Refrigerator Buying Guide

Buying the right fridge may not seem terribly exciting, but it’s really important. These days fridges have become a focal point of the kitchen that are used for more than just storing and keeping food fresh. Modern fridges often include smart features including internet connectivity, ice and water dispensers and a host of features to make life easier. Getting the right fridge for your family can make life easier every day. Follow these simple steps to choose the best fridge for your needs.

1. Measure your space

When measuring, you’ll need to account for a certain amount of space that will be required at the sides, back and top of the fridge so that it receives proper ventilation. How much clearance room you’ll need will depend on the model, and you could risk losing your warranty if you fail to leave the minimum requirements and your unit breaks down. Also make sure to leave enough room to open the fridge doors! It may seem simple, but it’s an issue that can be overlooked.

2. Size of Fridge

After carefully measuring the space available for your new fridge, you’ll need to work out how much storage you need. Fridge capacity is measured in litres, and big families or people who entertain regularly will need bigger fridges than someone living alone or people who eat out often.

Here’s a rough guide for what fridge sizes are most suited to different household sizes:

2 people

1-2 people: 200-400 litres

4 people

3-4 people: 520-600 litres

5 people

5+ people: 700 litres

It’s important to consider your unique needs—if you usually eat out or get dinner delivered a smaller fridge might be more appropriate; or if you love to entertain, eat a lot of fresh food or pre-made frozen meals you might need a bigger fridge/freezer.

3. Types of Fridges

4. Energy Efficiency

Energy Rating

When comparing different fridge models it’s important to check how much energy the fridge uses (shown in Kwh per year) and the energy ratings (shown as stars).

The more energy star ratings a fridge has, the less it will add to your electricity bills. If two fridges use the same amount of energy but are different sizes, the larger fridge is more energy efficient because it keeps more space cold using the same amount of energy. Most older fridges are not very energy efficient when compared with today’s latest models, so it’s worth considering updating your fridge sooner rather than later for electricity bill savings.

Fridges with built-in ice makers and water dispensers do increase your energy usage by about 100-150 kWh each year, but some of these fridges also have energy-saving eco and holiday settings. In general, top-mount and bottom-mount fridges are more efficient than side-by-side and French door fridges.

5. Design and other considerations

6. Exterior Material

Now more than ever, fridges are a stylish feature in most kitchens rather than just a way of storing food. Let your fridge complement your kitchen design by selecting a matching exterior finish. Choose from always classic stainless steel, traditional and cost effective white or consider an on-trend black finish in shades ranging from sleek gloss black, black stainless steel, matte black and deepest grey anthracite.

Here are some of the exterior finishes you can choose for your new fridge:

7. Installation & Premium Delivery

It’s important to find out if a plumber is needed to install your new fridge. Fridges with ice and water dispensers require fitting by a plumber. The Good Guys Home Services can organise a professional for you. If a plumber isn’t required but you don’t want the hassle of unpacking bulky packaging, The Good Guys can also deliver and unpack your new fridge and then take away your old fridge – just ask for Premium Delivery when you buy your new fridge.

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