7 steps to creating the ultimate designer laundry

October 01, 2021 – 4 min read 

You’ve been saving pictures of your favourite laundry designs, laundry appliances, taps, tiles and basins, and now it’s time for the fun part – bringing it all together in your laundry renovation or new-build. Having a space that looks beautiful and is a joy to use is a given if you are focused on creating the ultimate designer laundry from the get-go. Follow our seven-step plan to create a laundry to love.

Modern laundry room

Step 1: The designer laundry layout

This is all about tailoring the space to your wants and needs. The ultimate laundry layout works within the available space and meets your requirements, whether it be washing capacity for a family of eight, storage for school bags and sports equipment, or enough floor space to erect an ironing board – or all of the above. “These days, laundries tend to be bigger, as they are beginning to encompass mud rooms and additional storage for our shoes, handbags and coats,” says Ashley Reed, Interior Designer at The Studio Collective. “A designer laundry is about making sure the laundry receives the attention to detail that it deserves.” The ultimate aim? “To create a calming space that you will happily spend time in,” she says.

Step 2: The designer washing machine and dryer

"When choosing your washer and dryer it’s important to keep a couple of things in mind, practically and visually,” says Ashley Reed. “For a functional outcome, consider the ergonomics of your space and how you would use it day-to-day. Front-loader machines will allow you to maximise your bench space, creating a tidier look. For a seamless design, look at buying from the same brand with similar dimensions.” The Samsung 9.5kg Front Load Washer is a great option for a family of five or more, with 22 washing programs so you can select the best setting for everything from delicates to footy jerseys. Pair it with the energy-efficient Samsung 9kg Heat Pump Dryer for a match made in laundry heaven.

“Consider the ergonomics of your space and how you would use it day-to-day. Front-loader machines will allow you to maximise your bench space, creating a tidier look.”

Designer laundry appliances

For no holds barred designer dash, you might want to go back to black with your washing machine and dryer. Dark appliances such as the all-in-one LG WashTower 17kg-10kg Combo Washer Dryer bring a sophisticated edge to laundries. “Black washers can really tie together a rustic, country or urban palette,” says Ashley Reed. “Black tapware, cabinetry and handles, dark timber finishes and bold joinery details will work beautifully with darker appliances.”

The ultimate in smart features

While you’re shopping for the perfect washing machine and dyer, don’t forget that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Be sure to look out for these hot features to make life easier.

  • Speedy cycles - Among its 14 wash programs, the Haier 8kg Front Load Washer has an Express 15 function if you need a small 2kg load done pronto. Match it to the Haier 9kg Heat Pump Dryer for a seamless look that also makes it easier to transfer clothes from washer to dryer.
  • Steam refresh – For lightly worn clothes, check out the family-friendly Fisher & Paykel 10kg Front Load Washer with Steam Refresh program to reduce odour, refresh and de-wrinkle– a great option for school uniforms or work shirts. You’ll save time not having to wash, and reduce your water and energy consumption, too.
  • Auto-sensor technology – For optimum wash results, the Samsung 8.5kg QuickDrive Front Load Washer uses four types of sensor to sense the laundry’s weight and calculates the optimal amount of water and detergent. It even assesses the level of soiling and will add more detergent or rinse time if necessary.

Step 3: Designer laundry storage

“There are lots of ways to create a statement within your laundry,” says Ashley Reed. “You might like to highlight the flooring with unique tiles, an oversized sink or feature fixtures and fittings.” The laundry design should tie back to your kitchen and wet areas to give a consistent feel throughout the home. “Earthy palettes are certainly reigning right now,” she says. “Bringing natural colours and textures inside is a big trend that’s here to stay. We love seeing continuous materials that flow from the benchtop to splashback.”

Step 4: Designer laundry finishes

Good looks are one thing but when it comes to washing machines and dryers, functionality comes to the fore. Before upgrading, make sure your new appliance has all the smart features you need to make life easier, and that it delivers on energy efficiency so you save on running costs.

Laundry room interior

Step 5: Designer laundry fixtures

Don’t overlook practicalities when it comes to creating your designer laundry. Philip Ryder of Kinsman Kitchens offers these handy hints:

  • Where possible, think about a deeper depth of benchtop to conceal the appliances and allow for the perfect zone for folding clothing.
  • Tight on space? Stacking your washer and dryer makes good sense, and also means the dryer will be at waist height and easy to reach. “However, if you are able to place the washer and dryer side-by-side, this would allow for plentiful bench space above to sort and fold.”
  • Sink size is important. “I’d recommend a bowl at least 600mm wide. You want to ensure you have a large enough sink with a tall enough mixer tap so you can comfortably fill a mop bucket, wash garments or soak clothing overnight.”
  • Create the perfect indoor drying space with a hanging rail over the bench. “Positioning the hanging rail above the sink allows the clothing to drip dry overhead.”

Step 6: The designer tapware

It’s all about brass and antique bronze finishes when it comes to designer laundry finishes, says Ashley Reed. “They add a timeless warmth to the space. Gooseneck spouts and retractable hoses are trendy and very practical. We are finding that a lot of our clients are leaning towards individual levers over mixers at the moment, too.”

Step 7: The designer extras

“Pull-out laundry baskets and hampers integrated into the joinery are a great solution the whole family can enjoy for easy sorting of clothing from lights to darks,” says Philip Ryder. “If space permits, a third basket for colours could be useful. Having the ability to hide these within the joinery allows the space to be kept clean and inviting.” And don’t forget the laundry chute! Yes, they are back in vogue and mean no more lugging laundry baskets down the stairs. “If you have the space, they are practical for families – 450mm wide should be ample room to allow in your design,” says Ashley Reed.

Visit us in-store or online for a huge range of the latest washer and dryer appliances. Once you’ve got your appliances sorted, you’ll be well on your way to creating a functional and practical, yet stylish laundry in no time. For more advice, tips and inspiration on planning your new laundry layout – be sure to visit our home renovation ideas page.

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