The Best Layout For Your Miele Kitchen

June 7, 2023 - 2 min read

Create a focal point in your kitchen and the ultimate cook's haven with a bank of coordinating Miele ovens, warming drawers and a built-in microwave and coffee machine. A bank of Miele appliances creates a harmonious appearance, giving you incredible flexibility while ensuring a streamlined kitchen design.

Modern kitchen with three Miele ovens

Different Layouts For Your Bank Of Ovens

If you’ve made the exciting decision to install a bank of Miele ovens and appliances, consider placing them in a Cube layout, a Panoramic layout, a Tower layout or a T-shaped layout – each has its own ergonomic benefits and looks great too!

1. Cube Layout

A classic, balanced layout, placing your appliances in a cube style concentrates cooking into one central zone with all appliances placed at a convenient height. For the ultimate cooking hub, combine a full sized combi-steam oven with a full sized conventional oven, a built-in microwave and a built-in coffee machine.

Cube of stunning Miele ovens in a modern kitchen

2. Panoramic Layout

Placing your appliances at eye-level in a horizontal or panoramic line is an aesthetically pleasing, elegant layout that provides convenient access to the oven with no awkward bending needed. Consider a bank including an oven, a built-in microwave and a built-in coffee machine with a warming drawer and a vacuum sealing drawer underneath for a streamlined look.

Bank of three Miele ovens in a sunny modern kitchen
“Create a focal point in your kitchen with a bank of coordinating Miele ovens, warming drawers and a built-in microwave and coffee machine”

3. Tower Layout

Simple and striking, a space saving tower layout is easily fitted into many existing kitchen layouts. Combine a steam oven or built-in microwave with a conventional oven and a warming drawer underneath.

Beautiful Tower Layout of Ovens in a modern seaside home

4. T-Shape Layout

T-shaped appliance layouts are eye-catching, statement layouts, best suited to banks of four main appliances and a warming drawer balancing out the design. Combine a conventional oven with pyrolytic cleaning with a 45cm combi-steam oven, built-in microwave, built-in coffee machine and a deep warming drawer.

T Shape Miele Kitchen appliance layout in a modern kitchen

If you’re passionate about good food and good design, consider the new Miele Generation 7000 range with steam and conventional ovens, built-in microwaves and coffee machines and warming drawers. All packed with the latest technology – will become much loved and admired features of your kitchen design.

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