Top Tips For Renovating A Laundry On A Budget

February 21, 2023 - 3 min read 

If you’re dreaming of a new laundry but worried it will be too expensive, fear not! There are lots of ways to deliver the job within budget – and with all the bells and whistles you have your heart set on. The trick is knowing where to spend and where to save. We asked the experts for their top money-saving tips when it comes to laundry renovations, as well as their top picks for laundry products, including standout washers and dryers.

Modern laundry with white cabinetry, marble splashback, open timber shelf and stacked washing machine and dryer.

Tip #1 Select Appliances First

Like a kitchen without an oven, or a bathroom without a sink, a laundry simply isn’t a laundry without a quality washer and dryer. These hard-working machines should be central to your design and positioned within the room accordingly.

“It’s also worth considering which other appliances and items you may want to store in your laundry before planning your layout,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Laundry.

“If you want to store your vacuum cleaner, drying cabinet or iron in the laundry, make sure you incorporate appropriate cabinetry into your design to house them,” he says.

Splurge On Your Dream Laundry Appliances

Choose a washer and dryer to save you time, suit your growing family and save on power bills for years to come:

Save On Your Dream Laundry Appliances

Get great performance and reliability from washers and dryers to suit your budget:

Detail of washing machine, dryer and tall cupboard with built-in internal storage racks attached to the inside of the cupboard door.

Tip #2 Consider Flat-Pack Cabinetry

If you’re handy on the tools, you’ll save a ton of money putting your laundry cabinets together yourself.

Former winner of TV’s The Block and Kinsman brand ambassador Lysandra Fraser suggests Kinsman’s Xpress Range of flat-pack cabinetry for your new-look laundry.
“The Xpress Range is budget-friendly, and there are lots of different finishes and profiles to choose from,” Lysandra says.
Xpress cabinetry can be delivered within 10 days, and Kinsman can recommend professional installers to get the job done fast.

Tip #3 Streamline Your Design

How much space do you really need in your laundry? The answer is different for anyone, but if you want to save money or you’re tight on space, you might want to consider a European-style laundry that’s compact enough for a hall cupboard. That way, you can devote more space to other uses, such as that longed-for home office or bigger living room.

“If it’s possible to team your laundry with your kitchen or bathroom, this can save you money. Just remember if you’re creating a European laundry, the added cost of bi-fold doors to hide it behind can push the price up,” Lysandra says.

Tip #4 Don’t Move The Plumbing

Leaving your washing machine, dryer and sink exactly where they are can save you big bucks in a laundry renovation.

“If you can work with the existing plumbing layout, it’s better for your bank account,” Lysandra says. “And then you can spend more on the cabinetry, finishes and appliances you’ve set your heart on.”

"Leaving your washing machine, dryer and sink exactly where they are can save you big bucks in a laundry renovation "

Tip #5 Embrace Laminate Benchtops

Good-looking, budget-friendly and water-resistant… what isn’t there to like about laminate benchtops?

“Laminate finishes have come a long way in recent years. There are loads to choose from, and it’s not like you’re entertaining in your laundry. When you’re budgeting, save stone benches for your kitchen and bathroom,” Lysandra says.

Planning a new laundry? Kinsman and The Good Guys can help make the process so much easier. Visit us in-store or online for expert advice, the biggest range of washing machines and dryers and the best prices.

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