Power Down: Top Tips For Slashing Your Home Energy Bill

June 11, 2024 – 4 min read

Is your energy bill killing your buzz (and your household budget)? By simply rethinking your heating and cooling systems, upgrading to new appliances and adopting some energy-efficient habits, you could make a real difference to monthly outgoings. Here’s how:

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Where To Start With Energy Savings

“By far, the biggest draws on your household energy bill are heating and cooling. Together, they claim about 50 per cent,” says Rob Murray-Leach, Head of Policy at the Energy Efficiency Council. “The next 30 per cent generally goes on hot water, and the rest is your appliances and lighting.”

Slashing your energy bill starts with these easy steps:

Reset Your Thermostat

Don’t just set and forget. “Every extra degree of work for your air conditioner equates to about six or seven per cent more energy use,” warns Rob Murray-Leach. “In summer, set your temperature to 25-26 degrees; in winter, shoot for 18-20.” Also, consider switching to a reverse-cycle air conditioner for year-round comfort. “That’s probably the biggest bang for your buck in terms of energy savings,” Rob says.

Shop Energy-Efficient Heating And Cooling

  • Keep your cool and costs in check with the Fujitsu C3.5kW H3.7kW Reverse Cycle Split System. The Human Sensor Technology clocks room movement to control temperature settings and curb energy consumption, giving this crafty unit a 5- star energy rating.
  • Cool whole rooms (and keep running costs down) with the Mercator Clarence 1400 LED Ceiling Fan Light. Silent enough to leave on while you slumber.
  • Portable or wall mountable, the Noirot Spot Plus Panel Heater is the goldilocks of heaters with an energy-conserving precision thermostat that nails “just right” temperatures within 0.1 degrees.
“Wash in cold water where possible, select a shorter wash cycle, and wait to gather a full load before you wash, so you’re washing fewer loads.”

Change Your Laundry Routine

Looking for energy savings in the laundry? Upgrading to new, energy-efficient appliances is a great place to start. Commit to hanging wet washing outside once a week and consider switching to a super energy-efficient heat pump dryer.

Shop Energy-Efficient Laundry Appliances

  • Larger households will reduce their energy drain (and laundry pile) with the Fisher & Paykel 9kg Heat Pump Dryer. Boasting a super-efficient 9 stars, it features a larger drum which means fewer loads; and heat-exchange tech that protects the planet, your bank balance – and your clothes.
  • With an impressive 4-star energy rating, the Haier 7.5kg Front Loader Washer also has a high 1400 rpm maximum spin speed. Faster spin means reduced drying time.
  • Streamline laundry days with the sleek black steel LG WashTower 17kg-10kg Combo Washer Dryer: it can handle bigger wash loads in less time with an industrious 17kg drum; while its separate heat pump dryer scores top marks with a 10-star energy efficiency.

Cook Up Kitchen Savings

Is your fridge running too cold? Could its age be hitting your hip pocket? “Fridges are on 24-7, so if you’ve got a really old model, it can burn a lot of power, and replacing it is a good idea. Modern fridges are much more efficient,” says Rob Murray-Leach.

Also, be sure to use the economy cycle on your dishwasher and only run it when full. Lean more on energy-efficient cooking appliances such as microwaveselectric frypans or pressure cookers, and induction cooktops which only heat what’s placed on their surface.

Shop Energy-Efficient Kitchen Appliances

  • Home entertainers will worship the energy-wise Miele 93.6cm Zoned Induction Cooktop with its feature-dense design which includes flexible cooking zones for up to five pans, and a Stop&Go function that instantly cans the heat if you need to step away from the action.
  • The clever Bosch 60cm Built Under Dishwasher Black has AquaSensor technology that detects how dirty your dishes are and delivers the minimum power and water needed to get the job done. It’ll look killer in your kitchen, too!
A man selects the eco wash setting on the control panel of his dishwasher.

Invest In More Energy-Efficient Appliances

More stars equal bigger savings on your power bill. “When upgrading, always look at the energy rating and get as many stars as you can afford,” advises Rob Murray-Leach. “Your investment will pay off in the long run.”

Smart Homes Save On Energy

Adopt the latest smart home and appliance technology to enjoy energy savings in every room. Heating, cooling, lighting, dishwasher and dryer can all now be controlled remotely using your smartphone or tablet.


Ready to reduce that energy bill? Check out our most energy-smart heating and cooling systems, and household appliances in store and online. We can also hook you up with the latest smart home tech for further savings.

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