The Top 10 Fitness Apps To Transform Your Life (and your waistline)

September 10, 2021 - 5 min read

Whether you want to get fit at home or are looking for a handy alternative to the gym, there are so many great fitness apps out there to set you on the right path. Here are 10 of our favourites to help you find your new favourite workout partner.

Les Mills on Demand

What it does: A streaming service featuring the famous Les Mills workouts.
Why we love it:so high-intensity interval classes like Body Pump, Body Combat and Body Attack will be familiar to a lot of people. The library of classes has something to suit everyone, no matter their age, fitness level or interest. There are classes for kids, newcomers, yogis, cardio fanatics and people who want to become (or stay) strong.
Perfect match: Use the streaming app on the brand new Apple TV 4K, to get the workouts, which occasionally include incredible views of New Zealand, on the best screen in the house.


What it does: Gets you on the path to looking like Thor.
Why we love it: Centr is Chris Hemsworth’s app for workouts and meal plans, and clearly it’s working pretty well for him. What’s great about it is that it has a holistic approach to health, because weight loss, health and fitness are about what you put into your body, as well as what you do with it.
Perfect match: You’ll need a phone with a great screen and fast downloads. The Samsung Galaxy A52 has a 6.5-inch screen and 5G, so you’re set to work out anywhere.

Apple Fitness+

What it does: A workout streaming platform designed for Apple Watch.
Why we love it: Apple Fitness+ sounds too good to be true: 25 new, high-quality workouts every week, all of which are designed to make the most of the Apple Watch. And yet, it’s real. There’s strength, high-intensity interval training, running, cycling, rowing, dancing, yoga and meditation, all tailored for different levels of fitness. There’s even special programs for complete beginners, people aged 60-plus and pregnant people.
Perfect match: You’ll need an Apple Watch to access Apple Fitness+.


What it does: Tracks running and cycling.
Why we love it: There is a reason why Strava is the number-one app for runners and cyclists, and that’s because it’s so easy and fun to use. The subscription adds lots of great features for those driven to compete and improve their metrics.
Perfect match: “Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with cellular, so you can ride with confidence, but without your phone,” says John Wong, Mobile Buyer at The Good Guys.

Nike Run Club

What it does: Tracks running and walking.
Why we love it: This is a great app for people who are new to running. There’s audio guided runs, training programs, motivation and friendly competition. This is how you go from the couch to 5km.
Perfect match: You can’t run without music, and the Bose Sport Earbuds are comfortable and sound great.


What it does: Coach you in running, yoga and strength.
Why we love it: Peloton is famous for fancy exercise bikes, but it also has an app and lower subscription tier for folks who just want to run or do other workouts at home with great coaches.
Perfect match: Beats Powerbeats High Performance Earphones.

“Fitbit is more than just a step counter these days. If you pair it with the premium Fitbit subscription service it gives you workouts, meal plans and, most importantly, motivation to reach your goals.”


What it does: Gamifies diet and fitness.
Why we love it: Calorie counting and weight loss aren’t exactly fun, but MyFitnessPal helps you make a game out of it while encouraging lots of exercise.
Perfect match: Samsung Galaxy A52.


What it does: Turns your stationary bike into an adventure.
Why we love it: Zwift is more than just another cycling tracker, it syncs with your stationary bike or trainer and sends you on a virtual journey on the Tour de France, New York’s Central Park and many other virtual locations – both real and imagined.
Perfect match: Using an Apple iPad makes the experience so much more immersive than just a phone could.


What it does: Gives you an overview of your health and encouragement to make it better.
Why we love it: “Fitbit is more than just a step counter these days. If you pair it with the premium Fitbit subscription service it gives you workouts, meal plans and, most importantly, motivation to reach your goals,” says John Wong.
Perfect match: The Fitbit Luxe is a stylish way to get started with Fitbit.

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