Meet the Electrolux Dark Stainless Steel Range - 100th Birthday Edition

With a stunning new range of dark stainless-steel kitchen appliances Electrolux are celebrating their 100th birthday not only in style – but on trend. Available at The Good Guys, the range includes a suite of kitchen appliances with a luxe dark stainless finish, including steam ovens – considered by some the future of cooking.

Dark Appliances – the Growing Kitchen Trend

The new dark, or black appliance trend has been popular with Australian kitchen designers and consumers, who are looking for matching appliances designed to create a bold kitchen statement. From ultra-modern, or industrial kitchens, to more traditional designs, these dark appliances surprisingly suit just about any style kitchen with their time-less good looks. Good bye stainless steel, there’s a new stunning choice in town.

More Than Just Brooding Good Looks

For one hundred years Electrolux have been producing home appliances that Australians trust. And the Electrolux birthday range does not disappoint. Along with its on-trend styling, the new range is true to the heart of Electrolux - who pride themselves on their long Swedish heritage of innovative features that make everyday tasks a pleasure. After-all, let’s face it – the rush after work to cook dinner is rarely fun, but with Electrolux kitchen appliances you’ll be enjoying brilliant results and feeling far more Masterchefy than ever before!

“Goodbye stainless steel, there's a stunning new choice in town.”

The Future of Ovens is Steam

If you’re thinking about buying a steam oven – do buy it now. Electrolux’s new range of ovens include pyrolytic models with Bake + Steam functions. Why steam? Well, during baking a touch of steam can be used to create a richer, glossy colour result and delicious textures, along with adding moisture for a truly succulent finish. And, believe it or not, it can even help to create crispier crusts! Add intuitive controls and innovative features such as Smart Food Probes - that ensure you never overcook a roast again, along with easy glide side racks and you’ll understand why Electrolux combination steam ovens will up your cooking to the next level.

Discover the Full Range

Ovens are just part of the picture. There are also stylish new cooktops, range hoods, and matching fridges and dishwashers–including Electrolux’s propriety ComfortLift™ technology, making loading and unpacking your dishwasher a breeze, completing the birthday suite of dark stainless appliances.

To find out more about the Electrolux birthday range head here, or find your nearest store stockist here. Happy 100th birthday Electrolux!

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