Make light work of housework with a powerful, cordless LG stick vacuum. LG CordZero stick vacuums make cleaning hard floors,carpets,furniture and even your car easy. With the two included interchangeable batteries, you can clean and charge at the same time.

LG CordZero
Stick Vacuums

Enjoy cordless cleaning convenience with an LG CordZero stick vacuum with Kompressor and AeroScience technology. Powerful suction, long lasting battery, ergonomic design and clever features to make cleaning your carpets, hard floors, furniture and even your car easier and faster than ever before. The clever CordZero handstick can be stored easily and neatly in your house in three different ways: Wall-mount mode, Floor-stand mode and Compact mode.

LG Cord Zero A9T-AUTO | The Good Guys


The LG CordZero A9T-Auto features the innovative
All-In-One-Tower. The tower's clever design, sees the LG CordZero become more than just a vacuum. It stores accessories, charges the vacuum battery and automatically empties the dustbin when docked2 for easy and convenient cleaning.

LG stick vacuum sitting upright in a living room close to some wooden cabinetry and a white lounge chair. | The Good Guys


The LG CordZero A9K-Aqua Stick Vacuum features KOMPRESSOR technology saving you time by compressing dust and hair collected in the bin. With the compaction of dust and hair (by up to 2.4 times the uncompressed capacity*) you spend less time emptying the bin.

Person vacuuming a grey fluffy rug in their loungeroom using the LG cordzero stick vacuum | The Good Guys


Deep clean your home with a powerful suction stick vacuum cleaner thanks to the Smart Inverter Motor. Featuring KOMPRESSOR technology, the LG CordZero A9K-Evolve compresses dust and hair in the vacuum bin providing convenience when cleaning with less emptying required.

LG CordZero A9n-Multi | The Good Guys


All the suction power, run time and accessories you'll ever need for a perfectly clean home. LG CordZero A9N-Multi is compact, light-weight and comes with LG's Power Drive Nozzle1 to pick up even the smallest particles, removable and washable filters and a spare battery for up to 80 minutes total run time.

LG CordZero A9N-PRIME| The Good Guys


LG's CordZero A9N-Prime features AEROSCIENCE technology. LG's air flow vacuum technology utilises powerful mini whirlwinds of air to separate out dust particles. Plus, the LG Inverter Motor rotates at high speed, creating rapid air flow inside the vacuums cyclone chambers providing a better cleaning solution.

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Features of LG
Stick Vacuums

LG CordZero | The Good Guys

Fit More In

LG KOMPRESSOR® technology saves you time by compressing dust and hair allowing you to fit more in the bin so you don't have to empty as often.

LG CordZero | The Good Guys

Hassle Free Emptying

The A9T- Auto model is equipped with an Auto empty dust bin, which automatically and hygienically empties the contents into a dust storage bag.

LG CordZero All-In-One | The Good Guys

Empty, Store And Charge In One Place

The All-In-One-Tower's™ ingenious design sees the LG CordZero® become more than a vacuum. Store accessories, charge batteries and automatically empty the dust bin when docked.

Always Ready To Go

Your LG CordZero A9 includes two batteries in the box to to help maximise run time. The batteries are easily removed and replaced so can power through your cleaning.

Clean Surfaces And Capture Dust

LG CordZero vacuums feature a unique five stage filtration system to collect even more dust, dirt and fine particles. The filters are easily cleaned and replaced so that they're always working their best.

LG CordZero | The Good Guys

Thumb Touch Control™

Its easy to adjust your settings on the go with LG's Thumb Touch Control™. With single touch of the thumb you can switch the vacuum on & off or easily adjust the power levels including ‘Turbo’ mode.

LG CordZero | The Good Guys

Removable, Washable Filters

Keep your LG CordZero running hygienically and efficiently well by removing and cleaning its filters. The metal filter, cloth pre-filter and fine dust filter can all be easily removed and washed to maintain optimal cleaning performance.

LG CordZero | The Good Guys

Convert to a Hand Vac

LG CordZero is incredibly versatile and able to easily change from a stick vacuum into a small but powerful hand vac perfect for cleaning the car, bedding and soft furnishings, dusting bookshelves and computer keyboards.

Power Drive Nozzle

The direct drive motor placed inside the Power Drive Nozzle of your LG CordZero rotates the roller while vacuuming to pickup even more pet hair, dirt and fine dust particles from carpets and hard floors.

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Note: Check product Technical Specifications for more information.

*Results may vary depending on operating environment.
1. Up to 80 minutes run time when using 2 batteries, vacuum set to starting 'normal' mode without Power Drive Nozzle
2. Vacuum to be placed on docking and battery in designated slot for simultaneous charging. Additional replacement dust storage bags sold separately. Please refer to LG.com for stockists.