How Black Appliances Could Help Complete Your Kitchen Reno

April 28, 2022 – 4 min read

Black appliances have been turning heads in the kitchen for some time now and are definitely worth considering – especially if you’re thinking of a renovating your kitchen. Streamlined, sleek and oh-so sophisticated – it’s no wonder this latest trend is stealing the spotlight in many kitchens.

Here’s our guide to nailing the suave, bold look in your kitchen … plus, our guide to seamlessly matching your appliances: from fridges to cooking appliances.

Light kitchen featuring Fisher & Paykel’s Black Glass Appliances

Do Kitchen Appliances Have To Match?

When it comes to renovating, there’s always endless decisions to make with style. Modern and minimalist or dramatic enough to command attention, matching appliances are great for giving your kitchen a stylish update. The beauty of the newest, most sleek appliances is that they look great as standalone items. But if you are after a complete luxe feel, a matching look can really bring the look together.

Why Should I Consider Black Kitchen Appliances?

Matching appliances is the first step, but if you want to go even further, the colour black can add a touch of drama to any kitchen makeover!

Over the last couple of years, design experts and avid home design lovers have incorporated this style not just in the kitchen, but across their whole home, including bathrooms and laundries.

It not only brings an immediate level of sophistication and mystery; it can also be achieved on a budget. With carefully selected appliances, you can create a timeless space that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

“Matching appliances is the first step, but if you want to go even further, the colour black can add a touch of drama to any kitchen makeover!”

Ultimate Kitchen Solutions

Fisher & Paykel’s Black Glass Range is where elegance meets functionality. From cooking appliances to fridges – this range will keep your whole kitchen looking seamless.

Turn your vision into reality by choosing from a selection of style and configurations with a range of fridges, cooktops, ovens and dishwashers. Here’s a deep dive into the range and how it could help complete your kitchen reno.

The Black Matte Glass Fridge:

Who says fridges should just be functional? They can be stylish too. Fisher & Paykel’s fridges definitely deliver with their quad door fridge featuring recessed handles, spacious storage and quality finishes – what more could you need?

A Quad Door Fridge is what cooks and entertainers dream about, and Fisher & Paykel’s Quad Door Fridges are no exception. Their Variable Temperature Zone allows you to easily convert the lower right compartment to fridge, chill, soft freeze and freezer mode, to best suit different types of food. Adjust zones for maximum everyday convenience or change modes to provide additional chilling capacity for special occasions.

Fisher & Paykel Black Glass Fridge

The Black Matte Glass Dishwasher:

Introducing the newest design innovation in dishwashers, Fisher & Paykel’s Dishwasher is built-under, with a tactile black glass finish and recessed handle. Designed to match with the entire Black Matte Glass family of products, it will be the perfect pairing to instantly lift your kitchen!

The Black Glass Cooking Range:

Fortunately, Fisher & Paykel’s Black Glass Range expands to their cooking range. Whether you’re after an induction, a gas cooktop or oven – you’ll be able to get it in a sleek black glass finish.

No matter your taste in cooking appliances, you will get that consistent feel that will give an unmatchable finish to your kitchen!

Does Your Kitchen Suit Black Appliances?

If you are renovating and want to know how your kitchen can be the right fit, we have some tips. Typically, black appliances go well with any modern aesthetic. There is no specific design ‘rules’ when it comes to black appliances, but there are some guidelines on how it works best.

Kitchens are often the heart of the home so it’s important to make it a space you love – colours and textures can really help bring this to life.

Black appliances can give an instant ‘makeover’ to your kitchen, but the real transformation happens when it matches the overall design. One way you can do this is through utilising contrast. Black appliances against lighter designs create a bold, modern effect, as well as create interesting focal points. The other option is going tone-on-tone, by matching your black appliances with other dark cabinetry and finishes – this option creates a cohesive, polished and high-end look, often adding a hint of moodiness and drama!

What Else To Think About …

Like everything with renovation, there is a lot to consider when it comes to what appliances are going to be the perfect match for your new kitchen. Make sure you consider the smart features that you want, as well as energy efficiency ratings (to save on running costs).

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