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Haier Fridges & Freezers

A white kitchen featuring black Haier appliances, including the Haier 508L Slimline Quad Door Fridge.


Meet the latest Haier Side By Side, Quad Door, French Door and Bottom Mount Fridges - Discover the future of food storage with innovative SWITCH ZONETM flexibility, precise humidity control, and an energy-efficient 4-star rating.

A Haier freezer sits against a blank wall with a plant to the left.


Extra freezer space when you need it most. Large capacity Haier freezers give you much needed space to store that big supermarket shop or a ton of batch cooking. Haier freezers feature a handy wire basket - great for freezing smaller items.

Features of Haier Fridges & Freezers

Haier SwitchZone

SwitchZoneTM Flexibility

When you need extra space, Switch ZoneTM gives you the freedom to change the top left compartment to fridge or freezer. Change it back just as easily, or select any temperature between -18°C to +5°C.

Humidity Control System

Humidity Control System

A Humidity ZoneTM drawer maintains the right humidity to help keep your fruit and vegetables fresh and flavourful.

Energy Savvy Haier fridge

Energy Savvy

Designed for energy efficiency, with a 4-star energy rating.

Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT)

Haier's Refrigerator Range features an advanced ABT filter that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria*! So you can rest assured, with a fresh and clean storage environment for your food.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Oh So Cool

Discover Multi-Zone Air tech, the key to even cooling. Circulating cool air to every corner of your fridge and maintaining a stable temperature - ideal food storage and lasting freshness.

Wi-Fi Enabled

Wi-Fi Enabled

Select a model with Wi-Fi capabilities - easily control your fridge settings from anywhere, anytime, using SmartHQ™ app.

Freshness Like Never Before

Featuring Humidity Zone drawers, you will get the ideal humidity-controlled conditions, perfect for storing your fresh fruit and vegetables.

Flexible Storage Solutions

Flexible Storage Solutions

Haier fridges feature incredibly flexible and adjustable shelving to suit every storage need. With LED lighting, and amazing freezer capabilities, it's ideal for any avid entertainer.

No Plumbing Necessary!

Chilled Water and Fresh Ice

Haier fridges have the flexibility of plumbed and non-plumbed front of door water dispensers-delivering you a fresh glass of filtered water and constant supply of ice.

Haier Kitchen Appliances | The Good Guys

Energy Efficient

Does energy efficiency matter to you? Boasting a 4 star energy rating, Haier's Quad Door Fridge looks after your food (and your energy).



SuperFreeze™ technology in your Haier freezer preserves the natural flavour, nutrients and appearance of food so it's at its best when you're ready to enjoy it.

Note: Technology may vary - check product Technical Specifications for more information.

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Haier Cooktops

Haier mid grey cooktop in a kitchen


Explore the range of gas, induction and electric cooktops to suit your cooking needs. Haier have the perfect cooktop to suit your kitchen design – the subtle mid grey induction cooktop is a perfect option for lighter kitchen environments.

Features of Haier Cooktops

Flexi Zone

When you want to make gravy in a roasting dish or grill on a griddle, simply pair flexi zones to make a large cooking area, bringing even more flexibility to your induction cooktop.

Rapid Heating For Busy Families

Your induction cooktop is instant-response and heats rapidly, with precision control and a boost function. With a gas cooktop, master high heat cooking with the triple ring wok burner, or use a smaller burner for low simmer control.

Close up of a Haier induction cooktop showing its cool to touch feature

Safety In Mind

A 'cool to touch' induction surface only heats when a pot or pan is placed on the surface, making it safer for pets and curious little hands. With gas cooktops, a flame failure device turns off the gas if the flame is accidentally extinguished.

A saucepan situated on a Haier induction cooktop in a modern white kitchen

Energy Efficiency

Your induction cooktop heats only when cookware is placed on top, conserving energy the moment it is removed.

Person wiping down their induction cooktop

Clean With Ease

Cleaning is easy thanks to a cooktop that stays cool around your cookware, preventing baked-on spills. A quick wipe after use will keep you cooktop looking as good as new.

Note: Technology may vary - check product Technical Specifications for more information.

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Haier Ovens

Haier mid-grey oven in a green kitchen


Haier ovens feature innovative technology and offer seven oven functions, including a specialised Air Fry function for healthier cooking. Cleaning is a breeze thanks to self-cleaning catalytic side panels, plus, you can choose from four colour options, including mid-grey and light-grey, to match your kitchen's style.

Features of Haier Ovens

Haier mid grey oven in a blue kitchen

Inspired Colour Choices

Set the tone of your kitchen with a Haier oven from their inspired colour range. Their elegant mid grey oven blends into both dark and light kitchen environments, finished with a curved handle design in durable stainless steel.

Delicious veggies cooked in Haier oven

Healthier Cooking

The options are endless with Haier's specialised Air Fry oven function. Re-create your favourite fried foods with less oil, or discover healthier recipes with a satisfying crunch.

Healthy Pie coming our of Haier oven

Versatile Functions

Seven specialised cooking functions help you to cook a range of dishes, including Pizza Plus and Pastry Plus for a perfectly cooked base or golden pastry crust.

The inside of a Haier oven

Easy Cleaning

Self cleaning catalytic side panels in the oven help to absorb and break down fat and splatters during cooking. The oven door and inner glass can also be removed for full access to the interior when cleaning.

Desserts coming out of Haier oven

Considered Features

Designed for effortless handling, this oven has telescopic shelf runners and a triple glazed glass door that remains safe to touch from the outside.

A light grey Haier oven product image

Intuitive Control

Simple stainless steel dials and a convenient touch display provide easy and convenient control over your cooking. Time your cooking effortlessly using the minute timer or program cooking duration.

Note: Technology may vary - check product Technical Specifications for more information.

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Haier Rangehoods

Black Hair rangehood and oven in a salmon kitchen


Keep your kitchen free from cooking odours, grease and steam with a Haier rangehood. For a cohesive kitchen design, the Box Chimney Rangehood has a bold black finish that is perfect for matching with Haier’s range of black glass cooking appliances.

Features of Haier Rangehoods

A Haier induction cooktop situated below a stainless steel canopy rangehood extracting steam and odours from the kithen.

Effective, Efficient Extraction

Select between multiple fan speeds to ensure odours, grease and steam are extracted from your kitchen at the rate you need whilst cooking.

A person cleaning and wiping down a Haier rangehood.

Clean And Pristine

Haier's range of stainless steel rangehoods are easy to clean. Simply place the aluminium filters into your dishwasher regularly for a quick, simple clean.

A person selecting which control they need on the rangehood.

Light Up Your Cooktop

Creating culinary delights is a pleasure thanks to design features such as simple push-button controls that turn on extraction immediately, and low-energy LED lighting to perfectly illuminate your cooktop.

A stylish modern kitchen featuring a suite of matching Haier appliances including a fridge, cooktop, oven and rangehood.

Styled To Suit

A Haier rangehood matches nicely with the rest of Haier's suite of kitchen appliances.

Note: Technology may vary - check product Technical Specifications for more information.

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Haier Dishwashers

A woman feeds her young child a bottle while her Haier dishwasher cleans dishes in the background.


Haier dishwashers, the easy way to achieve sparkling clean and dry dishes with Steam sanitise and an auto door open at the end of the wash cycle. Water and energy efficient, these dishwashers feature a range of wash cycles to clean even the most baked on food.

Features of Haier Dishwashers

Steam Sanitise

The steam wash modifier can be added on any cycle to gently break down oil and grime, sanitising your dishes and helping to kill 99.9% bacteria*

Advanced Drying

For effective drying, the door automatically opens at the end of the cycle to help remove excess moisture. Add the +Dry modifier on any cycle for an enhanced dry, ideal for plastics.

Smart Control

With Wi-Fi capability, you can easily control your dishwasher remotely using the SmartHQ™ app and receive helpful alerts.

Flexible Loading

Generous capacity with a height-adjustable middle basket to make room for tall dishes in the lower basket, this model also features a full-width cutlery tray, wine glass stemware supports and foldable cup racks and tines.

Auto Wash Sensing

The Auto Wash program uses sensors to detect how dirty your dishes are and set the ideal wash, reducing unnecessary water and energy use for a more sustainable clean.

A silver Haier dishwasher sits in a light blue kitchen.

Energy & Water Efficient

Haier dishwashers featuring the ECO wash program are incredibly water efficient. Clean even the dirtiest dishes and save water and the environment every time you wash.

A closeup of the Haier Dishwasher Satina control panel.

Easy To Use Controls

Haier dishwashers feature intuitive, easy to use controls located on the front of your dishwasher. Status lights keep you updated throughout the cycle.

A person selects a wash program on a Haier dishwasher.

Choice Of Wash Programs

All Haier dishwashers feature a choice of wash programs so you can tailor your wash program to best suit the level of soiling on your dishes for perfect results - every time.

Note: Technology may vary - check product Technical Specifications for more information.
*Independently tested to eliminate more than 99.99% of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia
coli using the Steam wash modifier or Hygiene wash program.

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