Silent Achiever: Why We Love Noise Cancelling Headphones

June 1, 2022 - 3 min read 

Want to liven up the work commute with some wicked beats? Enjoy a gripping audiobook on your daily walk?

Sounds like you need noise cancelling headphones in your life.

There’s so much to love about noise cancelling headphones that, frankly, we wonder how we ever lived without them.

There’s the superior sound quality and premium comfort, or the fact that you don’t have to ramp the volume up to 11 to savour your top playlists. And don’t even get us started on all that uninterrupted “me” time that only noise cancelling headphones can deliver! Anywhere, anytime.

Here are four reasons why we love this clever audio tech.

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1. The Sound Quality

A champion pair of headphones is one of the best pieces of personal tech you can own. And when it comes to diving deep into your favourite sounds, noise cancelling headphones knock it out of the park. Whether you go for a comfy over-the-ear style or the convenience of earbuds, you’ll enjoy full, vibrant audio with the crispest clarity. Some models even connect to apps that let you adjust the audio mix to suit any style of music. Get ready to be your own sound technician.

2. The Hearing Protection

Noise cancelling headphones are safe for your ears - and help safeguard against future hearing loss. How? Because no distracting background noise means you won’t have to crank up the volume for undiluted, high-fidelity listening (or to drown out that gym clatter). Active noise cancelling technology works by playing a clever trick on your brain: it neutralises the low-frequency outside noise by creating a different sound frequency just for you. Your future ears will thank you.

3. The “Me” Time

It’s a noisy world out there. Sometimes we all need to carve out a calm headspace just for one. Another great perk of noise cancelling headphones is that you don’t even need to be listening to music for them to work. Whether it’s the neighbours’ barking beagle or a snoring spouse, these indispensable devices will not only block unwanted sounds for some alone time with your podcast, they’ll set you up for a better night’s sleep, too.

4. The Comfort

Noise cancelling headphones are some of the comfiest headphones on the market. That’s because they’ve been ergonomically designed with padded ear covers, or snug-fitting earbuds, to go the distance. Not sure which style is right for you? If you’re music mad and regularly stream other audio, we suggest over ear headphones (they’re typically more comfortable over long stretches). Like to listen to music on the run? Wireless earbuds can’t be beaten for portability.

Ready to let the rest of the world fade out? Find out more about noise cancelling headphones in store or online.

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