Practical Magic: Make Every Day Easy With Westinghouse

October 24, 2022 - 3 min read


For many Aussies, the first fridge brand that springs to mind is often Westinghouse. Since these iconic whitegoods were first manufactured in Australia in the late 1930s, under licence of American appliance legend Westinghouse, Westinghouse fridges and appliances have been part of our cultural canvas, making life easier for countless households. 

“For decades, Westinghouse has been helping Australians get the family fed and their kitchens cleaned faster with reliable, purposeful products loaded with practical features that free us up to get on with the good things in life,” says Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Refrigeration and Laundry.

So, if you're looking for a durable, feature-packed fridge to go the distance, a multi-talented oven to expand your cooking repertoire, or a workhorse washer to conquer those endless laundry loads, here’s why you can always count on Westinghouse to get the job done fast. Year in. Year out.

A modern kitchen featuring a Westinghouse fridge, oven and dishwasher.

Food to bring families together

From rowdy family dinners to Easter feasts (and all those special hosting milestones in-between), so many priceless memories start with the fridge. That’s why Westinghouse has a refrigeration solution for every shape and size of household!

Is your weekly shop big enough to feed a football team? Hungry hordes need a fridge with serious space and savvy storage solutions. Enter the Westinghouse 609L French Door Refrigerator with a handy FlexSpace Convertible Compartment to adapt to your shifting priorities. Speed-chill those beers before kick-off, bulk-freeze burger buns for next Sunday’s barbie, or safely store fancy deli snacks, with the touch of a button. This energy-saving Westinghouse French door fridge also has a SmartSplit door design, so you can easily grab large jars and bottles without having to open both doors (and make your fridge work harder).

Feeding a smaller tribe? Your groceries still deserve a maximum shelf life! The Westinghouse 425L Bottom Mount Refrigerator has advanced FreshSeal Crispers to prevent moisture loss, and humidity control to preserve perishables for longer. And because accidents happen, Westinghouse’s SpillSafe™ glass shelves can stop up to 1 litre of spilled liquid from dripping onto lower shelves! 


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“For decades, Westinghouse has been helping Australians get the family fed and their kitchens cleaned faster with reliable, purposeful products loaded with practical features that free us up to get on with the good things in life.” Peter Simic, The Good Guys Buyer – Refrigeration and Laundry

Making meals memorable

From the fridge to the table (and all the way to that dreaded washing-up pile), Westinghouse is your trusted kitchen mate; offering you intelligent ovens to elevate your cooking, and dishwashers designed to take the slog out of mealtimes.

“The latest Westinghouse ovens are multiskilled players that deliver great value-added features, like built-in air fryers for enjoying big batches of your favourite crispy treats, steam mode for sensational roasts, and self-cleaning superpowers,” says Tania Grillinzoni, The Good Guys Buyer – Cooking and Dishwashers.   

Want to make lighter work of clean-ups? (Silly question!). Westinghouse dishwashers are built to handle everything from a bumper dinner party to a cosy dinner à deux, with loads of cool features to save you time and energy. Look for sensor wash settings that know exactly how dirty your dishes are and pick the right cycle and water level for the chore; FlexZone half-load wash options to conserve water and energy (hello, lower utility bills!); and height-adjustable baskets to fit even the bulkiest of bowls.


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Time to do the things you love

Whether it’s school uniforms, work shirts, cricket whites or that evil post-holiday pile-up … no-one ever wished they spent more time in the laundry! That’s why every Westinghouse washing machine and dryer works as hard as possible – so you can spend less time tending to those stains and more time smiling at the memories behind them. Case in point: the Westinghouse 7.5kg Front Load Washer, a high-performance Westinghouse front loader washing machine with multiple speedy cycles to choose from. There’s the Fast 15 express wash that can refresh urgent items in a jiffy, or the Full Load 60 for a premium full-load wash in just an hour.


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Is Westinghouse a good brand?

Absolutely! Westinghouse has been a household name in Australia for generations, and since being acquired by Electrolux Home Products in 1986, has remained a respected name globally when it comes to reliable and cost-effective home appliances.

Where is Westinghouse made?

Where are Westinghouse fridges made, you ask? Good question! As part of the Electrolux family, whilst some of Westinghouse's cooking appliances are still manufactured in South Australia, the remainder of the range are imported from Europe, China and South-East Asia.

Ready to upscale your kitchen or laundry with the home appliance brand trusted by Aussies for generations? Head in-store or online to shop the biggest range of Westinghouse fridges, cooking appliances, dishwashers and washing machines at the best prices.

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