Dryers 101: Top Maintenance Tips And How The Latest Models Make It Easy

May 4, 2023 – 3 min read


In the realm of home appliances, a dryer can be a life-saver and a life-changer, making laundry work easier and more efficient. But while clothes dryers are sophisticated laundry appliances, they require a little TLC to keep them running better, and for longer. Here’s how to ensure your dryer remains a well-oiled machine.

A woman puts laundry in her dryer.

Installation Tips For Your Clothes Dryer

So you’ve just bought a new dryer. Congratulations! There are a few things to consider before the big install. First, make sure you have access to power points and drainage, plus suitable ventilation.

Keep in mind that heat pump dryers don’t require high levels of ventilation, as they draw on air conditioner or refrigerant technology and use recycled air to dry clothes. “However it’s recommended to leave a space between the unit and the wall to allow optimal drying performance,” says Shannon Tweedie, Marketing Manager for Home Appliances at LG Electronics Australia.

Next, work out the best configuration for your laundry appliances. Miele dryers come with stacking kits, so you can position one on top of a front-loading washing machine, while LG heat pump dryers like the LG 8kg Heat Pump Dryer include stacking brackets and a reversible door for pigeon paired units.

Or go all-in-one with the LG WashTower. A next gen washer- dryer combo, this smart, space-saving appliance combines a washer and heat pump dryer in a single stacked tower.

Whatever the set-up, remember The Good Guys can take care of the entire install for you.

A person clears the lint from the lint filter.

Maintenance Tips For Your Clothes Dryer

Regular care and cleaning will go a long way to extending your dryer’s life. Top of the list is a quick wipe down with a non-abrasive cleaner or vinegar-and-water solution, focusing on the drum, front, sides and back.

If relevant, have the vents professionally cleaned once a year (clogged vents are a fire hazard), and regularly remove and clean the lint filter in all models. “Samsung’s heat pump dryers help take the guesswork out of cleaning with an intuitive filter clean alarm that reminds you when it’s time to empty,” says Andrew Wand, Director of Home Appliances for Samsung Electronics Australia.

Easy tweaks will also keep your machine in tip-top shape. “When not in use, leave the door of the dryer slightly open,” advises Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Laundry. “This lets air circulate and lowers the risk of mould and musty smells.”

Hacks And High-Tech Features

When it comes to using your dryer, sometimes less is more. Drying your clothes in the machine for 20 minutes, then removing them while they’re still damp and leaving them to air dry, will prevent shrinkage and wrinkling (so you can bid adieu to ironing!).

“Just on that, never leave a load to linger inside the dryer after a cycle has finished or you’ll be left with a crumpled heap,” says Peter Simic. “But if it happens, try throwing a damp cloth or wet sock into the machine and running it for another five minutes. The dampness will create steam and help get the wrinkles out.”

Meanwhile, Miele dryers such as the Miele 9kg Heat Pump Dryer are equipped with SteamFinish functionality to smooth your clothes. “The dryer will spray water into the honeycomb drum at the start of the cycle, which heats up and creates a fine mist, smoothing textiles, and leaves the job of ironing minimal, or even unnecessary,” explains Melissa Taylor, Miele Category Marketing Manager of Laundry and Refrigeration.

“While your dryer can be a household hero, it also consumes a lot of power – so use it wisely to avoid inflated energy bills.”

Energy Efficiency In Clothes Dryers

“While your dryer can be a household hero, it also consumes a lot of power – so use it wisely to avoid inflated energy bills,” advises Peter Simic. “Opt for a faster spin cycle in the washing machine to cut the time needed in the dryer, and only run full loads to prevent power wastage.”

When choosing a dryer, consider a heat pump model. “They utilise a compressor instead of an electric heater to generate hot air, using less electricity than traditional vented dryers,” explains LG’s Shannon Tweedie.

And look for auto-sensing features and a high star energy rating. Samsung’s Heat Pump Dryers have an impressive 9-star energy rating, while the Miele 8kg Heat Pump Dryer and latest LG WashTower boast an incredible 10-star energy rating.

The latest laundry appliances can make life easier. Visit us in-store or online to see the biggest range at the best prices.

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