Top 5 Reasons You Need Security Cameras

February 7, 2023 - 3 min read

If your home is your castle, security cameras are a great way to make your fortress more secure. Not only that, the latest security cameras (and their partners in crime prevention, video doorbells) can also keep tabs on your most precious people and possessions. From keeping an eye on the fur babies while you’re away to ensuring you never miss another delivery, home security is the ultimate peace-of-mind purchase.

Here are five compelling reasons to give your property the protection it deserves.

Close up shot of a wall-mounted indoor security camera.

Reason #1: Secure Your Home

First up, the obvious: security cameras were invented to safeguard your home, and your family. “The latest security cameras offer Wi-Fi connectivity straight to your smart device, crystal-clear video images, motion-activated LED floodlights that can illuminate large yards, and automatic sirens that act as a quick deterrent to unwanted guests,” says David Linehan, The Good Guys Buyer – Tech Accessories. “That means you can oversee what’s happening in and around your property from wherever you happen to be.”

Best Security Camera Buys

Swann 4K 8 Camera DVR Security System with Warning Light

Ring Floodlight Camera Wired Plus (Black)
Google Nest Cam Wireless Camera (3 pack)

Ring Floodlight Camera Wired Plus in Black

Reason #2: Never Miss A Delivery (Or A Guest!)

Online shopping has never been easier – or more tempting – and many of us are on nodding terms (at least) with our local delivery driver. If you want to avoid the stress of a missed delivery, a video doorbell might be your new shopping superhero. With models now offering two-way audio so you can chat with doorstep guests, real-time streaming for up-to-the-minute parcel info, and motion detection functionality that triggers real-time smartphone notifications, you’ll know the second your latest impulse buy or grocery haul arrives.

Best Video Doorbell Buys

Ring Video Doorbell – Satin Nickel Gen 2

Connect SmartHome 1080P Smart Video Doorbell with Chime
Google Nest Doorbell (White)

Ring Doorbell

Reason #3: Be Your Own Pet Detective

Want to make sure your pets aren’t up to mischief while you’re at work? Or worse, desperately pining for your return? Pet cameras are the paw patrol you need in your life. The Google Nest Cam Indoor can tell the difference between a person, a pet and a vehicle to offer intelligent alerts – so you can keep an eye on the things that count.

“Security cameras that link to your smartphone will allow you to log on and see what your dog is up to in real time. If you’ve got a pet with separation anxiety, choose a model that lets you speak to them and soothe them remotely,” says David Linehan.

The cleverest pet cameras, like the eufy Pet Dog Camera with Treat Dispenser, will even let you reward your well-behaved pooch with a Scooby snack from wherever you are! 

Reason #4: Keep Track Of The Kids

It’s great to give the offspring independence, but it’s also nice to keep a casual eye on their comings and goings during those long school holidays and beyond. A smart doorbell with a camera, like a Ring doorbell, lets you do just that, and will keep you posted whenever a family member goes in or out the door. Run out of milk? Remind them via the two-way audio to pick some up on their way home. Handy!

Reason #5: Boost Your Property Value (And Reduce Insurance Costs)

When it comes to selling your home, did you know that adding security cameras can really pay off when it comes to resale? Buyers increasingly look for smart home security devices when searching for a property, and having them already installed can turn a lukewarm browser into a red-hot buyer. Plus, having security cameras on your property can reduce your insurance premiums. Two more reasons to sleep easier at night!

How Can You Get Home Security Cameras Installed?

Thanks to The Good Guys Home Services team, it’s quick and easy to get security cameras installed. We’ll set you up with the perfect Smart Home security system that works for your needs; while our trusted tradies can install and test your new security devices in your home, so you’re ready to roll straightaway!

Want the peace of mind of a protected home? Visit us online or in-store to shop our top-flight range of home security, cameras, doorbells and more to help keep your treasured possessions safe and protect those you love best.

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