5 Steps To Stress-Free Mealtimes With This Must-Have Induction Cooktop

May 16, 2024 - 3 min read 


If you’re after a supersmart cooktop that’ll take the stress out of meal prep, think induction. Westinghouse induction cooktops are the rising stars in the world of kitchen appliances and a great choice if you are considering a cooktop update or full-scale kitchen reno.

The top-selling Westinghouse 60cm Induction Cooktop is just what the busy home chef needs, serving up life-smart features to make meal prep faster and easier.


“Induction cooktops have long been a favourite with professional chefs, who praise their fast-heating proficiency and precise temperature control. Now they’re equally popular with Aussie families,” says Tania Grillinzoni, The Good Guys Buyer – Cooking.

“Our customers tell us they love induction cooking for its speed,  energy efficiency and safety features. Westinghouse 60cm induction cooktops are a value-packed option that offer top tech for less than you’d expect to pay.”

Here’s everything you need to know about Westinghouse cooking technology – and why it’s a perfect fit for family kitchens.

Green kitchen with Westinghouse products.

What Is An Induction Cooktop?


The new gold standard for serious home chefs, the best induction cooktops cook food quickly and precisely. They don’t emit radiant heat either, so stifling kitchens are ancient history. The next-level energy efficiency means cost-saving benefits too. So, how do induction cooktops work?


“Induction cooktops don’t heat up or glow when you turn on the hob,” explains Tania Grillinzoni. “An electric current passes through a coil of copper wire sitting below the ceramic surface, creating an electromagnetic field that only heats up your induction cookware when you place it directly onto the cooktop. No pan, no heat!”


Here are five ways the Westinghouse 60cm Induction Cooktop goes the extra mile in the kitchen to make meal prep a breeze. It’s the smartest kitchen update you’ll make this year!

1. Faster Feasts

Serve restaurant-quality meals in minutes with the PowerBoost function. Your four-zone Westinghouse 60cm Induction Cooktop will have your frying pan sizzling and pasta water boiling in no time.


And because nobody has time to pot-watch, the thoughtful design incorporates an intuitive BoilProtect feature to stop your cooking creations from boiling over, leaving you free to focus your attention elsewhere. Genius.

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2. Practical Pairing


Sick of your glasses fogging up when cooking? Not keen on lingering fried fish smells? We got you: the Hob2Hood technology in your Westinghouse 60cm Induction Cooktop works seamlessly with compatible rangehoods to clear steam and cooking odours.


“The rangehood will automatically start the instant you begin cooking,” says Tania Grillinzoni. “The clever tech intuitively adjusts the fan speed and airflow to quickly disperse unwanted aromas and cooking vapours.”

3. Perfect Timing


Clock-watching while cooking is a thing of the past. Whether it’s easy dinners to feed your brood or a delectable feast for friends, your Westinghouse cooktop dials up the convenience. Simply set the cooking time required and it will turn the heat off for you. No more burnt bits or overcooked meals because you had to take that phone call.


Need to step away from the action? Simply touch Pause on your cooktop to switch all zones to Keep Warm mode. If dinner’s not quite done, press Pause again when you’re ready to go and the settings will revert to where you left off.

“The clever tech intuitively adjusts the fan speed and airflow to quickly disperse unwanted aromas and cooking vapours,” says Tania Grillinzoni

4. Wipe Clean Dream


Not sure how to clean an induction cooktop? Put away those heavy-duty scrubbing sponges – the smooth ceramic surface only requires a quick wipe, no elbow grease involved. Another bonus? The areas around your cookware stay cool during cooking so you’ll never have baked on-food residue. Bravo!

5. Family-Friendly Design


With child lock capability and automatic shut-off the instant you remove your cookware, your Westinghouse ceramic cooktop is much safer for wandering little hands. Meanwhile, the residual heat indicator lets you know when cooking zones are still too hot to touch so everyone can take care until it cools.

Why Choose Westinghouse?

Wondering if Westinghouse is a good brand? Absolutely! The clever bods at the brand have been creating quality appliances for happier households since 1917, developing room aircon and portable dishwashers in the 1930s, and introducing the world to auto defrost fridges in the 1950s, to name a few. Whether it’s cutting-edge cookers or leading-edge laundry essentials, Westinghouse continues to deliver aspirational appliances to elevate your home life.


Are you ready to make mealtimes magic every day with Westinghouse induction cooktops? Visit us in-store or online to find the perfect-fit cooktop for your household.

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