Gift Yourself Your Dream Appliance

October 20, 2023 – 3 min read

There’s nothing quite like treating yourself at Christmas time, and it’s the perfect excuse to create the ideal space you’ve always dreamed of. Have you been dreaming of a dryer that actually fits your sheets or a big screen TV? You don’t need an excuse (or a time of year) to gift yourself your dream appliance.

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a man and woman shopping for a new fridge

What Is A Dream Appliance And How Do I Make It Happen?

Whether it’s the big, fancy fridge you’ve been daydreaming about or just a new dishwasher that works, a dream appliance is that whitegood you’ve been lusting over but haven’t convinced yourself to invest in. It’s something that will make your life easier, and while it might not be a total necessity, it’s certainly a convenience. Well, the time to finally take the plunge and invest is now.

Dream Kitchen Appliances

Sure, you might have swathes of marble and beautiful brass tapware, but a dream kitchen is nothing without dream appliances. Here’s our pick of the latest fridges, ovens and dishwashers that’ll make your kitchen even dreamier.

The Fridge

For a fridge that can do it all, treat yourself (and your household) to the Samsung 637L Family Hub Refrigerator. This stellar fridge has a full HD home screen, and it can share recipes, order your groceries and even book you an Uber. Clever.

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The Oven

The chic and sophisticated design of the Technika 60cm Electric Oven Dark Stainless will update your kitchen aesthetics, while the oven itself also has some pretty great features. This dark beauty is capable of steam cleaning, air frying and dough proving, among 12 other cooking functionalities.

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The Dishwasher

If finishing the dishes in half the time isn’t a dream, then what is?! The Bosch 60cm Stainless Steel Freestanding Dishwasher utilises advanced technology to clean your dishes faster. It also pre-determines the amount of dishes inside and the level of washing required before the cleaning cycle starts, saving on water.

A stainless steel 60cm Bosch Dishwasher

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“Sure, you might have swathes of marble and beautiful brass tapware, but a dream kitchen is nothing without dream appliances.”

Dream Laundry Appliances

No-one likes laundry day, but with a dream laundry appliance it’s bound to get a whole lot better.

The Washing Machine

The Fisher & Paykel 10kg Front Load Washer is designed to look after your favourite clothes. Equipped with 14 different washing programs, it features a steam refresh cycle for those items that don’t need a full wash. The dream machine also works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to extend your smart home into your laundry.

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The Combos and Dryers

A dryer with a 9 star energy rating is enough in itself to be deemed “dream appliance” material, but the LG 9kg Heat Pump Dryer also boasts 13 different settings, so you’ll have full control and never have to worry about shrinking your jeans again.

In busy households, it’s worth treating yourself (and your laundry) to the LG 10kg-6kg Combo Washer Dryer, which gives you the convenience of doing your laundry from start to finish in a single appliance.

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The Garment Care

An appliance that de-wrinkles, refreshes and deodorises your best garments as you sleep sounds too good to be true, but that’s exactly what the Samsung AirDresser Clothing Care System does, using steam and air.

The Samsung AirDresser Clothing Care System

Dream Entertaining Appliances

Would you rather be able to watch the big game on a high-tech screen or set up a home cinema? You could always do both.

The Projector

Indulge your inner movie-junkie and set up a home cinema with the Samsung The Premiere Laser 4K Smart Projector, which displays crystal clear vision over an expansive 120-inch screen space. The laser technology and 4K resolution means you can enjoy cinema-worthy colour accuracy and brightness from your own home.

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The Big Screen TV

Looking for that perfect big screen that seamlessly complements your living room vibe? Look no further than the stunning Samsung QN900C Neo QLED 8K! Here to push the boundaries of design, this masterpiece boasts an almost invisible bezel and an ultra-sleek border, ensuring you enjoy an 85-inch, practically edge-to-edge display in mesmerizing 8K resolution.

The Samsung 85" QN900C 8K Neo QLED Smart TV 23

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You deserve your dream appliance, so treat yourself sooner rather than later. The Good Guys has a range of finance options so you can get what you need, when you need it and all at Pay Less Everyday prices. With Latitude interest-free plans that range from three to 60 months and flexible payment options, you can make your dream a reality now.


For more advice or to explore The Good Guys’ huge range of appliances, visit us in-store or online.

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