9 Easy Ways to Keep Your Cool this Summer

October 12, 2021 – 3 min read

Turning your home into a chilled oasis is easier than you think, even in a summer scorcher. You just need the best home cooling appliances, a steady flow of chilled drinks and frozen treats, and a sneaky heat-busting small appliance or two. Our checklist will help get you and your home primed for a perfect summer.

Air Purification Cooler with woman and dog doing yoga

1. Air Conditioning

Where would we be without it? “An air conditioner is not a luxury; it’s an affordable essential,” says Scott Bazley, Heating and Cooling Buyer at The Good Guys. “A reverse cycle split system air conditioner is a practical choice for many Australians because it offers the added bonus of heating as well as cooling, for year-round comfort and convenience.” The Fujitsu C2.5kW H3.2kW Reverse Cycle Split System is the perfect size for a bedroom or study and won’t break the bank, thanks to energy-efficient features that make it Fujitsu’s most efficient cooling solution yet.

2. Portable Air Conditioning

Renting? A portable air conditioner offers a quick fix – just plug it into the power socket and you’re good to go. The Omega Altise 2.6kW Portable Air Conditioner is ideal for living rooms or bedrooms, is easy to move between rooms, features two speed fan settings, a remote control and a 24-hour timer, so you can set it to start before you return home from work. Or, consider a window wall air conditioner such as the Kelvinator C3.9kW Cool Only Box Air Conditioner that can be slotted into a window space. If you move home, simply remove and reinsert at your next address. “Some models like the Dimplex C2.6kW H2.4kW Reverse Window Box Air Con can heat and cool, so you only need one appliance to cover summer and winter,” says Scott Bazley.

3. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans bring the breeze while using only a portion of the energy of air conditioners. “That said, combining ceiling fans with air conditioning can increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioner, as it won’t have to work as hard to cool the space,” says Scott Bazley. Make a style statement with the Mercator 137cm Nemoi Black Ceiling Fan or the Mercator 130cm Savannah Brushed Chrome Ceiling Fan available for online purchase.

“Combining ceiling fans with air conditioning can increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioner, as it won’t have to work as hard to cool the space.”

4. Portable Fans

Portable fans bring the breeze to you, wherever you are at home. Desk fans and tower, floor and pedestal fans are all perennial favourites in Australian homes. “These fans serve different purposes,” says Scott Bazley. “The desk fan is a more personal fan, while tower, floor and pedestal fans move air around the room.” The latest models don’t even have blades – the Dyson AM07 Cool Tower Fan White/Silver uses a turbine-like system to generate a quiet and steady airflow. Talk about cool.

5. Air Purifiers

Did you know that some air purifiers heat or cool the air while removing any nasties? Buying an air purifier with this added feature means you eliminate the need for a separate portable fan. And let’s face it, less room clutter can only be a good thing. The Dyson Hot+Cool Black/Nickel removes up to 99.95 per cent of allergens and pollutants from the air. It features a purifying fan for the summer months and a purifying heater in winter.

6. Fridge With An Icemaker

Keep iced water and ice cubes at the ready with a fridge-freezer that makes them for you. With its striking black steel finish, the Hisense 585L French Door Refrigerator is big enough to handle a large family – or keen entertainer – and supplies a steady flow of cold water and cubed or crushed ice. The automatic ice dispenser is built into the outside of the door, so you won’t need to open the door and let cool air escape to top up your water bottle.

7. Extra Freezer Storage

If the Mr Whippy van is not a regular visitor to your street, you’ll want to keep plenty of popsicles and ice-cream on hand to keep the little (and big) people happy. With additional freezer space, you’ll never run out of room for homemade sorbets or bargain buys from the frozen food section. Try the spacious Westinghouse 388L Vertical Freezer or the more compact Hisense 145L Chest Freezer with top-opening door.

8. Outdoor Fridge

What’s a sun-drenched outdoor room without a ready supply of cold drinks? Every covered deck deserves a bar fridge. The Solt 190L Outdoor Beverage Centre has glass doors, so you can keep an eye on stock levels.

9. Smoothie Maker

An ice-cold smoothie is your go-to healthy breakfast in a summer swelter. Or anytime, really. In a Nutribullet Pro 1200 Blender, place one mango (peeled and deseeded), one papaya (peeled and deseeded), half a cup of strawberries, a third of a cup of orange juice, five ice cubes and blitz. And there you have it, breakfast for two!

There are so many ways your appliances can help make life easier. Visit us in-store or online to find out more about the products in this article. For more advice on what to look for in a cooling solution for you and your home, be sure to check out our buying guides for air conditioners, fans and air treatments.

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