Study Buddies: Best Tech For Uni Students

December 5, 2023 - 4 min read 

Most students are strapped for cash at the best of times, let alone when money is tight! So, if you’re getting ready to tick off essential study tech for the new uni year, you’ll want to make doubly sure every dollar spent on that laptop, tablet, smartphone or headset counts.
To help you get kitted out for a successful year of study, we asked award-winning tech writer Alice Clarke and The Good Guys Tech Buyer Jason Tavoletti for their top tips to find the best learning devices – at the right prices!

 If you’re looking for the best cheap tech for uni, we’ve got everything you need to save – and slay – this semester.

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a girl sitting at her desk doing uni work on her laptop while listening to music with her noise cancelling headphones

Best Laptops And Tablets For Uni Students

When it comes to meeting deadlines and maintaining that stellar grade point average, you need tech you can trust.

“A reliable laptop or tablet will save you so much stress, time and money in the long run. You need a device you can depend on, especially when you’ve left an assignment to the last minute and just need to get it done,” says Jason Tavoletti, The Good Guys Buyer – Tech. “These days, there are some cheap laptops and cheap tablets that are phenomenal value.”

“A reliable laptop or tablet will save you so much stress, time and money in the long run. You need a device you can depend on, especially when you’ve left an assignment to the last minute and just need to get it done.”

Top Features To Look For:

  • Long Battery Life: The MacBook Air offers an impressive 15 hours.
  • Power: The M3 MacBook Pro, supercharged by its next-gen M3 chip, combines top performance with 22 hours of battery life.
  • Budget-Friendly: Cue the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+, a 11-inch tablet at a price you’ll like.
  • Versatility: Pivot from assignments to gaming and chilling to your favourite tracks with the flexible Microsoft Surface Pro 9.
lady on her big iPad Pro

Best Smartphones For Uni Students

The number of minutes you’ll spend separated from your smartphone during the uni years? Minimal. Luckily, you don’t need to fork out a fortune for an indispensable mobile with excellent functionality.

“When shopping for a phone, look for a good camera, excellent battery life, and durability,” says Jason Tavoletti. “There are great deals to be had on iPhone or Android – there are plenty of budget Android phones that can do it all, and both the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE are great iPhones for well under $750.”

And when it comes to useful apps to load onto your smartphone, there are a couple that every uni student needs, says tech writer Alice Clarke.
“The Otter AI app is a lifesaver for anyone who needs to transcribe tutorials, lectures and interviews, while apps like Freeform can help you organise those dreaded group projects,” says Alice.

Shop Best Cheap Phones For Uni Students

Apple iPhone 11
Samsung Galaxy A54
Motorola G84

product image of the Apple iPhone 11

Best Headphones For Uni Students

Whether it’s that noisy party in the flat upstairs or the chatty Cathys at the café, noise cancelling headphones are a lifeline for a student who needs to, well, study.

Headphones are one of the most important gadgets a person can own, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend $500 plus to get quality audio,” says Alice Clarke. “Just be sure to check that the battery life and noise cancelling levels meet your requirements.”

Shop Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony Noise Cancelling Earbuds - Black
JBL Tune 130 NC TWS Earbuds

Apple AirPods Pro

product image of the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen)

Best Tech Accessories For Uni Students

Running out of battery is the biggest nightmare when you’re at uni, because everything from study to socialising runs through your phone. That’s why a portable charger or power bank that can keep your device juiced up at all times is one of the best gadgets you can stash in your backpack.
Running a close second? Dodgy Wi-Fi! Dealing with an unreliable Wi-Fi network at home when you’re trying to pull an all-nighter (or stream your favourite series) is never fun. If your bedroom is on the opposite side of the flat from the modem, or your coverage is often flaky, it’s well worth investing in a budget-friendly Wi-Fi router or extender to enjoy a strong signal across every room in your home.
For more tips on managing your own IT, be sure to read this article.

Shop Power Banks

Cygnett ChargeUp Outback 20K Gen 2
STM Chargetree Wireless Charging Station

Belkin Magnetic Portable Wireless Charger Black

product image of the Belkin Magnetic Portable Wireless Charger Black

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