How To Future-Proof Your Clothes Dryer

June 24, 2022 - 4 min read

It wasn’t so long ago that clothes dryers had a reputation for being pricey to run and just plain noisy. Not anymore! Leaps in tech have boosted energy efficiency (and slashed power bills), while other advances have lowered the decibel level and made new dryers much gentler on fabrics. It’s laundry efficiency at its best.

As The Good Guys celebrates 70 years in home appliances, we’re looking to the future of dryers – and the next-gen features you need to ensure you are getting optimal results.

If you are considering a laundry upgrade, these are the dryer features you can access now to optimise laundry operations for years to come.

A mother hands her young daughter some freshly dried clothes from a basket in their laundry room.


Not sure which setting to select for those footy shorts? Or work shirts? Machines with auto-sensing technology use load weight and fabric type to select the right drying cycle. No guesswork needed. Sensors then automatically detect when clothes are dry, switch off to preserve energy and prevent overdrying so you’re not wrapping up in a stiff, crispy towel. Bringing a bit of type A perfectionism to laundry operations, auto-sensing ensures clothes are optimally dried with no wasted energy. 

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Seen from inside a dryer, a woman reaches into the cavity to remove a pair of jeans.

Steam Settings

Want to cut your laundry time and power and water bills? A dryer with a steam setting can help. For barely worn clothes that don’t need a wash, a steam cycle uses hot, moist air to reduce wrinkles, odours and static. “Using a steam setting to dry just-washed clothes will reduce wrinkles once clothes are dry, or use it to get a second wear out of clothes that don’t need washing,” says Peter Simic. “Reducing your wash loads means more savings at bill time.”

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“Using a steam setting to dry just-washed clothes will reduce wrinkles once clothes are dry, or use it to get a second wear out of clothes that don’t need washing.” Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer - Laundry.

Heat Pump Technology

Offering big wins for the planet, your wallet and your clothes, heat pump dryers are one smart way to future-proof your laundry. These machines use less than half the energy of conventional dryers, which is great news for the environment and your energy bill. As well, heat pump dryers don’t create hot air or moisture outside the machine, so there’s no need for venting. That also means your laundry will no longer be a sauna, so mould or mildew won’t grow on walls. Gentle on fabrics, this new way of drying recycles heat while extracting moisture from clothes.

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Drum Design

Ever grabbed a load out of the dryer and found, sure, the clothes are dry, but they’re also a tangled mess? The good news is manufacturers have noticed, too, and developed innovative drum designs to deliver a tangle-free dry that’s also gentle on clothes. Designed to better circulate air, the latest drums feature patterns and indentations to help reduce wrinkles (for less ironing time!), teamed with reverse tumble cycles to prevent the clothing equivalent of a giant hairball.  “The honeycomb drum design is the most common in modern dryers,” says Peter Simic. “This configuration almost acts as a cushion for your clothes as they’re spun around during a cycle.”

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Wi-Fi Connectivity

In a world where just about anything can be controlled by your phone, the modern clothes dryer is no exception. These Wi-Fi enabled appliances link to a mobile app that lets you see how each load is going. Just a quick tap on the app can start a load during off-peak energy periods, saving you money at bill time. You’ll even be notified when a load is done! Some models even let you download additional dryer cycles, so you can take advantage of the latest settings as they become available.

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With 70 years of experience, The Good Guys know everything there is to know about clothes dryers. Come see us in-store or online for expert advice, the best brands and the best prices.

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