Size Matters: The Best Washing Machines For Big Families

June 7, 2022 - 4 min read

Is your laundry drowning in a sea of bath towels? Or lost in a tsunami of dirty clothes because your kids insist on changing outfits three times a day? It sounds like a job for a large capacity washing machine – a big household’s best friend.

Washing machines with a large capacity let you wash bigger, fewer loads to save on time and running costs. Plus, the latest models are packed with smart features to ensure every item is washed well, whether it’s mud-soaked footy shorts or a camping trip’s worth of wet clothes.

Mother and daughter laugh and smile while sitting on the floor in their laundry, with a basket of fresh clothes.

What Size Washing Machine Is Best For A Big Family?

Whether you’re a family of 4, 5, 6 or 7 or more, selecting the right capacity ensures you can do big loads less frequently, rather than small loads more frequently. This will help you save on your electricity and water bills. Families of 4–5 should look for a washer with a 9–10kg capacity, families of 5–6 should go for a model between 10–11kg, and those with more than 6 should look at washers with a capacity of at least 12kg.

Top Features To Look For

Big families create a lot of laundry, so time-saving features should be top of your list. Look for fast wash programs to get loads done quickly, smartphone compatibility to turn your machine on or off from your phone – the ultimate in convenience, and a “delay end” function so your load finishes when it’s convenient for you (meaning washed clothes don’t sit in the machine for hours, waiting for you to arrive home from work).

Looking to upgrade? These are 5 of the best washing machines for big households.

"Big families create a lot of laundry, so time-saving features should be top of your list. Look for fast wash programs to get loads done quickly."

Westinghouse 9kg Front Load Washer

There are 15 wash programs, including three fast-wash settings to save you time, and the Plus Hygiene function removes 99.9% of selected common household allergens and bacteria. The Time Adjust function lets you decrease wash times, and the high spin rate (1200 rpm max speed) extracts more moisture to reduce drying time.
Hot Feature:  The pause/add function lets you add forgotten items, like pesky school socks or sports uniforms.

Best For: Families of 4–5 with young children.

Shop The Westinghouse 9kg Front Load Washer

Westinghouse washing machine product image

Bosch 10kg Front Load Washer

Forgot to add a school uniform to your load? No problem with the Bosch reload function, which lets you add  items (or remove ones you added by mistake) at certain points during a wash cycle. Simply pause the running cycle, add the extra items and continue the wash. Amazing! It also features 14 settings, including Allergy Plus/Hygiene to sanitise clothes and fabrics, and super-fast washes done in either 15 or 30 minutes.

Hot Feature: DrumClean Reminder to remove detergent residue and bacteria that cause odours. A well-maintained machine will last longer, after all.

Best For: Bigger families with young children, teenagers and/or young adults will love this machine.

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Bosch washing machine product image

Fisher & Paykel 11kg Front Load Washer

Among the fab features is the quick Steam Refresh cycle for clothing or linens that need a quick freshen up to reduce odours and remove wrinkles. It takes just 20 minutes and saves on running costs because it’s not a full wash. Skipping a full wash is also easier on clothes, meaning your favourite jeans, tees and jumpers will last longer. Soft toys and trainers get five-star treatment with the Extra Care cycle.
Hot Feature: Wi-Fi compatibility through the Fisher & Paykel Connect app means you can stop and start loads from your smartphone. It’s also smart home-compatible via Google Assistant and Alexa.

Best For: Busy households looking for laundry shortcuts (and pristine sneakers).

Shop The Fisher & Paykel 11kg Front Load Washer

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Samsung 12kg Front Load Washer

Talk about bringing in the big guns! This large-capacity model has all the room you need for big loads and features a super speed cycle to get clothes clean and fresh in no time. A steam cycle uses high pressure to sanitise and remove 99.9% of certain common bacteria, while BubbleSoak uses a pre-mix of detergent and air to remove stains. A footy-season essential.

Hot Feature: AI Control remembers your most-used cycles for a personalised wash.

Best For: Extra large families – the 12kg capacity ensures it’s up for anything, even king size doonas.

Shop The Samsung 12kg Front Load Washer

Samsung washing machine product image

LG 14kg Top Load Washer

Prefer a top loader? This one more than fits the big-family bill with 10 washing programs to ensure you have the right setting, whether you’re washing bedding, sports/gym clothes, children’s clothes or a mixture. The 6 Motion Direct Drive function selects the best way to wash every load for optimal results. Just be sure to measure your space to ensure you have enough room for the lid to open.

Hot Feature: Allergy Care cycle to remove dust, pollen and other allergens from fabrics.

Best For: Supersized families – the drum can accommodate 73 individual items!

Shop The LG 14kg Top Load Washer

LG washing machine product image

Ready to upgrade your washing machine and take advantage of a larger capacity and smart features to make washing easier and better on the hip pocket? Visit The Good Guys in-store and online to explore our huge range.

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