Heat Pump Vs Condenser: What’s The Best Dryer? 

February 1, 2024 – 3 min read

Locked in a battle for dryer supremacy, both heat pump and condenser dryers have all the bells and whistles you’d want when it comes to tender loving fabric care and time-saving tech. But which laundry appliance is best for your household? Let’s weigh up your options.

A woman holds freshly dried laundry to her face.

What Is A Heat Pump Dryer?

The new kids on the laundry block, heat pump dryers dry clothes without the need for ventilation. How? By capturing and evenly distributing warm air, then continuously reheating and recycling it back into the drum.

All that recycling of warm air makes them super energy-efficient too, with some models scoring a 9- or a perfect 10-star energy rating. Plus, no moisture in the air means no mould or mildew in your laundry.

“Heat pump dryers are priced at the higher end of the scale but are worth it when you consider the power bill savings they accrue over the life of the appliance. Plus, the planet will thank you,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer - Laundry.


Best for: Internal laundries or apartments, but really would suit any type of abode. Because they do not release moisture into the air, heat pump dryers do not require a vent or window. When you factor in the low energy usage, they’re also a smart buy for diehard dryer users looking to slash their energy bills. Finally, they’re a friend to fashionistas, gently drying clothes at lower temperatures for delicate-garment care.

Shop Heat Pump Dryers

  • Miele 7kg Heat Pump Dryer This laundry pocket rocket fits a queen-size doona but is compact enough to live in a cosy apartment kitchenette.
  • Bosch 8kg Heat Pump Dryer Talk about a laundry star, this one has 10! Along with unbeatable energy efficiency, it has anti-vibration side walls and an LED interior light for late-night loads.
  • Haier 8kg Heat Pump Dryer Take advantage of one of the varied 15 specialised dry cycles, to get those everyday essentials dried – pronto!
An open dryer with clothing inside.

What Is A Condenser Dryer?

High drying temperatures make this the speedster of the laundry. And while they don’t need outdoor venting, you will need a well-ventilated room to let out the warm air. Condenser dryers use heat to extract moisture from wet clothes and drain it away as water. Most come with a tube for sink drainage, but some have a water container that needs emptying when full. "If you only use the dryer on rainy days, a condenser dryer might be the right move. They come with all the smart features you'd expect in a next-gen dryer, with lower upfront costs," says Peter Simic.


Best for: Busy households with back-to-back loads, who could benefit from fast drying times. Models with energy-efficient extras, such as sensor technology that turns the machine off when a load is dry, are best for your energy bills.

Shop Condenser Dryers

  • The ASKO 8kg Classic Condenser Dryer has enhanced drying thanks to ASKO's Soft Drum with circular indentations to increase airflow and bevelled edges to reduce wear and tear on your favourite outfits.
  • Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg-5kg Combo Washer Dryer This handy all-in-one takes clothes from dirty to wardrobe-ready in less than three hours, thanks to a rapid spin that whizzes them dry fast.
"If you only use the dryer on rainy days, a condenser dryer might be the right move. They come with all the smart features you'd expect in a next-gen dryer, with lower upfront costs," says Peter Simic.

Heat Pump Vs Condenser: What’s The Difference?

A heat pump dryer could be just the ticket if your space is lacking ventilation. You’ll pay more up front, but you’ll save big on consumption over time. If you only need a dryer for the occasional wet-weather load, a quick-drying condenser dryer could be your perfect match.

Considerations When Buying

Neither heat pump nor condenser dryers can be wall mounted, but some models can be stacked with a washing machine to free up floor space. You will just need to make sure your chosen model is suitable for stacking. You’ll also want to take advantage of the latest dryer features:

  • Anti-crease technology: Stops clothes tangling to save you time ironing
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Receive notifications on your smartphone when a cycle finishes
  • Sensor technology: Calculates the ideal drying time and temperature for a load, so you don’t have to
  • Delayed start: Great for taking advantage of off-peak electricity for lower energy bills.

Ready to upgrade to a new heat pump or condenser dryer? Visit us in-store or online to browse the biggest range of clothes dryers at the best prices. Want to know more? Check out our comprehensive Dryer Buying Guide.

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