Front Loaders vs Top Loaders: Which New LG Is Best For You?

October 19, 2023 - 5 min read

Upgrading your washing machine but can’t decide between a front loader or a top loader? The right choice will ultimately depend on your needs, budget and the appliance features you’ll get most use from. And that’s where LG is happy to help. 
LG washing machines deliver a powerful yet gentle wash for your clothes, taking laundry functionality to the next level. Whether you’re looking for energy-saving smarts that lead to bumper bill savings or auto-dosing tech that dispenses the right amount of detergent, there’s a dependable and hardworking LG washing machine waiting to lighten your load. Let’s find it!

Shop LG Top Load Washing Machines > 

Shop LG Top Load Washing Machines > 

Stylish LG Top Load Washing Machine in modern laundry.

Should You Choose An LG Front Loader?

Want to save as you cycle through the weekly washing year in, year out? An LG front load washing machine is designed to cut down on your water usage and energy spend, while saving you time and effort with smart tech that does the thinking for you. 

LG front loaders also suit any laundry layout, including compact spaces in apartments,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Laundry. “And you can stack your LG front load washing machine and dryer to free up floor space.”

Here are more great reasons to choose a new LG front loader:

If you’ve got frequent-use garments that require regular washing like school uniforms, the gentle and tailored motion of LG front loaders helps keep your clothing in top condition so items last longer.” Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Laundry

Five-Star Energy And Water Savings

With a 5-star energy rating and a 5-star WELS water rating, LG supersavers such as the LG 9kg Front Load Washer get your laundry done in the most cost-effective way possible. Every additional energy star offers up to 27 per cent energy savings¹, while each water rating star equals 30 per cent in water savings.2 Got a family to wash for? Even big-capacity washers such as the LG 10kg Front Load Washer offer 5-star ratings across the board. Say hello to lower power bills!

Plus, you can enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing these quality appliances have a 10-year parts warranty, so you can get more life and more loads out of your LG washing machine

Delay Start 

LG’s handy Delay Start function is made to wash on your schedule, and sneak in some more energy savings to boot! Simply enter when you want a load to start, set a wash to run during off-peak energy times, or think ahead and have the washing ready to unload when you get home from work.

Gentle On Clothes

Like a caring hand-wash, LG front loaders use a combination of six motions to give everything from delicate blouses to school uniforms the exact wash they need. Whether garments are softly swinging, tumbling or rolling inside the drum, your clothes will get a curated wash every time.

“If you’ve got frequent-use garments that require regular washing like school uniforms, the gentle and tailored motion of LG front loaders helps keep your clothing in top condition so items last longer,” says Peter Simic.

AI Time-Saving Tech

Fed up with fiddling with wash settings? AI Direct Drive tech lets your LG front loader washing machine weigh each load and assess fabric softness to automatically select the optimal wash motions for thorough cleaning and clothing care. Now that’s smart!

Should You Choose An LG Top Loader?

In the market for easy, fast and convenient washing? An LG top load washing machine is hard to beat. Top loaders feature a spoke in the centre of the drum, called an agitator, which spins in the middle of the washer to tumble clothes around. They’re especially great for larger loads, making them ideal for big families. 

Here are more great reasons to choose a new LG top loader:

White LG Front Loader.

Fast Loads When You’re In A Hurry

Need the kids’ soccer kits cleaned five minutes ago? That’s an LG top load washing machine specialty! The TurboWash feature of the 12kg Top Load Washer WTL9-12B will have them fresh and clean in just 39 minutes.

A perfect match for a busy schedule, this top loader’s roomy 12kg capacity also means you can fit more items in each load – or wash a king-size doona with ease – and claim even more energy savings. 

Extra Care For Allergy Sufferers

The LG Allergy Care cycle uses the sanitising powers of steam to open up fabric fibres, removing known allergy triggers such as bacteria, pollen and dust mites. 

Always Family-Friendly

Nifty features such as Add Item let you throw in a forgotten sock mid-wash in models such as the 10kg Top Load Washer (WTL5-10W), while LG ThinQ technology will connect your washer to Wi-Fi, so you can control cycles from your smartphone and get notifications when each load is done. Plus, no more bending over to put every wash on will be kinder on your back!

Less Noise And Vibrations

Tucked away inside laundry heroes such as the 9kg Top Load Washer (WTL3-09G) is LG’s innovative motor design. Direct Drive motors are connected to the centre of the drum, so the washer stays still and silent during even the fastest of spin cycles (letting you enjoy every movie night in peace and quiet).

Why Choose LG?

What does LG stand for? Glad you asked! It means Life’s Good! So it’s only fitting that their appliances are prized for their proven efficiency, style and time-saving tech. 

LG’s award-winning laundry legends also took out the Best Brand Top Loader category in Choice’s 2022 awards, so you know they’re a brand you can trust,” says Peter Simic. 

What’s the verdict? Will you choose a front loader or top loader? Either way, you can’t go wrong with a feature-packed LG washing machine. To explore the full LG Australia range, visit The Good Guys in-store or online.

¹Based on Star Rating Index formulas for calculating energy and water 2 Reduction per additional star when using similar-capacity models at the rated load capacity, in accordance with AS/NZS2040.2 (clause 2.7) and AS/NZS6400 (clause 9.2.3). (1) When using warm wash cycles. (2) Based on each machine’s tested program cycle. Find out more: or

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