Knock, Knock: The Home of the Future is Here!

June 17, 2022 - 3 min read

You’re late leaving work again when you remember you’ve got family dropping by tonight. You quickly check what’s in your fridge via your smartphone for an emergency dinner plan. Then you fire up the dishwasher remotely, send your robot vacuum for a lap around the lounge, and switch on the heating to get things toasty before your guests arrive. Something out of The Jetsons? Wrong! All that cool smart home tech we once dreamed about is already a reality.

This year The Good Guys celebrate 70 years of staying ahead of the curve in home appliance trends and tech. Our wealth of experience means we have the knowledge to help you set up the smart home that's right for you.

Man and a woman using their phone to turn on their lights in the kitchen

What Is A Smart Home?

“The smart home revolution is all about having an ensemble of internet-connected domestic appliances and devices that you can control remotely and manage via one device – usually your smartphone,” says David Linehan, The Good Guys Buyer – Home Automation. “It all started with talking speakers telling us the time, but now just about every aspect of the home can be automated, from your heating, lights and entertainment system, to your dishwasher and doorbell.”

Why Smart Homes Are The Future

“Whether you want to curate your ideal home environment and cut energy waste, are living with mobility issues, or are simply getting to that age where a virtual assistant helps retain your independence, smart homes are here to make our lives simpler, smoother and more accessible,” says David. “The best way to start out is to upgrade to household appliances that are Wi-Fi enabled.”
Here, we bring you the top 6 appliances you need to start living in the home of the future today!


“It all started with talking speakers telling us the time, but now just about every aspect of the home can be automated, from your heating, lights and entertainment system, to your dishwasher and doorbell.” David Linehan, The Good Guys Buyer – Home Automation

The Smart Fridge

Wi-Fi-connected fridges can do everything from suggest recipes based on your ingredients to order your groceries, play music or movies while you prep dinner to adjust temperature zones from afar. The Samsung 810L Family Hub Refrigerator can even activate an interior camera to display contents while you’re in the fruit-and-veg aisle at Woolies. Not sure if you’ve run out of milk? With LG’s InstaView range, just knock twice to find out, without opening the door (or wasting energy)!

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LG 508L InstaView Refrigerator

Samsung 810L Family Hub Refrigerator

Fisher & Paykel 538L Quad Door Refrigerator

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The Smart Dishwasher

The best smart dishwashers now come with energy-efficient sensor technology to detect how grubby your plates are and pick the perfect cycle, wash time and water quantity for the job. Wi-Fi-enabled  dishwashers can also download extra programs, start a wash remotely, help with appliance troubleshooting and send smartphone alerts once dishes are done. Exclusive to the Miele dishwasher range, AutoDos adds exactly enough detergent for each run, for optimum cleaning and less waste.

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Miele Semi Integrated Dishwasher – Clean Steel

LG QuadWash Platinum Steel TrueSteam Dishwasher

Bosch 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher Black Inox

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The Robot Vacuum

One step closer to Rosie, the Jetsons’ robot maid, robot vacuums use AI voice control and mapping capabilities to learn where your chairs and stairs are for truly hands-off cleaning of your carpets and floors. Some even return to their self-charging stations afterwards! Look for enhanced obstacle avoidance and drop-sensing tech to prevent pet run-ins or stair tumbles. Some of the more sophisticated models come with auto-empty and auto-clean functions (so you won’t get your hands dirty even once). The Ecovacs range can tackle mopping, too!

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iRobot Roomba R692 Robotic Vacuum

Ecovacs DEEBOT T9+ Robotic Vacuum

eufy RoboVac G30 Verge

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Young girl with a smartphone on a sofa, smiling and looking at a robotic vacuum cleaner on the living room floor.

The Smart TV

Itching to upgrade your TV to a new wafer-thin design, loaded with state-of-the-art viewing features? Go for one with AI surround sound to bring you right inside the screen, Dolby Vision IQ to adjust the picture to the brightness of your viewing space, and voice-activated connectivity for hands-free control over volume and your streaming services. LG’s new OLED TV range delivers ultra-vivid images for a thrilling home cinema experience. And just so you know, while other home tech shrinks, TVs are getting bigger: 85 inch is the new normal!

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LG 83” OLED 4K EVO C2 Smart TV

Samsung 65” Neo QLED 8K Smart TV

Toshiba 65” Z770K Series 4K UHD Android TV

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The Smart Home Security System

Never hunt for your keys at the bottom of your bag again with a smart door lock with 3D fingerprint tech (so Blade Runner!). Step up your peace of mind with a smart camera surveillance system with clear 4k definition footage, heat-motion spotlights, night vision, and livestream feed to your Google or Alexa devices (everything a burglar doesn’t want). Intelligent doorbells will alert you when your kids get home from school or that package finally turns up!

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eufy Security Smart Door Lock Touch

Swann 4K Ultra HD 4 Camera 2TB DVR CCTV System

Google Nest Doorbell (White)

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The Smart Speaker

Think of a smart speaker as your control centre for all your connected smart devices, delivering the ultimate in integrated home help. You can use your compatible voice-activated assistant to make hands-free calls, hear the headlines or check movie times while you do chores; access a cooking coach in the kitchen; or turn on lights, the TV – even the shower! – with a single command (brilliant for those with mobility issues).

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Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) with Alexa (Charcoal)

Google Nest Hub Max – Charcoal

Apple HomePod mini – Space Grey

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With 70 years of experience in home appliances, The Good Guys know all about the latest tech trends for living your best life. Visit us in store or online and we’ll help you find the right smart home set-up for your family.

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