Which Type Of BBQ Do You Need This Summer?

February 22, 2024 - 5 min read

Summer means sunny days, warm nights and the return of outdoor cooking. One of Australia’s favourite pastimes would have to be a BBQ with friends and family. Sizzling snags, grilled steaks, and more salads than you could shake a serving spoon at, are the perfect recipe for a summer get-together. So, if you’re itching to upgrade your outdoor set up with a new BBQ, we’ve put together all the info you’ll need to make the right choice.

Family enjoying using their BBQ and outdoor area

Types Of BBQs

Gone are the days when BBQs were just a gas bottle and a grill. They’ve come a long way in recent years and there are a range of different types of BBQs to suit a variety of occasions. To kick things off, check out our BBQ buying guide. It outlines the sizes, features and array of barbecue cooking accessories you need to consider before locking in your choice.

If you’re ready to start your search, let’s take a look at some of the most common types of BBQs and our top picks for each different style.

Portable BBQs

If you’re planning on spending your summer camping or at your local park picnicking with your crew, then a portable BBQ might be for you. They’re lightweight and easy to transport, making a great companion anywhere you go.
A great option is the Weber Baby Q, which comes in black (Weber Baby Q Black) or flame red (Weber Baby LP Flame Red). You can feed a small army of up to six people with this powerful BBQ which uses natural convection to cook food fast. With a range of barbecue cooking accessories to choose from, this is a flexible BBQ that’s perfect for the chef on the go!

Freestanding BBQs

This is your standard traditional BBQ which is bigger than the Weber Baby Q but still portable enough to move around your home. The aptly named Weber Family Q+ comes in black (Weber Family Q+ Black LPG) and titanium (Weber Family Q+ LP Flame Red) and is the ultimate crowd pleaser. It only takes 10 minutes to fire up and you can feed up to 15 people at once. Possessing the capacity of a four burner BBQ it’s also much more efficient with gas usage, making it more cost effective than other models of a similar size.

“Now that the days are heating up it’s the best time to start cooking outdoors in your backyard or on your balcony with friends and family.”

Gas BBQs

Much like your gas cooktop in the kitchen, a gas BBQ produces heat fast and is controllable by a dial so it's easier to get high temperatures quickly. You can choose from two main fuel sources, either LPG or natural gas, but make sure you only ever use it outside in a well-ventilated area.

The Weber Q+ is our pick for gas BBQs and it comes in black (Weber Q+ Midnight Black) or flame red (Weber Q+ Flame Red). What’s awesome about this BBQ is that it has the capacity to feed an army yet it’s portable enough to take with you to the beach, park or on a camping trip. Fire it up in minutes by hitting the spark button igniter and you’re off and running. You can also turn this BBQ into an oven by closing the lid (perfect for roasts and delicious baked desserts).

Grill BBQs

If you’re new to the world of BBQ or just don’t have the space for one of the larger models, consider getting yourself a grill. Designed to sear steak, burgers and even vegetables to perfection, grills are a barbecue must-have for anyone wanting to cook outdoors without gas. You won’t get the smokey flavour that a charcoal grill offers, but you can add your own homemade or store bought BBQ sauce for that added kick of flavour.

Our first pick is the George Foreman SmartTemp Grill because of its simple settings and how easy it is to keep clean. These grills have been around for years and they stand the test of time, which makes them a great investment for your kitchen. Or, for something even more automated, check out the Tefal OptiGrill Griller. With different settings for steak, burgers and more , all you need to do is put your food on the grill, choose the right setting and close the lid shut, the grill will do the rest.

BBQ Tools And Accessories

When it comes time to cook, it’s not just about the BBQ itself – there’s a whole universe of barbecue cooking accessories and BBQ tools that are designed to help. From different types of hotplates and utensils, to cleaning tools and carts, these barbecue must-haves all add to the great Australian BBQ experience.

BBQ Covers

Protecting your BBQ from the elements whether inside or outside is a must. Invest in a durable and waterproof cover to slide over your BBQ to keep it safe from rain, hail or the occasional animal claw (especially those pesky possums). They come in a range of sizes so make sure you know your model number and measure the dimensions of your BBQ to get the right fit. At The Good Guys, we have Weber Baby Q and Weber Q covers, and more in stock, so check with your local store or online to see what’s available.

BBQ Hotplates

For a bit of variety in your repertoire, add a few different styles of hotplates to your home BBQ setup. Hotplates can be switched in and out of most types of BBQs and are a flat surface you can cook on, great for frying eggs, onions and anything else you might regularly cook up with your kitchen pots and pans. Many styles are non-stick stainless steel and easy to clean, which makes them a great accessory for hot nights when you want to cook outside.

BBQ Carts

For portable or smaller BBQs that don’t have their own stand, a cart is a barbecue must-have. BBQ carts allow you to move your BBQ around safely and also cook at the right height (you don’t have to bend over to use it), plus they have additional storage and spots to hang your grilling utensils from, keeping everything neat and tidy.

If you’ve got a Weber Pulse 1000 or 2000 electric BBQ, then check out the Weber Pulse Cart. It has two all-weather durable wheels, three tool hooks and a side table that’s removable (perfect for keeping your seasonings and spices close by).

BBQ Cleaners

Keeping your BBQ clean is crucial to making the most out of those tasty BBQ flavours, ensuring your BBQ lasts and keeps cooking efficiency. If you have a Weber BBQ, we recommend picking up some Weber Q Cleaner which is specifically designed to remove grease and fat stains without the need to scrub heavily. For other types of BBQs, make sure you read the labels and double check with the manufacturer if you’re not sure which kind of BBQ cleaner to use.

Everything You Need For A BBQ This Summer

Now that the days are heating up it's the best time to start cooking outdoors in your backyard or on your balcony with friends and family. At The Good Guys, we've got everything you need for your summer BBQ in-store or online, with convenient Click & Collect or contactless delivery. All you need to do is plan the menu and get cooking!

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