cooktop. Get rice on the boil pronto with the high-powered gas burner while PowerBoost expertly sears those salmon steaks. Brown your roast before the tray hits the oven with the Bridge function. And wave goodbye to greasy fingerprints on the hood: the Hob2Hood automatically switches on the fan when needed.

Rustic style kitchen with a hybrid gas and electric cooktop set into a timber bench, with an under-bench oven.

#4 Electric

Why go electric: Affordable and modern, the latest slimline electric cooktops are a hit with apartment dwellers and first home buyers. The stable heat source results in evenly cooked food while their streamlined surfaces make them a cinch to keep clean.

The must-have tech: Digital touch controls and a stainless steel or dark finish for a contemporary vibe. A spill detector that automatically switches off the cooktop if your saucepan overflows. A child lock to protect curious little fingers, and heat lamp indicators to flag residual heat.

Shop electric cooktops

Haier 60cm Electric Cooktop

Westinghouse 60cm Electric Cooktop – Stainless Steel

Chef 60cm Electric Cooktop Stainless Steel

#5 Freestanding

Why go freestanding: Freestanding or upright cookers don’t need to be built into kitchen units so they’re the most flexible cooktop type. Slot one into your golden work triangle (near the sink and fridge) or hero a statement appliance like the Smeg Portofino 120cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker centrestage. They’re easy to take with you when you move, too!

The must-have tech: Dual fuel capacity to enjoy precision gas-cooked flavours with the convenience of an electric oven. Easy-glide trivets that sit flush with your cooker to shift pans smoothly off the heat. Pyrolytic self-cleaning to turn oven splashes to ashes (a quick wipe out and you’re done!). An ultra-rapid wok burner for speedy midweek meals.

Shop Freestanding Ovens

La Germania Futura 90cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker

Smeg Portofino 90cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker Black

DeLonghi 90cm Dual Fuel Upright Cooker Anthracite


With 70 years of experience in the kitchen, The Good Guys are across all the latest cooktop trends, and how to find your perfect appliance. Visit us in store or online for the best brands at the hottest prices.

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