Top 3 Printers For Families And The Home Office

January 17, 2022 – 3 min read

The printer is one of the workhorses of the office. They’re sometimes forgotten when setting up a home office, but they are essential for things like printing invitations, reading the fine print on contracts, hard-copy edits, and getting the kids’ homework projects printed in time for school. Picking the best home printer to suit your needs is key because, much like people, different printers excel at different things.

A young girl sorts and prints pictures from her holidays.

The Right Printer For Light Use

What you need: Inkjet printers really shine when it comes to occasional use. “Many inkjet printers are easy to use and can work as multi-functional devices by scanning, printing and copying.” says Jason Tavoletti, The Good Guys Buyer - Computers, Printers & Monitors. “Inkjet printers are a great option because they can print finer, smoother details through higher resolution, and are also suitable for low volume printing.”

Features to look for: If you’re considering an inkjet printer, it’s worth looking at printing speed, connectivity options including USB or Wi-Fi and like any other printer, paper capacity.

Best in show: HP Officejet 8010e AIO Printer – high detail, double sided, print wirelessly.

The HP Officejet A10 Printer, the perfect light use printer

The Right Printer For Volume

What you need: Whether you’re printing long documents, flyers for a business, or endless colouring sheets to entertain the kids, you need a printer that will keep up with the demand but not cost a fortune in ink cartridges. Here’s one solution from award-winning technology journalist Alice Clarke: “The best innovation in printers was the refillable ink tank, because suddenly printers could hold more ink, and you could refill just the colour you needed. This can save heavy printer users hundreds of dollars a year.”

Features to look for: Wireless connectivity is great if you want to connect the printer to multiple devices, and also look for double-sided printing so you can cut down on paper usage and storage. Copying and scanning functionality is a bonus, too.

Best in show: Epson EcoTank ET-2850 – you can print up to 6,500 black and white pages on a single ink bottle, or 5,200 colour pages. It offers cartridge-free printing with huge savings in the long run.

Front shot of Epson ExoTank ET-2850 Printer, great for volume

“The best innovation in printers was the refillable ink tank, because suddenly printers could hold more ink, and you could refill just the colour you needed. This can save heavy printer users hundreds of dollars a year.” - Alice Clarke, technology writer

The Right Printer For Photographs

What you need: If you’re into photography, then getting the right photo printer that can make gorgeous prints is the perfect way to show off your work. “There are plenty of great options for printing photos at home,” says Jason Tavoletti. “Canon, a famous camera brand, makes some models that are perfect for the occasional family photo. Epson also has a range of EcoTank printers with refillable ink for those who want to invest more to level up their equipment.”

Features to look for: The size of photo paper it takes, the cost of replacement ink/cartridges, and the quality of the prints.

Best in show: Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500the up-front cost might be higher, but the refillable ink tanks mean huge savings down the line, and the prints look great.

Image of the Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500 for ideal photo printouts

The Right Printer For A3

What you need: If you’re going to set aside the space for an A3 printer, you probably need a printer that offers more features. “A3 printers can do more than just print in high quality, they can also scan, photocopy and fax, so you can make the most of your desk space and device,” says Jason Tavoletti.

Features to look for: Double-sided printing, print speed (if you need to print high volumes), and high dpi resolution for reports and flyers that will wow clients.

Best in show: Epson WorkForce Multifunction Printer WF-7845This printer does it all quickly and with excellent quality.

The Epson WorkForce Multifunctional Printer WF-7845 prints quickly and in A3

How To Set Up Your Wireless Printer

Wireless printers are a fantastic option which allow the whole family to print from their various rooms ‒ or if the most convenient spot for the printer is away from the computer. Some wireless printers just require you to connect it to the network so your other devices can find it, while others require you to download an app, but allow you to print from anywhere with an internet connection (not just at home).

“Most wireless printers have a touchscreen where you can enter your Wi-Fi password during the guided setup, while others will have software for your computer,” says Jason Tavoletti. The Epson EcoTank ET-2850 is super easy to set up and guides you through the process, so you just plug it into the power and follow the instructions on screen. Easy!

If you’re ready to take your printer game to the next level, come and see us at The Good Guys. Visit us either in store or online for great advice, the best devices and the lowest prices.

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