Buy Better With Miele: Why You Should Invest In Quality Home Appliances

February 6, 2024 - 5 min read

Planning a kitchen or laundry reno? Now is the perfect time to upgrade to high-performance appliances that go the distance. “Successful renovators know the secret to success is selecting your dream appliances first, then designing your dream space around them,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Refrigeration and Laundry.

As the hardest-working rooms in your house, your kitchen and laundry need an all-star starting line-up that flaunts the latest innovative tech (think precise induction cooking and hands-off pyrolytic cleaning) to save you time, money and effort – and that’s where Miele appliances come in…

A man putting food into a Miele oven

Intuitive Tech For Easy Living

“Discerning homeowners are drawn to Miele Australia appliances because they tick all the boxes for quality, reliability and outstanding performance that lasts,” says Peter Simic.

“Miele kitchen appliances have convenience covered with versatile induction cooktops, multi-function ovens and fast-cycle dishwashers. In the laundry, Miele washing machines and dryers are loaded with smart sensors and clothes-loving programs for perfect results at the press of a button.”

Ready to upgrade to quality Miele laundry and kitchen appliances? These are the must-have models and best-in-class features to snap up…

“Discerning homeowners are drawn to Miele Australia appliances because they tick all the boxes for quality, reliability and outstanding performance that lasts.”

Ovens With Precise Control

For a next-gen Miele oven that serves up suave good looks and mouth-watering meals, look no further than the Miele PF H 7264 BP VitroLine Obsidian Black. With a fierce black-on-black finish, this Miele pyrolytic oven has the smart tech to stay looking just as snappy on the inside. Simply use the self-cleaning setting to turn mess into an easy-to-wipe ash (no chemicals required!).

Want to effortlessly scale up your cooking? There are 25 automatic programs to help you nail every delicious dish; while dried-out dinners will be a thing of the past with the genius TasteControl function. It automatically opens the oven door when the cook time is done to quickly cool the compartment.

Shop The Miele PF H 7264 BP VitroLine Obsidian Black

Induction Cooking At Its Best

So you’ve heard the buzz about induction cooktops? These energy efficient kitchen stars have scored rave reviews from Aussie home chefs thanks to their fast heat-up times, precise temperature control and sleek, easy-clean design.

A top-of-the-range Miele induction cooktop – such as the Miele 80cm Induction Cooktop – steps up that game-changing induction heating tech for results straight out of a professional kitchen. Cook up to six pots at once on its ultrawide frame or enlist the bridge function to merge heating zones for big-batch cooking (then keep everything hot until you’re ready to serve with the keeping warm function). This savvy Miele cooktop can even command compatible Miele rangehoods to automatically switch on when needed. Now that’s smart!

Shop The Miele 80cm Induction Cooktop

a man cooking dinner on his Mele induction cooktop

All You Desire In A Dishwasher

Longing for quicker clean-ups? You need a Miele dishwasher that does it all! From Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you start a wash from your smartphone to AutoDos tech to automatically dispense the precise amount of detergent, these clean machines are designed to make life better – one dazzling dish at a time. 

Choose a seamless built-in style as seen in the best-dressed kitchens. Or add a luxe touch to your rental or reno with the Miele 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher CleanSteel and take it with you when you move!

Shop The Miele 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher CleanSteel

Dream Duo In The Laundry

Miele washing machines and dryers are the masters of efficiency in the laundry.  Case in point, the Miele 8kg Front Load Washer that cleverly dispenses the right amount of detergent for every load (hello, auto-dosing technology) and can clean your favourite frock in just 49 minutes with QuickPowerWash.

Meanwhile, a Miele dryer will care for all your garments as much as you do. Delicate silks, winter woollens, heavy denim and everyday cottons are all cosseted in the gentle honeycomb drum of a Miele heat pump dryer. The Miele 8kg Heat Pump Dryer even smooths garments while drying, saving you time at the ironing board. With 12 drying programs for optimal garment care and an impressive 9-star energy rating, this cutting-edge workhorse looks out for both your clothes and the planet.

Shop The Miele 8kg Front Load Washer

Shop The Miele 8kg Heat Pump Dryer

A man putting washing in his Miele washer

Buy Once, Buy Better With Miele

For more than 120 years, Miele has created trusted German-engineered appliances, built to last. The brand’s tagline says it best – Buy Once, Buy Better. Investing in quality appliances packed with user-friendly and intuitive features guarantees you reliable home workstations – for years to come.

Upgrade And Save With The Good Guys

At The Good Guys, we focus on offering industry-leading products at Pay Less Every day prices, so you’ll want to make Miele top of your wishlist.


Let our team of experts help you select the perfect team of Miele appliances to fit your lifestyle, so you can start living your best life today. Visit us in-store or online.

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