Industrial Kitchens

March 23, 2023 - 5 min read


Industrial kitchens are designed to celebrate the kitchen in its most raw and authentic form. From the iconic 50s industrial era to modern loft style apartments, industrial style kitchens strip away the clutter and noise to create a stunning display of space and character. Through a combination of spaces and appliances, you can create your own industrial kitchen.

An industrial style kitchen in an apartment.

Industrial Kitchen Design Layout

To nail the industrial kitchen trend, it must be designed and executed properly. Start with your desired kitchen layout as a base and then infuse the industrial energy into it. Choosing the kitchen design that best complements your space and purpose.

For larger spaces, the U-Shaped Kitchen acts as a perfect canvas for industrial style kitchens. Surrounded by slick appliances, bare walls and rustic furniture, it is the dream industrial kitchen for chefs and entertainers alike.

In medium to large open-plan living spaces, the L-Shaped Kitchen brings industrialism to the fore with sharp edges, minimalistic features and appliances that pop.

A prominent feature in most industrial kitchens is the pared back simplicity and functionality, and this is beautifully captured in the Galley Kitchen style. Best suited for smaller kitchens, it features a long benchtop running parallel to the kitchen counter which houses the cabinetry.

Industrial kitchens come alive in Kitchen Islands design, where the freestanding benchtop gives you the versatility to conceal cabinetry while exposing the unique elements of the kitchen.

In a Peninsula Kitchen, the island counter is connected to a wall bringing together contrasting materials and functionality to create the perfect backdrop for an industrial kitchen design.

Appliances For The Industrial Kitchen

When planning out industrial kitchens, don’t be afraid to experiment with contrasting textures, colours and materials. Varied textural richness adds elegance and character to the pared-back aesthetic of industrial kitchens. Think smooth surfaces and rough textures.

“Don’t be afraid to experiment with contrasting textures, colours and materials.”

Fridges For Industrial Kitchens

Metallic machinery is the hero of every industrial kitchen design, and here’s a list of refrigerators at The Good Guys that’ll help you lock in that functional, yet sophisticated look.

A chrome fridge sits with sleek black industrial cabinets.

Large French Door Refrigerators

Nothing says industrial kitchens like large French door refrigerators that ooze raw textural charm and cutting-edge technology. Scroll through the wide range on offer to find the perfect one for your kitchen in stainless steel or black steel finishes.

Freestanding Ovens for Industrial Kitchens

Freestanding ovens, with their large width, multiple burners and rugged finish are reminiscent of the industrial era. The Good Guys have a range of modern, sleek ovens that offer you years of enjoyable cooking and baking, while giving you an industrial kitchen design.

A black freestanding oven in a industrial kitchen.

Large Freestanding Ovens

Industrial kitchens pull focus to the individual appliances, and these large freestanding ovens boast exquisite details like restaurant-style elements, large stainless steel surfaces in shades of black, grey, charcoal and anthracite.

Ovens for Industrial Kitchens

A sleek oven not only enhances the character of industrial kitchens but also adds to the functionality. The sight, sound and smell of a delicious meal cooking in the oven will bring everyone into the kitchen. Look through the range to see what suits your needs the best.

  • Electric Ovens
    If you’re looking for a fuss-free, easy-to-use oven, you’re sure to find the perfect match in this range of electric ovens. Clean lines, dark glass doors and sleek metallic finishes will give industrial kitchens a professional edge and elegance.
  • Pyrolytic Ovens
    The extensive range of pyrolytic ovens brings a timeless elegance to your industrial kitchen with sophisticated designs and shimmering finishes like stainless steel, graphite grey and black metal. Most importantly, the pyrolytic function makes it easy to keep your oven clean.
  • Steam Ovens
    Take your cooking to the next level with steam ovens that use the right balance of steam and heat to deliver the most tender and juicy meats, perfectly set cakes and crispier textures. The refined finish ensure that it sits flush against the surface and blends into your industrial kitchen design.
  • Built in Microwave Ovens
    The combination of simplistic design and multi-functionality makes these built-in microwaves the perfect accessory for industrial kitchens. Choose from graphite grey, obsidian black, stainless steel finishes to complete your industrial kitchen design.
Three black built-in wall ovens on grey cabinets.

Cooktops for Industrial Kitchens

The versatility of industrial kitchens allows you design a kitchen that reflects your individuality, be it modern or classic. Discover the range of induction and gas cooktops at The Good Guys that best suit your needs.

  • Induction Cooktops
    With sharp lines, lean design and sleek ceramic glass finish, induction cooktops bring industrial style kitchens into the 21st century. They’re smart, powerful and change the way you cook.
  • Gas Cooktops
    From classic stainless steel to striking glass finish, gas cooktops have come a long way. Their functionality and raw metallic charm will elevate industrial kitchens to the next level.

Rangehoods For Industrial Kitchens

Rangehoods are an essential part of every kitchen and offer multiple options to choose from. Industrial style kitchens rely on rangehoods to extend the metallic effect to above the eye level.

  • Large Canopy Rangehoods
    Give industrial style kitchens a boost with large canopy rangehoods that keep your kitchen smoke-free and double as an eye-catching feature in industrial kitchens. From modernistic, glass finish to metallic retro styles, find one that enriches your style.
  • Large Undermount Rangehoods
    Channel the minimalistic industrial essence with these large undermount rangehoods. They help reduce smoke, heat and smells in your kitchen, while staying concealed neatly beneath the cabinetry.

Sinks & Taps For Industrial Kitchens

Sinks & taps offer multiple ways to introduce industrial elements into your kitchen. With a range of sinks & taps in durable stainless steel or shades of black, you can add a rustic touch while upholding the minimalistic and clutter-free industrial kitchen design.

A sleek black and silver coffee machine in a industrial apartment.

Benchtop Appliances for Industrial Kitchens

The easiest way to infuse industrialism into your kitchen is through appliances that reflect industrial kitchen designs. Find the perfect retro or modern piece from The Good Guys range.

  • Automatic Coffee Machines
    When you want your coffee and you want it now, an automatic coffee machine is your new best friend. With all the right design elements, it’ll fit right into all industrial kitchens.
  • Manual Coffee Machines
    With levers, knobs and details that hark back to the industrial era, manual coffee machines are a no-brainer when it comes to having your coffee and drinking it too.
  • Kettles
    Kettles can be as eye catching as they are functional. With smooth curves, metallic surfaces, and rising steam that are reminiscent of the industrial age, grab yourself the hottest kettle for your industrial kitchen.
  • 4 Slice Toasters
    As far as iconic kitchen accessories go, the toaster is an essential item when it comes to industrial kitchens. This range of 4 slice toasters feature retro 50s styles, modern sleek finishes and classic colours with multi-functionality so you can toast 4 slices of bread or crumpets at the same time and get it just the way you like it.
  • 2 Slice Toasters
    This range of 2 slice toasters offers you various metallic finishes from stainless steel to black metal and more, with browning control functions so your toast comes out looking as good as your toaster.

Designing an industrial-style kitchen in your home can be an exciting and unique way to showcase your personality and style. From stainless steel refrigerators to sleek range hoods and professional-grade cooktops, The Good Guys is here to help you can create an industrial-style kitchen that not only looks amazing but functions efficiently. Drop by your local Good Guys store to see what’s on offer and meet the team, or shop online and enjoy contactless delivery.

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