Miele Laundry Range

Miele's laundry appliances feature cutting edge innovation and energy efficient technology for effortless results. Pair a matching Miele washing machine and dryer for the ultimate laundry experience.

Miele Laundry Range
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Miele Laundry Range
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Discover the Miele Laundry Range

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Miele Laundry Range
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Discover the Miele Laundry Range

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Spotlight On Miele Laundry

Miele laundry appliances are designed for efficiency and convenience, featuring sleek designs and advanced technology to streamline your laundry tasks. Selected Miele washing machines offer TwinDos® automatic detergent dispensing, Miele@home WiFi for smart phone control, and delay start for flexible scheduling. Miele dryers use EcoDry technology for faster drying and lower energy use, with pre-ironing steam to reduce wrinkles and a drying basket for delicate items. With Miele, laundry is easier, more efficient, and less of a chore. Click 'Read More' to discover how Miele can transform your laundry experience.

Features Of Miele Laundry

Clean With Confidence

Miele washing machines deliver efficient and convenient laundry care with TwinDos® .

Eco-Friendly Drying

Miele dryers with EcoDry technology offer energy-efficient, faster drying, and pre-ironing.

Ultimate Convenience

Experience laundry perfection with Miele washer dryer combos. Efficiency, innovation, and space-saving design.

Note: *Technology may vary - check product Technical Specifications for more information.

More Information on Miele Laundry & Home

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Add a little intelligence to your next load of laundry with Miele's Autodosing tech.

Ultimate Helper

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Problem Solver

Meet The Miele Kitchen Appliances Solving Problems You Didn’t Know You Had.

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Miele Laundry FAQs

Miele Laundry Range

A Miele washing machine in a light-filled laundry.

MIELE front load
washing machines

Miele washing machines feature a range of programs to help you tackle your laundry needs. With a range of innovative features and the latest tech, make wash day easy with a Miele front load washer.

A woman uses her Miele auto dosing front load washer.

miele auto dosing front load washing machines

Add a little intelligence to your next load of laundry with Autodosing. Miele's TwinDos® system senses and dispenses the right amount of detergent needed for each wash, no matter how big or small the load is. This ensures you aren’t adding too much detergent to your washing, providing a cleaner, gentler wash.

A man adjusts a setting on his Miele heat pump dryer.

Miele Heat Pump Dryers

Care for your clothes and the environment with a heat pump dryer. Miele's range of heat pump dryers offer incredible energy efficiency and the low temperatures of heat-pump technology ensures the gentle treatment of your garments.

A Miele washer dryer in the one appliance in a modern laundry space.


Discover Miele's range of Washer Dryer Combos. These combos provide the ultimate convenience of a washing machine and dryer all in the one appliance and are the perfect solution where space is limited.