Upgrade Your Kitchen With These Smart And Stylish Haier Appliances

February 6, 2024 - 4 min read

Looking to upgrade your kitchen? Haier is here to help with cooking appliances that pack a designer punch while offering next-gen tech to save you time, effort and energy. We’re talking about innovative appliances designed to take the guesswork out of cooking, lock in mouth-wateringly delicious flavours and preserve the goodness in your food. And did we mention they look good too?
There’s never been a better time to smarten up your kitchen, and a Haier oven, cooktop and rangehood can make it happen. Here are the perfect Haier appliances to help you create a smarter, happier and healthier home.

a mid grey Haier oven in a green kitchen

Healthier Ovens That Air Fry

Do-it-all ovens make mealtimes fun, and the latest Haier ovens will have you serving up a feast of crowd-pleasers. Want to enjoy fried foods without the extra oil? Use the Air Fry mode to recreate healthier versions of fried favourites such as popcorn chicken, sweet potato chips and tempura veggies. 

“Air-fried food is cooked in hot air instead of hot oil, which is great for anyone looking to make healthy decisions in the kitchen,” says Tania Grillinzoni, The Good Guys Buyer – Cooking.

Haier’s in-oven Air Fry function is not only a win for healthier eating, but it also offers a big tray capacity to fry more veggies, cook puddings to feed the family, and quickly reheat leftovers that stay crisp and delicious. It’s great for entertaining too.

Shop Haier Air-Frying Ovens

Haier 60cm Electric Oven – Black

HWO60S7EG4 – Mid Grey

Haier 60cm Electric Oven – Light Grey

HWO60S7EX4 – Stainless Steel and Black

product image of the Haier 60cm Electric Oven

Ovens That Cook And Clean

For easy cooking and easier cleaning, Haier ovens are a dream come true. Nail weeknight dinners and the school bake sale with convenient preset cooking programs including Pastry Plus, Rotisserie and Master Bake for perfect results every time. 

And the clean-up? Like a honey glaze on your roast chicken, Haier self-cleaning ovens are all over it. Choose the pyrolytic function in Eco or Super Clean mode, and sit back as your oven heats to superhigh temperatures. This reduces built-up grease and grime to ash that you can simply wipe clean.

“You might be surprised to learn that you should be cleaning your oven every three months, and more often if you use it every day,” says Tania Grillinzoni. “That’s why a pyrolytic oven is a must-have for effortless regular cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals.”

Shop Do-It-All Ovens

Haier 60cm Pyrolytic Oven

Haier 60cm Electric Oven

product image of the Haier 60cm Pyrolytic Oven

Smart And Speedy Cooktops

Hungry tummies are never left waiting long with Haier induction cooktops. Getting food on the table fast is their specialty thanks to speedy heat-up times, precise temperature control and a booster function for when you need dinner done an hour ago.

From one-pot wonders to elaborate dinner prep, the Haier Grey Induction Cooktop has four cooking zones to handle it all. Getting the kids involved in spag bol prep? Sensor tech keeps hotplates cool to touch until a pot is placed on the surface, making things safe for little hands.

mid grey Haier oven in a pale pink kitchen

Made-To-Match Appliances

Say hello to choices – from statement blacks to sleek grey styles, appliances in the Haier cooking range are made to work and look better together. There’s the perfect appliance to fit like a glove in your space, and in-sync designs that keep things consistent throughout your kitchen. 

Got a monochrome theme going? Haier’s black canopy rangehood can make a bold style statement matched with its perfectly paired oven and cooktop. Or, lighten things up with a suite of on-trend, light grey Haier appliances to suit your Hamptons, coastal or contemporary kitchen set-up. 

Shop Perfect-Match Rangehoods

Haier 60cm Canopy Rangehood

Haier 60cm Integrated Insert Rangehood
Haier 60cm Canopy Rangehood

product image of the Haier 60cm Canopy Rangehood

Why Haier?

Because they’re the best – literally. Haier has been ranked the world’s No.1 appliance brand for 14 years. It’s thanks to its smart tech, made-to-match appliances and savvy solutions for making home life smarter, healthier and happier for you and your family.

“Delivering everything from energy-saving tech to beautiful, considered designs, Haier is renowned for its stylish and practical kitchen appliances that allow you to spend more time enjoying your home,” says Tania Grillinzoni, The Good Guys Buyer – Cooking.

“Delivering everything from energy-saving tech to beautiful, considered designs, Haier is renowned for its stylish and practical kitchen appliances that allow you to spend more time enjoying your home.”

Shop Smart With Haier And The Good Guys

Happiness is finding the best Haier kitchen appliances at Pay Less prices, and that’s our speciality at The Good Guys. Our in-store experts can help you find your perfect appliance match, or visit us online to pick and choose from our massive Haier range.


Ready to upgrade? The latest Haier kitchen appliances are here. Between their time-saving tech, top cooking functions and made-to-match designs, there are plenty of Haier cooktop, oven and rangehood choices. Visit The Good Guys in-store and online to give your kitchen a big-time upgrade.

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