How Upgrading your Washer and Dryer can Save you Money

July 20, 2021 – 3 min read

Laundry appliances don’t live forever, but on the bright side, every 10 years or so you get to trade up to a model that is cheaper to run and gentler on the planet.

“Buying energy-efficient laundry appliances can dramatically reduce your energy bills,” confirms Rob Murray-Leach, Head of Policy at the Energy Efficiency Council, a not-for-profit association for businesses, universities, governments and NGOs.

“Even if they cost more upfront, they are generally much higher quality and can save you thousands of dollars. For a washing machine with a 7kg capacity, the most efficient model could save you $2000 in energy over the life of your appliance, compared to the least efficient model.”

Young couple emptying the dryer together, pleased at their new purchase which has a higher star rating.

How to tell if you need a new washer or dryer

“If you notice clothes are not cleaning properly, such as marks on clothes or stains not being removed, this is a tell-tale sign,” says Brad Reed, Senior Marketing Manager of Home Appliances at LG Electronics Australia.

“Furthermore, if the washing machine is making strange noises or not completing cycles, it may be time to look at replacing the appliance.”

Brad says dryers tend to have a long lifespan, working right up until the day they simply stop working. But you might want to look at an upgrade anyway.

“Consumers should be aware of the amount of energy their dryer is consuming and look at upgrading to an energy-efficient model,” he says. “Heat pump dryer technology is highly energy efficient compared to traditional condenser dryers and, currently, LG Electronics sells only heat pump dryer models in Australia.”

Top tips for buying energy-efficient appliances

On the hunt for the most energy-efficient front load washer and dryer for your family? “The two main cost-saving features you should look for when purchasing new washing machine and dryer appliances is the star Energy Rating and the WELS water usage rating,” says Brad Reed.

The Energy Rating and WELS star ratings are an Australian Government requirement. They appear on stickers on new appliances, making it easy for you to compare future running costs between models. The most energy-efficient washer and dryer combination will give you the most savings. The more stars on the sticker, the more savings. It’s that simple.

“There is one website that stands out – the government’s website is a bit fiddly but excellent,” says Rob.

“Aim as high as you can afford for stars. The most efficient washing machines currently available are around 5 stars, and for clothes dryers there are now incredibly efficient ‘heat pump’ dryers that are rated at 10 stars.

“These ‘heat pump’ dryers also produce far less moisture than vented dryers, reducing the risk of mould in your home.”

As a general rule, front loader washing machines tend to use less energy and water than top loaders. The purchase price tends to be higher than top loaders, but offer long-term savings on running costs.

The best energy-efficient washer for you could be one that factors speed. “Washing machines with quick wash cycles will also provide cost savings, as they will perform the cycle in less time, such as the Turbo360 feature across LG Series 9 front load washing machines, which performs the wash cycle in 39 minutes,” says Brad Reed of LG Electronics Australia.

“Before heading to the shops, I’d recommend you do a bit of research to find a product that is the right size for you and has the most energy stars in your price range,” says Rob Murray-Leach of the Energy Efficiency Council.

The best energy-efficient front load washer and dryer list for 2021

Consider these high-performance models for a better clean and bigger savings:

  • An all-in-one solution, the LG WashTower incorporates a front load washing machine and heat pump dryer in a single stacked tower. Its 10 star Energy Rated dryer is hard to beat.
  • Ideal for families, the Bosch 9kg Front Load Washer features a high 4.5 star WELS water rating and a 4.5 star Energ Rating for optimum savings. The big drum capacity means you can clean more clothes in fewer loads.
  • With its impressive 8 star Energy Rating, the Haier 8kg Heat Pump Dryer is a great choice for households of three or four, and has 16 drying programs for best results. It will even dry a queen size doona.
The best energy-efficient front load washer and dryer list for 2021

How to slash your household bills even further

Prefer washing clothes in hot water? It’s time to break the habit. Switching to cold water means your machine won’t need to expend energy in heating up the water but, trust us, your whites will still sparkle. Also, wash only when you have a full load; pre-soak footy jerseys to avoid having to wash them twice; and be sure to use your machine’s energy saving features, such as fast wash cycles. To reduce water waste, adjust the water level on the machine to suit the load size. For more great water and energy saving tips, check out the Australian Government’s Your Home website.

Now’s the perfect time to upgrade to an energy-efficient washing machine and dryer. Visit us instore or online to find out more about the products in this article – and if you’re renovating your home and need some more inspiration, check out our home renovation ideas.

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