Turning Up The Heat: Is It Time For A New Cooktop?

May 3, 2022 – 3 min read

For whipping up quick eats and chef-ing family feasts, every kitchen needs a hardworking cooktop. But gas, electric or induction… no stove will last forever and there are some tell-tale signs that your kitchen workhorse could be running out of puff. Or maybe you’re missing out on the latest tech to streamline meal delivery and clean-up. Here’s how to tell if it’s time for a cooktop upgrade.

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Warning Signs Your Cooktop Is On The Way Out

A well-maintained cooktop can last up to 10-12 years, but as with any kitchen appliance, there will come a time when it needs to be replaced,” says Geraldine Gillespie, The Good Guys Buyer – Cooking & Kitchenware.

Being aware of the signs that your cooker is deteriorating means you’ll be able to replace it before it stops functioning altogether. No one wants to get caught with half-boiled potatoes just before dinner time.”

Aside from the complete flatline when your cooktop won’t turn on, the biggest red flag is dwindling power in the burners or hotplates. A tell-tale sign is pots and pans taking longer to heat up – or the heat not extending to the outer rims

Cracks, rust or corrosion on the cooking surface are never a good look and can also affect the function of your stove. Loose temperature knobs or digital displays that are on the blink are a recipe for mealtime disaster. You don’t want to be left guessing your settings.

Smelling gas? This is a code red that something isn’t right with your gas cooktop – most likely a leak. Don’t turn it on, call for help ASAP.

“Aside from the complete flatline when your cooktop won’t turn on, the biggest red flag is dwindling power in the burners or hotplates.”

Considerations When Shopping For A New Cooktop

Unless your cooktop upgrade has inspired an entire kitchen remodel, you’ll have an empty spot where your new cooktop needs to fit. Best take some measurements first, then turn your attention to what type of stove is best for your household – electric, gas or induction.

Opt for electric if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option upfront. Gas models are durable and boast impressive temperature control and cooking times.

Shooting for MasterChef status? An induction cooktop makes a slick new addition. Popular with chefs for their precise temperature control, induction cooktops also offer superior energy efficiency and safety features. Induction cooktops heat your cookware directly while the cooktop surface stays cool.

All three options need to be installed by a licensed electrician. The Good Guys Home Services team will send a fully licensed tradie to your home to install it and show you all the bells and whistles. They’ll even take away your old one!

New Cooktop Innovations

The silver lining to your cooktop carking it? Now you can get acquainted with a state-of-the-art upgrade with the hottest smart tech and features.

You’ll wonder how you lived without a bridge element (on an induction model), which creates one large cooking area for bigger cookware and larger dishes. Then there’s the downdraft exhaust that seamlessly integrates a ventilation system directly into the cooking surface.

Modern safety features also allow for peace of mind in the kitchen. For gas cooktops, look for in-built flame failure to shut down the gas supply if a pot boils over. Heating lamp indicators on electric models make it clear which burner is in operation or still hot from use. Induction cooktops will shut off automatically if left on for too long.

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Top 3 Buys

Going gas? Transform basic vegies and marinated meat into stir-fry heaven with the Super Flex Wok burner on the Asko 60cm Gas Cooktop. It’s one of four burners on this sleek, stainless steel stove.

With the Westinghouse 60cm Electric Cooktop, you get four cooking zones and nine power levels for boiling, simmering and frying. Corrosion-resistant hotplates make for a durable upgrade.

Give yourself a promotion from home cook to family chef with the help of the enormous Miele 93.6cm Induction Cooktop. Its sleek, frameless design has space for five pans over three cooking zones, perfect for feeding large households or entertaining like a pro.

Maintenance Tips And Tricks

A well-maintained cooktop will perform at its best and endure over time. Here’s some tips on how to care for your cooktop:

  • A regular wipe with a soft cloth and mild detergent is best for ceramic, glass and stainless-steel surfaces.
  • For caked-on spills, arm yourself with a silicone spatula and a paste made from baking soda and water. Leave the paste on the spill for 30 seconds then scrape away gently with the spatula.
  • For gas burners, fill a spray bottle with plain white vinegar and spray down after each use. Leave for 10 minutes, then wipe clean to prevent grease build-up.
  • Always lift and transfer heavy pots. Dragging can scratch the cooking surface

Ready to upgrade? Visit us in-store or online to find your perfect cooktop. Need more information? Check out our handy Cooktop Buying Guide.

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