5 Ways To Accessorise Your Kitchen With Small Appliances

Sept 21, 2021 – 3 min read

In a busy kitchen, there’s nothing better than multitasking appliances. Thanks to advances in technology and innovation, even the kitchen fridge is capable of more than you might think, and smart ovens mean meals are almost cooking themselves. But, when it comes to serving up some serious kitchen style, it’s the small kitchen appliances that are making a big impact. Here are five ways to spice up your kitchen aesthetic with benchtop appliances you actually use.

A father and his daughter make toast together with their toaster

Tip 1: Buy kettles and toasters that match

A little cohesion goes a long way towards creating a kitchen style that feels finished and well thought out. From floorboards to hardware, there are many ways to achieve the look, but when it comes to the kitchen, it’s as simple as a chic kettle and matching toaster. Sounds too good to be true, right? Thankfully, big brands such as Breville, Sunbeam, DeLonghi and Russell Hobbs have tuned into the trend and, in recent years, have outdone themselves in small appliance design. “From bright colours to Scandi timber finishes, there’s now something that can enhance the style of every home,” says Fiona Gould, interior stylist and trends expert.

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Tip 2: Whip Up A Smoothie Station

Whether you’re the epitome of health (hello, green smoothie), a dessert aficionado or you have small children to feed, you’re likely to find yourself spending more time getting the blender out and putting it away again than you are actually blending things. It’s time to embrace the idea of a smoothie station, save your back from the distress and add a new element to your kitchen design. The first step? Update your appliance and invest in a new statement blender – from pretty pink hues to bold industrial style, the choice is yours. “Put it proudly on display beside your fruit bowl (be sure to keep it full) and have a stack of stylish tumblers on a tray,” suggests Fiona Gould. Your back will thank you and your kitchen will look fresher than ever.

“From bright colours to Scandi timber finishes, there’s now something that can enhance the style of every home.” – Fiona Gould, interior stylist and trends expert

Tip 3: Embrace The Home Cafe

If you love coffee enough to invest in all the right equipment to brew the perfect cup from home, there’s no point hiding it away. Transform your kitchen into a home cafe and celebrate the caffeination station. When it comes to the machine itself, there’s something for everyone – whether it’s colour, automation or budget that are important considerations for you. Get started by scouting for the perfect real estate on your kitchen outskirts, as you’ll want to be able to help yourself to a coffee without getting in the way of anyone who may be cooking. If that means it’s a few steps too far from the fridge, you might want to consider a bar fridge for milk (and handy access for other refreshments) to sit nearby. Invest in a set of your favourite mugs and keep them within reach, and if you take sugar, make sure you’ve got a jar on standby. Don’t forget a small waste bin to keep the area clean, and a knock box if you’ll be grinding your own beans.

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A man makes coffee using his coffee machine

4: Don’t Be Afraid Of Colour

The best, brightest and easiest way to accessorise your kitchen with your everyday kitchen appliances does not require setting up a station of any sort. While smoothie stations and coffee set-ups are fantastic and practical vignettes, you can breathe new life into your kitchen design by choosing colour every time you update your small appliances. “For items on show, consistency is key,” says Fiona Gould. When it comes to hand mixers and juicers that you’re likely to store between uses, there’s no reason not to embrace the rainbow and choose a new colour every time, especially if it will bring you joy each time you bring it out.

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Tip 5: Make Mixer Magic

Of all the small kitchen appliances, a stand mixer is often the pride and joy of bakers and home cooks – and for good reason. They’ve earned their place as a kitchen appliance staple for their ability to efficiently combine ingredients, and to knead. Essentially, it’s an extra pair of hands. In recent years they’ve adopted colours and finishes of a wide variety, and now the time has come to put them on show. “For country style kitchens especially, no other accessory will give you greater kitchen cred than a stand mixer proudly on display,” says Fiona Gould.

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